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TR 571 - Perhaps the Root of Our Problems is also the Root of Solutions?

TR 571 - Perhaps the Root of Our Problems is also the Root of Solutions?

Observations on the bifurcation between polarized political camps.

Put on your thinking cap.

If I could put everyone who lives in a city in one camp, and everyone who lives in rural America in another, and have a conversation with both, I would in a heartbeat. Given the logistical impossibility of that, I will wade forth attempting to navigate between the two camps, simultaneously speaking to both, attempting to connect my thoughts back to the shared humanity that unites us all as individual human beings.

I’d like to discuss the bifurcation of society in some depth, not because it’s a fun word or some sort of fancy way of thinking, but because the reconciliation between these two disparate perspectives is critical to the future of our country. City and country must bridge the divide, just as Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, and any number of other diametrically opposed perspectives must find common ground, because in the end, we’re all on the same team.

It may not seem like it, but I promise you it’s true.

I’m well aware that most people in either camp do not see it that way. That’s fine. I’m speaking to the astute audience of The Torch Report, to those who’ve been with me since the start of this learning journey, and those who’ve stumbled upon my musings much later in the game. I respect your intelligence and appeal to your curiosity.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that we are on the same team, that we do intend to uphold the Constitution, defend the Bill of Rights, maintain our constitutional republic, and preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations—despite thinking differently on any number of issues. Furthermore, I’ll make the bold assumption that we’re both up to speed on what’s really going on, that you’re aware of the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order—that you’re well aware these are not conspiracy theories, but well-thought-out strategies intended to divide and conquer us all.

Within this context, I’d like also to take the liberty of taking for granted that you are keen to the massive proliferation of psychological warfare, psyops, subconscious taming, and military grade memes—that you know full well the extent and degree to which the public’s perception is being tampered with, as well as the mechanisms such as Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that are being used to warp the very fabric of reality for the vast majority of people.

Given these assumptions, I’m also sure that you know all about weaponized AI and what that means for the shared future of humanity. And, underlying and overarching all of that, I’ll also assume you have a decent working understanding of human psychology, that you understand what makes us tick, and that you’re aware of how all of this plays into the modern political circus, from the local to the global level.

If you’re still on board at this point, thank you.

I believe this will be a thought provoking conversation.

The Bifurcation of Society

Bifurcation happens anytime one thing divides into two.

Direct observation attests to the fact that this phenomenon is happening all around us at all times. The implications of that fact ties directly into political conversations when we think about Left and Right, Communists and Capitalists, Democrats and Republicans, and—relevant to recent conversation—bifurcation also attests to the distinctly different perspectives held by urban and rural Americans.

Interestingly enough, applying logic and certain mathematical principles allows us to extend this concept infinitely. This is what the study of infinite series is all about. When we consider the act of one thing dividing into two, we can find examples from the macro to the micro level, and for me personally, this gives grounding in reality.

Politically speaking, conservatives could be divided into Christians and nonbelievers, or liberals could be divided into pro-life or pro-choice, for example. This too is bifurcation, and it can be drilled down to increasingly subtle distinctions.

What’s key to realize, is that these distinctions are being intentionally introduced to public discourse by true masters of psychology and human behavior—by the psychological operatives of the global cabal, who collectively have their hands on the levers of the greatest propaganda machines the world has ever known.

That is to say, each bifurcation is constructed upon a thought—and each thought is a belief that is based in language that has been intentionally introduced to the psyche by propagandists who understand how different words stimulate different emotions, specifically by stimulating different parts of the brain.

In short, using labels and emotional conditioning, they’ve turned us against each other. Thus, as we bicker and fight between all things Left and Right, the elites continue to consolidate power and control.

How do we break this cycle? One possible solution is to point out that both halves still make a whole, and that as members of American Society, we are all on the same team. Of course, I immediately hear the howls of protest… and I don’t discount them.

To believe that everyone is on the same team is truly some naive, kumbaya, namsy-pansy, New Age hippy bullshit. I get it. I’d be the first to tell you, I don’t disagree.

We are on the same team. What I’m saying is that our team is bigger than we think it is, though it means setting aside some petty differences, to focus on bigger issues.

Coming at the current conundrum from this angle, the bifurcation of society also points us toward distilling the complexities of geopolitical chaos into two camps:

  1. Those who want power and control.

  2. Those who want peace and freedom.

This is the underlying principle, the distinction between those who want to rule the roost, and those who want to be left alone. In theory, the number of people who want to be left alone would represent the majority. However, those who are trying to rule the roost have mastered the art of convincing those who want to be left alone, that the best thing for them to do is just do what they’re told, because it’s just easier that way.

Hence, the battle for “global democracy” and the subsequent tyranny of mob rule being unleashed on a planetary scale. This is what we’re up against.

Now, for those who really want to be left alone, who don’t invite or appreciate anyone trying to tell them what to do just for the hell of it, we have to realize once the majority of people are content to do the bidding of globalist masters, we’re in big trouble. Imagine if those in control told the majority to grab clubs and start beating all the MAGA extremists over the head.

How many people would relish the chance to club their enemies in the name of the greater good? Would they not feel empowered and powerful for doing so?

Imagine if the ruling class told the majority that it was okay to ostracize people and shun them out of society if they didn’t wear a mask. Imagine if the majority was told that everyone had to have proof of the latest vaccination before they could travel, enter businesses, attend public school, or participate in society at large.

It shouldn’t be too hard to envision, but how could we ever come to that place?

Through the bifurcation of society.

Grabbing a little bit of liberal lingo, the bifurcation is what happens when society separates into the haves and the have-nots. It’s the imbalance between those who have power and those who have little or none, which is what progressives point to as systemic inequality. The truth is, this bifurcation is just a reflection of reality.

Our having is an extension of our being, and because human beings are infinitely unique, bifurcation is perfectly natural. Some people have more drive, grit, and determination, and they naturally produce greater results and thereby have more stuff. The opposite is true as well, that lazy, unmotivated, unintelligent people put forth much less effort, and therefore get poor results and have less stuff.

That puts the human being at the root of the problem, which injects yet another consideration into the heart of the matter. At any point in time, any one of us might be accused of being rude, crass, off-topic or out of place. On the dark side of the spectrum, humans can also be violent, unruly, or evil.

There are bad people in the world. And selfish people. Greedy people. People who will lie, cheat, and steal without shame. Can anyone deny this reality? Of course not.

This is a truth that transcends the bifurcation of society. There are good and bad people at every level, honest and dishonest people, hardworking and lazy people, etc. This is something that most people intuitively understand, whether they live in a rural or urban environment, and it provides a useful starting point for collaborative problem-solving.

There are bad people in the world, and they are doing some very bad things. If we don’t work together and bridge the various bifurcations that are keeping us at odds, we will lack the requisite manpower, support, and momentum to overcome this evil.

That means our rights will forever be held at the whim of an unruly mob, our country will unjustly be subjugated to the tyranny of global governance, and our individual liberties will die a slow and painful death in the great inescapable surveillance state of the globalist digital prison and techno-dystopian hell known as Future Earth.

LIFE… being able to live and breathe as a free and independent human being—that’s what’s at stake, in a nutshell.

That’s why we must bring people together. The tyrant doesn’t care about your political affiliations or moral convictions. They only care about power. To stymie this raw, carnal craving, we’re going to need a lot more people to wake up and step up.

We need to build a new team that defies the consternation of current bifurcations.

It’s the only way we win… and win we must!

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