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TR 550 - The Power of Talk Radio is About to Get Turned Against American Patriots

TR 550 - The Power of Talk Radio is About to Get Turned Against American Patriots

Uncovering a truly disturbing revelation and discussing its dark implications.

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Did you hear?

“A man is like a rabbit, you catch him by the ears.”
—Rape of The Mind

Understanding that those who control the flow of information control the public’s perception is not rocket science. As humans, we tend to think about whatever information happens into the orbit of our thoughts. If we hear something repeatedly, it sticks. It’s just the way we’re wired.

This is what makes censorship and control over the media such an ominous threat. It’s also why globalist schemes like the Trusted New Initiative are so evil. Beneath the thinly veiled effort to control what billions of people see and hear, is an opaque intent to radically alter humanity’s collective assessment of global affairs.

And it works.

In TR 305 - What's wrong? You're Not Shocked?, we took a deep dive into the disturbing science of coercive political persuasion. It was there we learned:

“Speech manifestations represent conditioned reflex functions of the human brain. In a simpler way we may say: he who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind.”

The science behind all of this is what allows evil tyrants to forcefully brainwash the masses—without them even knowing it. As discussed many times before, this methodology is what leads to the scientifically enacted “subconscious taming” that prominent psychologists have been warning about for decades.

According to bona fide experts in human psychology, this is made possible because of certain biological loopholes—essentially applying Pavlovian response conditioning to the public as a whole, turning the masses into unwitting political puppets. The result of this political conditioning allows the government to take possession of your brain, literally, at the synaptic cellular level.

We’ve been warned:

“It is coercion and enforced conversion. Instead of conditioning man to an unbiased facing of reality, the seducer conditions him to catchwords, verbal stereotypes, slogans, formulas, symbols.”

Sound familiar? We are immersed in catchwords, stereotypes, slogans and symbols each and every day, which means that the modern media environment is being used to facilitate a sort of “enforced conversion” from an “unbiased facing of reality,” to an entirely deluded and detached perspective on geopolitical affairs.

Worse than that, beyond simply warping one’s perspective on current events, by “taking possession of the nerve cells,” those puppet masters who control the flow of information are able to control not just what you think, but what you believe and how you behave. As humans we are all susceptible to this; however, those who remain unaware of this threat are like sitting ducks for the global propagandists.

Which brings me to the point: did you hear that George Soros recently “scooped up” some 220 radio stations across the nation? Having just purchased the second-largest radio chain in America, months before a critical election, some pundits are already pointing out that this may be the death of republican radio.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Given Soros’s radical left-wing political ideology, one could only imagine how it will affect the landscape of political talk radio. There has not been any confirmation either way. However, it would be a logical assumption that Soros could implement programming changes on channels that feature popular Republican talk show hosts. It would be another effort by the Left’s vast political network to control the flow of information and political messaging to the nation, especially with the high stakes of this year’s presidential election.

Given the backdrop of “catch ‘em by the ears” psychological conditioning, and understanding the science of mind control, this is pretty scary stuff. I’ve previously opined on the slow-but-steady purge of dissenting perspectives from the American media landscape (see TR 351 - Media Purge is Death to Democracy), but I see this as an overt power move that is meant to solidify the radical Left’s media dominance.

Think about it:

Big Tech and the Deep State control the flow of information on the internet, using sophisticated tools like sentinel surveillance and algorithmic social interventions.

Hollywood and the media elites control the flow of information coming through theaters, television, and online entertainment.

The globalist controlled Trusted News Initiative controls the flow of information available through the majority of news channels.

Fact-checkers and censorship abound.

Many people don’t know who to trust—or more accurately, they don’t know who not to trust—and the secret cabal of global predators are preying upon precisely that, orchestrating a planetary campaign to condition the peasants to trust their benevolent masters.

For reference:

Drawing upon what was revealed in TR 527, I want to emphasize that the global elites—i.e. the “socialist sociopaths”—are actually targeting children with this nefarious “trust the government” psychological conditioning. According to the WEF’s “How to Believe in the Future” campaign:

“The current global landscape of worsening conflicts, climate crises and deepening social inequalities has created profound uncertainties for young people about their future, resulting in a documented crisis of youth mistrust in government and industry in the past decade.”

