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TR 551 - Leveraging the Power of Personal Beliefs to Overcome Impossible Things

TR 551 - Leveraging the Power of Personal Beliefs to Overcome Impossible Things

Expanding empowering concepts to process the pure insanity of it all.

Satire at its finest.

The Babylon Bee is known for their state-of-the-art satire, often capturing the heart of a matter with an uncanny tongue-in-cheek assessment of current affairs.

Take, for example, this article about commie chief Xi Jinping overseeing elections in the glistening, needle-littered bastion of feces known as San Francisco:

“SAN FRANCISCO, CA — In an unexpected move to strengthen and add legitimacy heading into the 2024 election season, Chinese President Xi Jinping was appointed to serve on the San Francisco Elections Commission.

Though the leader of the Chinese Communist Party is not an American citizen and many would argue that he has a vested interest in undermining and destabilizing the United States, proponents of the move hailed it as a landmark achievement for diversity and a step toward improved diplomatic relations between the two world powers.

“It’s a move that makes perfect sense,” said Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin. “Why wouldn't we want the leader of a rival nation playing an important role in election here in the United States? He clearly has extensive experience in politics, and his prominent position indicates that he's a man of integrity and would never do anything improper. Right?”

When reached for comment, Xi expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve. “Thank you for such a great honor,” he said through an interpreter. “My years of experience in secretly overseeing elections in the United States will come in handy in my new role publicly overseeing elections in the United States. Starting out small in an area like San Francisco, which is basically a Chinese province, will let me get my feet wet before I expand my influence. Also, please continue using TikTok. Thank you.”


What I love the most about this, is the way in which they capture the very real rationalization of stupidity, with the whole “man of integrity who would never do anything improper” shtick. That pretty much sums up the extent of critical thinking on the Left these days.

Whereas once upon a time, liberals were keen to “stick it to the man” and demand the government keep its money grubbing meddling mitts out of their lives, as the heavy mental tampering and obscene social conditioning pressed into excess, these once skeptical liberty loving liberals have grown affectionate for good old Uncle Sam—and now they’re bunking up as if they’re BFFs!

It’s sick. It’s twisted. It’s happening.

It’s like watching a sly and cunning groomer have their way with an innocent victim, looking on in disbelief as the blatant abuse continues unabated. With each day that passes, liberals slide ever deeper into depravity, passively accepting the increasingly deranged narrative, drifting further into the abyss of subjective justification, doubling down on the nonsense they’ve been taught to believe.

In all fairness, there is a great deal of nonsense circulating in conservative circles as well, and as human beings, we’d all be wise to realize our own susceptibility to being duped. The truth is, we can convince ourselves of anything, and we’ll fervently believe that we’re right, even when it turns out that we are in fact wrong in every way.

Anyone who has ever been married, had kids, or taken a moment to reflect on life knows exactly what I’m talking about. This is just part of the human experience.

That’s yet another reason to appreciate satire. It makes for a good laugh, but it also helps us reflect on the silliness of human nature. When we can laugh at ourselves, and each other, it helps to break up the rigged nature of ego’s arrogance.

Nobody likes to be wrong, but if we’re being honest, we’re all wrong sometimes.

In case there was any doubt, the leader of the CCP isn’t directly going to oversee Californian elections. He’s got an entire cyber army to take care of that, many of whom work within CISA, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other Deep State agencies.

Lest we forget, the Chinese Communist Party has been openly hailed as the role model for the world. By extension, every agent who is operating on behalf of the global collective, all those within the ranks of our own government who are passionately dedicated to building global democracy, are aligned with Xi Jinping.

What’s critical to understand, is that those who have been successfully assimilated into the collective hive-mind are no longer capable of thinking for themselves. This is the result of a memetic infection. It’s what happens when a mental virus takes control of an individual’s brain, thereby driving psychotic self-destructive behavior.

As always, there’s a science to it. You may recall how DARPA’s development of military grade memes meant the Deep State was now able to guarantee the propagation of an idea. In other words, using highly advanced military research, the government has developed the means to guarantee people buy their lies.

Putting it all together, assuming collusion between the global collective and the so-called “secret cabal,” what we have is a recipe for disaster. We have dark and powerful forces exploiting human nature, spreading infectious ideas, and conditioning the masses to accept a cult-like sacrifice of personal freedom and national sovereignty.

What must be emphasized here, is that the vast majority of people have no idea this is happening. But, once the eyes are opened to the science of it all, and to the extent to which mental manipulation and mind control has been studied and deployed by the global elites, all the craziness starts to make sense.

