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TR 518 - Some Peculiar Patterns in the Familiar Circus

TR 518 - Some Peculiar Patterns in the Familiar Circus

Following these bread crumbs leads to an unexpected conclusion.

Just in case you missed it, Tucker Carlson recently made the following remarks:

"Nikki Haley is a liberal. She is all in on the four tenets of neoliberalism, which are white guilt, a finance-based economy, mass immigration, and endless neocon wars. Strip away all the outward characteristics, and Nikki Haley is identical in her priorities to Joe Biden and the people who back Joe Biden."

You can watch the full video and read the transcript over at The Vigilant Fox.

In his monologue, Tucker expresses his perspective that Nikki Haley is a Trojan Horse within the Republican Party. Vivek Ramaswamy has also called out Haley for being a product of “The System,” claiming she is the pick of the warmongering establishment. Hence, Ramaswamy’s comical-but-accurate assessment of Haley as “Dick Cheney in three-inch heels” during last November’s presidential debate.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and let me ask you: were you aware there was a Republican presidential debate last night? I wasn’t. I guess I haven’t been following the political circus close enough, because I was quite surprised to see this contrast in headlines between CNN and Fox News this morning:

What can we quickly extract from Fox this morning? Oh, wow, Republicans on the “hunt” to hold Crack Pipe Biden in contempt of Congress! I’m sure they’re really going to get him this time!! Not.

But it’s not just the usual drivel at Fox that stood out to me this morning. It was the unusual absence of another “big story” that happened to grace the front page of CNN:

Notwithstanding their “fact-checking” the national debt, pandemic and more, I find it absolutely fascinating that CNN is rolling out “key takeaways” from a DeSantis-Haley town hall debate. The article itself is hard to stomach, with each carefully chosen “folksy” word just dripping with establishment propaganda.

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley warned Iowa Republican voters Thursday night that nominating Trump again could cost their party the White House in November.

Both DeSantis and Haley made the case that nominating Trump for a third consecutive time is a risk Republican voters should not take.

“Chaos follows him. And we can’t have a country in disarray and a world on fire and go through four more years of chaos. We won’t survive it,” Haley said.

DeSantis spent more time taking shots at Trump from the right, telling Collins that he did not believe the former president truly opposes abortion. …[he] was not the same DeSantis from earlier in the 2024 Republican primary… he used folksy language like “willy nilly” and “appreciate ya.”

Yeah, I bet he did.

Just to put this charade into proper context, take a look at the latest polling from Real Clear Politics, which shows that Donald Trump is still trouncing literally everyone else, across the board:

Just a couple of notes on the numbers:

  • Trump is beating both Haley and DeSantis by over 50 points in national polling. Tell me, do you recall anyone ever having such a commanding lead? Is the voice of the American people not shouting out loud and clear?

  • Trump is also beating Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head—which is shocking, given how heavily skewed the polling is. It strikes me as nonsense to think Biden has anywhere near that much support from the American people.

  • It’s also rather ironic that RCP shows Biden is actually beating DeSantis, while showing that Haley is supposedly beating Biden by a better margin than Trump. Based on this simple, shallow analysis, the establishment’s pick is clear.

For all the screeching about democracy, one might think that the political establishment could see the obvious choice of the American people, and in principle, they might respect this choice to ensure the “peaceful transition of power” they spend so much time clamoring about. But alas, we all know that is not what they really want.

The political establishment has absolutely no intention of allowing any sort of “peaceful transition of power.” They intend to keep all the power for themselves. To allow the power of the U.S. government to peacefully transition into the hands of an elected representative of We the People, into the hands of a champion of the middle class and the little guy, into the hands of a powerful personality and unpolished politician who has the business chops to actually cut the beast of bureaucracy down to size, restore the republic, the Constitution, and the rule of law, and truly Make America Great Again—to allow that to happen… well, that just won’t do.

The establishment has big plans for us!

We are all going to be Earth Citizens, remember?

And we’re going to “do our part” and help “save the planet” by religiously adhering to Agenda 2030 and mindlessly implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals—because “the science” and “the experts” have done our thinking for us, and they’ve determined that a massive collective sacrifice of humans is necessary for the greater good. That is, collective sacrifice is essential if the ruling class is to remain in power.

That’s what Future Earth, in all its digital splendor and glory, is really all about.

If they allow too many pesky peasants to become inspired and upwardly mobile, this mass of middle-class peasants might form a mind of their own and start thinking for themselves. Such rugged and determined independence, forged in the fires of trial and error, would pose a disastrous threat to the status quo. For through this forging of self-determination arises an indomitable spirit that demands to be free.

