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TR 585 - Squaring Off With the REAL Masters of Deception

TR 585 - Squaring Off With the REAL Masters of Deception

Taking a closer look at what these lying shysters really want us to believe.

Deception is in the air.

I’d like to point out two opposing headlines to start today’s discussion:

  1. The Tide Turns: Research On COVID Vaccine Harms, Once A Taboo Subject, Now Appearing In Some Medical Journals

  2. Flood of Fake Science Forces Multiple Journal Closures

The juxtaposition strikes me as ironic.

Of all the things that could be out in the news today, in the midst of all the noise, we get these. From the right-leaning Epoch Times, we learn that research on the harms of toxic covid injections is finally getting traction.

From the left-leaning reliable liberal rag MSN, we learn that all of a sudden a “flood of fake science” is forcing multiple journals to shut down.

Now what are the chances of that?

I’m curious if you happened to catch any of these headlines today:

Even though most of the media is mum, there is a growing chorus of so-called “intellectuals” who can no longer withstand the grating degree of cognitive dissonance required to ignore what’s happening to the hordes of folks who lined up like good humans to get their experimental government injections.

If it weren’t so sad, I’d laugh at all the leftist academic types who are only now beginning to see the light. After all, they’ve been ridiculing and shaming those of us who questioned the intelligence of getting injected with an experimental genetic therapy—that was developed at “Warp Speed”—for years.

That millions of people did “uptake” the jabs, despite there being no long term studies on the efficacy or side effects, especially given the fact that the companies who produced these known-to-be-toxic injections were trying to hide the trial data for 75 years, is an overwhelming testament to the power of heavy-handed government propaganda. You may recall all the controversy that seems to have been magically swept into the dustbin of history:

But never mind all of that!

There are plenty of people tracking all the horrific side effects and sudden deaths amongst otherwise healthy people. Of course, the algorithms are working 24-7-365 to make sure that information gets “throttled” and “nudged” out of sight for the majority of people, thereby allowing the masses to remain blissfully ignorant to what’s happening.

For those who would like to stay adequately apprised of the situation, I’d highly recommend checking out the following Substacks:

Each of the authors have their own angles and expertise, and they each have a hefty selection of additional articles, but that’s a good launching pad for anyone looking to deep dive and keep tabs on the current counter-narrative surrounding the death jabs. I subscribe to these writers and appreciate their wit, wisdom, and insights.

THAT said, I’d like to turn attention away from the obvious, and address something that I find altogether much more disturbing. I’ve come to live with the fact that those who were fooled into getting the jab are likely going to suffer the consequences.

As I’ve said before, what’s in motion is going to stay in motion.

Meanwhile, the Rothschilds are buying up Bitcoin and plotting to centralize digital currency, the Fed is admitting that inflation has been higher than reported, Supreme Court Justices are openly warning about the deplorable state of our nation, and the DOJ and FBI are teaming up to shift censorship into overdrive ahead of the election.

And yet in the midst of all this, the greatest threat of all is steadily and stealthily advancing on all fronts, pretty much unnoticed by the majority of the public—and those who’ve been with me know I’m not talking about the threat of nuclear war, or the sneaky new “Ghost Shark” and “Manta Ray” underwater drones.

I’m talking about the threat of weaponized AI, which, in my humble opinion, poses a greater existential threat to the future of humanity than all other factors combined.

What’s the threat?

The threat is not so much that the algorithms might one day take control of the grid or launch a nuclear attack, or that these super-intelligence machines might one day make the majority of humanity obsolete. The threat is that the algorithms are able to take control over the minds of the masses, and in many ways they already have. That’s the much greater threat.

Weaponized AI is currently being used to transform human consciousness in ways that are difficult to express in words. I’ve used terms like “spiritual assassination” before, trying to capture the severance of one’s mind from the essence of our shared humanity. In simplest terms, people are getting trapped in their heads, bound up by the lies that seek to separate them from the inherent power of being human.

That inherent power lies in our free will and the power of choice.

The algorithms are systematically eliminating our choices and seeking to eradicate our will to resist. This transformation of human consciousness seeks to train our brains to accept that only The Experts, The Science, and The State know what’s best for us. In other words, there is a concerted effort to con the whole of humanity into accepting whatever the hell the government tells them—hence, the “whole of society” approach to “building trust” in the government.

Regardless of how beneficial AI might be, and how much of a boon for humanity these super-intelligent machines may become, the threat lies in how this ultra-powerful technology is already being used. Left uncheck, the globalists are on course to enslave us all, without the majority of people even realizing it.

By using weaponized AI to drive behavioral change (think Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, and Algorithmic Social Interventions), those who are pulling the levers are capable of manipulating the public’s perspective with clinical precision.

That’s how they are already controlling “emerging” public perceptions—that is, how the elites are controlling what people think before their thoughts are fully formed.

With that stage set, and these global efforts well underway (as previously documented at length), try to wrap your head around how rapidly things are changing:

Keep in mind, the Google has been using “AI for Social Good” since at least 2007. What we are seeing now is only what they want us to see. These headlines are all for show, meant to lead human consciousness (i.e. the minds of the masses) toward a predetermined conclusion.

Since we can’t trust the AI, we just have to trust the government.

The public is being programmed to believe that these super-intelligent machines are rapidly evolving into masters of deception, subtly implying that only our benevolent masters will be able to keep us safe from misinformation. We are to accept that AI is “getting adept” at deceiving humans, as if this deception is a whole new sort of threat that has suddenly been sprung upon the whole of humanity.

But have we not be being deceived since the dawn of time?

It is human beings who are masters of deception.

No need to invoke mystical serpents, angels of light, or the Father of Lies.

No need to invoke super-intelligent machines, rogue algorithms, or lying robots.

It is the people who knowingly and willfully deploy the timeless tactics of deception (with a 21-century twist), who exploit the natural naivety of human nature, who prey upon the emotionally vulnerable and lesser endowed, that are the problem here—and quite unfortunately, these sorts of people tend to congregate in the halls of power.

It’s these kinds of people—the shameless lying shysters who are smooth, seductive, and cunning—who are the greatest of evildoers. Tyrants, con-artists, rapists, murderers, liars and thieves, they have all been with us since the beginning. The raw brutality of humanity is on full display each and every damn day.

And yet we’re supposed to be scared of the machines.

And trust the government!

The very thought of it just burns my ass…

That said, now that the commie cabal has their mitts all over this hot mess of manipulative tools, we’ve got some major problems to deal with. But alas, we’ll have to tackle that beast tomorrow.

Until then: RESIST WE MUST!

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