Sitemap - 2024 - The Torch Report

TR 604 - In Fierce Defense of Free Speech

TR 603 - On the Irony of Satire and the Utter Insanity of it All

TR 602 - How ‘Intel Officials’ are Teaming Up With the Kremlin to Steal the Election

TR 601 - Democrats Reject Reality and fall in line as Biden Refuses to Drop Out

Protests Erupt Around the Globe as Anti-Government Sentiment Hits All-Time Highs

The People’s Republic of China Steps Up to Lead the Democrat Party

The Weaponization of Cybersecurity and the Democratic Surveillance Accelerator

Globalists Plot to Reduce the Human Population to Better Maintain Control

Biden's Plan for Food Shortages, F-16s, and the Flamebot 9000

Government Seeks to Monopolize Truth via the National AI Advisory Board

U.S. Officials Admit to Hacking the "Collective Brains" of Americans

MAGA Extremists Unite With Christian Insurrectionists to Drive Liberals Insane

Why Biden Believes White Supremacy is the "Most Lethal" Threat to Democracy

How the Government is Using Climate Justice to Build the New World Order

TR 600 - What the Wise Probably Know, But the World Will Never Tell You

TR 599 - Sacred Rage, Sensitive Fools, & the Value of Paying Attention

TR 598 - Ray Epps, the Fedsurrection, & the Bigger Problems We Face

TR 597 - On the Great Debate, Crackhead Convictions, & Other Headline News

TR 596 - How Local Shenanigans Lead Directly to Top-Down Global Control

TR 595 - How Insanity Has Been Normalized, and Why

TR 594 - Strange Emerging Patterns Reveal an Unknown Portion of the Globalist Plot

TR 593 - The Startling Case for Another Wild-Eyed Conspiracy

TR 592 - On the Conviction of Donald Trump & the Coming Revolution

TR 591 - Headlines, Hogwash, & the Verdict on Violence

TR 590 - Mocking Unhinged Leftists and Chinese Killer Robots

TR 589 - "China Builds AI Chatbot to Control Thoughts and Actions of Citizens"

TR 588 - How Intelligent Machines are Building the Capacity for Global Control

TR 587 - An Alternate Perspective on Fighting Top-Down Control

TR 586 - Evidence We Are Nearing the Final Stages of a Dark and Sinister Plan

TR 585 - Squaring Off With the REAL Masters of Deception

TR 584 - Globalist Gaslighting Lights Up the Night Sky as Humanity Stands in Awe

TR 583 - How Millions of Illegal Immigrants are Threatening Every American Family

TR 582 - The Whole-of-Government Approach to Eradicate MAGA Extremists

TR 581 - The Interesting Power of Being Aloof, and Why You Should Use It

TR 580 - More Americans Expecting a Civil War to Breakout Sooner Rather Than Later

TR 579 - What's REALLY Going On, and What Can We Do About It?

BEWARE: Radicalized Environmental Justice Warriors are Ready to Strike

Rockefeller Funded Mercury Project is Now Purging Dissent on Five Continents

Secret Task Force on "Earth Systems Law" is Gunning for Total Global Control

Joe Biden Absurdly Claims that He's Going to Finish the Job of Trans-forming America

Activist Media Strategy Aims to Alter the Definition of What Actually Counts as News

Grasping the True Power of Perception and the Impact of Liberal Propaganda

Legacy Media Completely Ignores Greatest Election Scandal in American History

Transhumanists are Lining Up for Digital Baptisms as Google Builds a Digital God

Crazy Socialists Claim that the Meaning of Peace is the Absence of Opposition

How Globalists are Encouraging and Exploiting the Mental Health Crisis

TR 578 - MAGA Melts Down Over "Corset Not Required"... Trump Picks up the Tab

TR 577 - The "Reality Distortion Machine" and the Left's Free-for-All Hellscape

TR 576 - Juggling the Nonsense to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

TR 575 - Solving Macro Level Problems With Local Level Solutions

Torch Report Update - April 4th

TR 574 - When the Only Way Out Gets Messy

TR 573 - The Globalists' Vision for 2050 is Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes

TR 572 - The Future of Humanity Hangs in the Balance of The Fourth Turning

TR 571 - Perhaps the Root of Our Problems is also the Root of Solutions?