Liberation by the strength of one’s own hands, which is a quintessential aspect of the American Dream, builds up a flame of liberty and freedom that no mortal king could ever extinguish. I have what I have because I’ve built it with my own blood, sweat, and tears. No man shall take from me the fruits of my labor, and any man who may try will be met with force, lethal if necessary.

By what right does one man steal from another?

By what right does one group of men steal from another?

Since the dawn of time, is this not why wars are fought?

In the modern age, many people like to pretend that humanity has somehow become so civilized, that these primitive and instinctual rights no longer apply. Upon closer scrutiny, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact remains that incivility is on full display every single day, at every level of society, often cloaked with a suit and tie.

Beyond that, the instinct of self-protection and self-preservation, rooted in the very nature of existence, inevitably drives and even demands the need for one man to defend himself against another. Imagine a starving animal protecting its fresh kill against a pack of equally hungry animals, and you’ll have a mental image of humanity that at least approaches accuracy.

Strip away food, shelter, and comfort, and the human animal bares its teeth.

It would be wise to keep this in mind as we progress through the Great Reset and the Fourth Turning continues to churn out unimaginable chaos in its inescapable wake.

But let’s zoom out…

Personally, I find it useful to frame the 2024 election through the prediction of Bill Gates, namely that the establishment (in conjunction with the global cabal) are attempting to orchestrate a hung election and civil war. I believe that much of America’s ruling class are in on this, and the ultimate purpose is to subjugate the American people under the strict digital governance of a global ruling class.

This will be the proverbial “new world order” global leaders like to talk about.

The shell of our nation will be hollowed out. The flag may fly, but it will no longer stand for freedom, but instead, for democracy. Our constitutional republic will be displaced by the democratic tyranny of mob rule, which, once in place, will seek to choke the life out of any person or group who challenges the force of the collective.

It’s an interesting and odd phenomenon, if you think about it. To me, this is clearly the work of a mental virus, a self-replicating disease of destructive thought that seems to continually propagate throughout human civilization. The ideas of sameness and equality, the concepts of diversity and inclusiveness, such notions are all self-defeating when held under the lens of intellectual analysis. However, quite unfortunately, these memes spread with ease through the highly contagious medium of emotion.

Human emotion is as raw and motivating as the instinct to survive, and it is precisely by tapping into and tampering with these primitive apparatus that the elites have been manipulating and controlling the human population for the last century or more. While intentional manipulation is as old as humanity itself, it is the accumulation of knowledge, skills, and abilities that now allows the ruling class to plunder human psychology with a previously impossible degree of clinical precision.

This is where the weaponized AI comes into play, but we’ll set that aside for today.

In closing, tying it all together, what’s the takeaway?

Why did CNN make such a big deal about the Haley-DeSantis town hall, while Fox News ignored it in favor of fixating on catching a villain that will never be caught?

How about this: conservatives, who overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, are being distracted by the political circus and led on by the false hope there will actually be accountability for crimes committed. Meanwhile, the establishment’s Trojan Horse is being moved into place.

Simultaneously, liberals are being given a front row seat to the circus, which achieves two things. First, for those who are rightly second-guessing the idea of Joe Biden being the president for another four years, an appealing female globalist who appears somewhat responsible and took down the Confederate flag while she was governor, just might give some democrats a “secret” solution to the sock-puppet in office.

How many liberals are ready for a woman to be in charge? Wouldn’t that be amazing and historic?! I’m sure you see what I’m saying—hence one of the reasons Haley is currently a political belle of the establishment. The second thing achieved by parading these establishment picks out in front of a liberal audience, is that it portrays the Republican Party as being reasonable and offering up decent candidates.

The subconscious contrast is that Trump and his followers are all a bunch of rabid extremists. You can imagine how continual steeping in this distorted perspective might play out if Trump actually manages to get elected. Hung election and a civil war? You bet’chya! Trump, the mighty insurrectionist, will have stolen the election with the help of MAGA extremists, and this will undoubtedly create the sort of constitutional crisis that calls for riots in the streets in order to defend democracy.

Can you see it now? It’s not that they stole the election from Trump, it’s that Trump stole the election from the American people, and the world will look on in horror as the United States implodes into civil war more bitter and vicious than anyone could have ever imagined. The realbattle for democracy” will be underway. Eventually peace will be restored, but not without the help of “allies” from around the world.

Could this be their end game?

Only time will tell.

Until then:



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