Thus, when we learn about liberals in Seattle proudly announcing a “homosexual intifada”—a radical gay protest to stand in solidarity with Palestinian Islamic terrorists who hate homosexuals—we can simply see it for what it is: it’s insanity, an agitated form of psychosis intentionally provoked via psychological manipulation.

The same goes for college professors telling young adults they have to stop reproducing and raising families because “one extra child may be responsible for the severe suffering, or even death, of one or two future people.”

It’s pure insanity.

On the right side of the aisle, we see similar levels of insanity in Liz Cheney’s delusional announcement that she may still run for president in 2024—because she is obsessively committed to “do whatever is necessary to defeat Donald Trump.”

Same goes for the farcical assertion that any Republican who doesn’t support funding an unwinnable, never ending war in Ukraine has “surrendered to the communists.”

We could go on, ad nauseam, listing the endless ways in which the world has gone crazy and so many people all around us have completely lost touch with reality. However, doing so would simply be a waste of time. We know the world’s gone crazy, and we know why, so let’s turn our attention to solutions for a moment.

Let’s zoom out.

Precisely 416 reports ago, I strayed out on a limb to emphasize the importance of believing impossible things. Highlighting several revelations that thread into the current conversation, including the globalists’ strategy of using mass vaccination campaigns to drive depopulation and the weaponization of “sentient” AI, the gist was that there are things happening in the world today that are nearly unimaginable.

It seems impossible to believe there is some secret cabal of elite evildoers using military grade memes to subconsciously tame the unsuspecting masses and condition the peasants to trust their masters, all while systematically reducing the human population by poisoning humanity with toxic experimental injections that are designed to “harm, maim, and kill”—and yet this is exactly what is happening.

I would not have believed it myself, had I not spent thousands of hours of research digging up the primary sources and cold hard facts that back this up. Therefore, I don’t expect anyone else to believe such “impossible” things.

Bending the mind toward solutions, it becomes self-evident that this kind of talk is not likely to persuade someone to join me in Camp Crazy. Instead, I must understand and accept that all this far-right conspiracy stuff is still too far out of reach and more or less impossible for most people’s minds to grasp. Such is human nature.

So all at once we face a conundrum: there is an evil plot afoot, but most people refuse to pay attention, precisely because it all sounds so fantastically absurd.

In reality, the forces behind this agenda are banking on this sort of mental deflection. This coping mechanism, which often leads to increasing degrees of detachment, greater cognitive dissonance, and eventually to Stockholm Syndrome, is a predictable part of human behavior. Because people don’t know how to process the overwhelming evil of it all, they simply deny that the evil exists.

As with the opening satire, the masses naturally revert to the default assumption that people in positions of power are people of inherent integrity who would never do anything improper. At that point, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help,” becomes a soothing statement that elicits emotional comfort and a strong sense of feeling safe and secure.

Don’t worry, the government’s got your back. They’ve got this all under control. They won’t let anything bad happen to you. They’ll protect you from those nasty MAGA extremists, those racist Republicans, and those radical Christian insurrectionists, they’ll do whatever it takes to protect our democracy, to make sure our elections are safe and secure, to make sure all the forced vaccinations are safe and effective, and above all else, they will always keep people safe—especially the children.

As impossible as it seems, plenty of people do believe these impossible things.

Hence the importance of believing impossible things.


Our personal beliefs are unimaginably powerful.

I strive to see a solution within every problem, to see an opportunity in every obstacle, and I do so because I believe that my mindset directly impacts my lived experience. In essence, I can help shape and co-create my reality by mastering the faculty of my mind. This is something that we can all do, it’s an empowering gift endowed and imparted to us by our Creator, and it’s the secret solution to our world of woes.

Yes, people believe all kinds of crazy things.

Yes, we all believe all kinds of crazy things.

And yes, as a matter of fact, we can use these facts to our advantage.

As human beings, we will forever find common ground in the craziness of our ever-changing beliefs. It is impossible to understand life from a fixed point of view, is it not? Things are always changing, our minds are always adjusting, and we’re all doing the best we can to make sense of what currently appears to be madness.

I believe this serves as a prime starting point for engaging conversations. With humility, I believe we can change people’s beliefs (because they’re changing all the time anyway), but the process starts by changing our own beliefs first.

Americans can come together, stand together, and achieve the impossible by casting off the shackles of tyranny and defeating the global cabal—but we have to believe that it’s possible first. To win this war, we must believe what seems impossible.

We can come together. We can win. Where there’s a will there’s a way.


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