TR 570 - How Massive Demographic Shifts are Fueling the Debt Crisis & Changing the Nation

Special Report from Washington DC

TR 569 - Reflecting on the Lessons of City Dwellers and the Impact of Metro Inertia

TR 568 - Grit, Tenacity, and Overcoming Hardship the Good Old Fashioned Way

TR 567 - The Power and Importance of Changing Our Ways of Thinking

TR 566 - Looking at Patterns in Language to Solve Root Problems With a Workable P.L.A.N.

TR 565 - When the Future of Humanity Hangs in the Balance

Patriot Club Torch Report Update

On a Personal Note:

TR 564 - Aircraft are Getting Sabotaged to Advance the Radical Environmental Agenda

TR 563 - Dark Brandon Gives a Screeching Speech Damning Millions of Americans

TR 562 - When the Fruits of Public Fleecing Go on Full Display

TR 561 - Super Tuesday & the Fate of Our Nation

TR 560 - Overcoming Evil One Breath at a Time

TR 559 - Hiding Crime in Plain Sight to Further Destroy the United States of America

TR 558 - Examining the Fresh Threat of Nuclear War and the Weaponized Migrant Flow

TR 557 - The Democratic Plan to Depopulate Planet Earth by Urging Collective Sacrifice

TR 556 - How to Plan Ahead When All Roads Lead to Hell

TR 555 - Radical Environmentalists Secretly Discuss How to Starve the Political Resistance

TR 554 - Why the Masses Have Accepted that America Must Fall

Swag of the Resistance, Plus a Special Treat

TR 553 - How Woke AI is Injecting Poison into the Heart of American Politics


TR 552 - National Grid Failure Leads to the Ultimate Endgame

TR 551 - Leveraging the Power of Personal Beliefs to Overcome Impossible Things

TR 550 - The Power of Talk Radio is About to Get Turned Against American Patriots

TR 549 - Globalists are Preparing to Pull the Plug on American Critical Infrastructure

TR 548 - Exposing the Global Deep State and Their Many Tentacles of Tyranny

TR 547 - The Threat of Artificial Reality Enslaving the Whole of Humanity

TR 546 - How the Deep State Plans to Steal the 2024 Election, and Other Global Shenanigans

TR 545 - Bizarre Claims About Biden Leave the Door Open for a Liberal Awakening

TR 544 - Biden Goes Under the Bus After Opening the "Floodgates of Hell"

TR 543 - Analyzing the American Political Circus Through the Lens of the Next Global War

TR 542 - Why Global Resistance to the Great Reset will Require Good Men to Rise Up

TR 541 - How Strategic Interaction Can Pry Power From the Corrupt Ruling Class

TR 540 - You are the Carbon and Cancer the Ruling Class Wants to Reduce

TR 539 - Considering the Disturbing Threat of a 'Kill or Be Killed' Situation

TR 538 - Learning to Thrive in the Midst of Chaos by Rejecting the Gaslighting and Lies

TR 537 - The Twisting of Fate On a Personal Journey

TR 536 - Neuralink Will Let You Live Forever, but Only If You Can Survive the 2024 Election

TR 535 - The Taylor Swift Psyop, Dead Soldiers, & the Deep State's "Most Dangerous" Situation

TR 534 - God's Army, Religious Divisions, and Playing Into the Enemy's Hand

TR 533 - The Secrets of Discernment and Learning to Trust Yourself

TR 532 - The Power of the Human Spirit Versus the Threat of Collective Thinking

TR 531 - Governments Absurdly Claim They Are Nourishing the Human Soul

TR 530 - What Everyone Should Know About the Globalists' Enlightened Leaders

TR 529 - Progressives Make a Hard Pivot to Keep the Peasants Guessing

TR 528 - Globalists Predict that Americans Will Kill Each Other over the 2024 Election

TR 527 - How Socialist Sociopaths Plan on Making Us All Slaves

TR 526 - The "Crisis of Governability" and the Weaponizing of Trust

TR 525 - Global Elites Gather in Davos to Discuss Deceiving Humanity by "Building Trust"

TR 524 - Preparing for Another Round of Public Fleecing

TR 523 - Reality is More Savage Than You Think

TR 522 - Essentials of the American Soul

TR 521 - Taking Control With Implied Consent

TR 520 - Thomas Jefferson & the Spirit of Resistance

TR 519 - Behold the Next Pandemic

TR 518 - Some Peculiar Patterns in the Familiar Circus

TR 517 - GOOD NEWS: There Will Be Massive Pushback Against Global Tyranny in 2024

TR 516 - How to Seek Signal Amidst the Noise

TR 515 - Liberty, Responsibility, and an Endless Source of Optimism