Only the commie cabal would be upset by a “crisis of youth mistrust in government.”

I’m sure Ronald Reagan is smiling down from Heaven when he hears those words!

Unfortunately, today’s youth are easy targets for this sort of gross manipulation and mental tampering. The skyrocketing youth suicides, mental health disorders, gender dysphoria, idiotic climate protests, and rampant school shootings all attest to the very real, very sad impact of this ongoing psychological assault.

In reality, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, kids have more or less become a captive audience, and the horrible effects of this will be felt for generations to come.

But let’s get back to talk radio…

Who listens to talk radio anymore, anyway?

It should come as no surprise that 90% of Americans listen to the radio on a daily basis, or that of the 1,700 stations across the nation, 92% of them broadcast conservative talk shows. This is a fact the progressives have not overlooked.

It’s worth wondering why, in my mind, and the reason that comes up for me—as a local radio host with a weekly show—is because people, particularly conservatives, can tune in and get more truth in an hour of conservative talk radio than they could get from an entire month steeped in the mainstream media.

Talk radio is, in essence, the pulse of the American heartland.

This is how conservatives communicate their values with each other, it’s how we stay informed on important issues, and it’s how we escape the liberal conditioning.

With that in mind, we’d be wise to keep a skeptical eye on Soros’ purchase of the second-largest radio chain in America. There should be no doubt he’s up to no good, nor should we be naive enough to think he’s acting alone.

Soros is somewhat of a dark knight of the global cabal. He’s a player, on the one hand, but he’s also a stooge. He pulls a lot of strings, throws a lot of money around, but ultimately I believe he still gets his marching orders from somewhere up on high.

As evidence of this, I want to point your attention to the coordinated timing of his media takeover, which comes at the precise moment the United Nations is pumping out propaganda like this:

Did you catch that?

Radio is THE “trusted guide” in an ever-changing world.

The globalists are working around the clock to “build trust” with the remaining peasants who have thus far resisted their assimilation into the collective hive mind. Talk radio is perhaps the last bastion of conservative free speech, and now we are witnessing an orchestrated campaign to aggressively infiltrate and takeover this stronghold of mental and emotional resistance.

Soros buys the stations. The globalists plug in their propaganda.

Consequently, conservative Americans, who relish their most trusted source of dissenting perspectives, are about to get hoodwinked in splendid fashion.

It won’t happen all at once, mind you. There will be an unassuming purge of top commentators and critical thinkers. This shake up in the line-up will happen all across the fruited plains, though very few will notice what’s happening.

Next, the fresh set of on-air personalities will be carefully vetted to weed out any truly independent voices. Anyone who refuses to submit and comply with socialist dictates like diversity, equity, and inclusion will simply be removed from the roster. Those who somehow manage to slip through the cracks will be relentlessly scrutinized and punished for offending the sensibilities of the status quo, and in time, they’ll be gone.

It’s just a matter of time, really, before these dominoes take down the greatest opposing force to the globalists’ propaganda machine. And what then?

Slowly, people’s thoughts will change. New ideas—new infectious ideas, aka military grade memes—will be sown into the conservative public’s conscience. This newly embedded social consciousness will inevitably take root, and the transformation of worldview will be underway. Don’t forget, there’s a science to this.

My hope is that by raising awareness to this orchestrated assault on conservatives’ conscience, we might together be able to sound the alarm. Notice how I didn’t dive into the political circus today. Notice how we didn’t drift into the distractions.

While the majority of Americans continue to be swept out to sea in the never ending deluge of government propaganda, we’ve identified a grave threat that’s gone mostly unnoticed. The globalists will soon be using talk radio against us.

Now more than ever, supporting independent media is critical in this battle for control over information, in this war for the hearts and minds of humanity. If you are able to, I humbly ask for your support to keep The Torch Report going.

Thank you patriots!

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