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TR 552 - National Grid Failure Leads to the Ultimate Endgame

TR 552 - National Grid Failure Leads to the Ultimate Endgame

There's more going on than meets the eye.... a LOT more.

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Are you ready for this?

Chances are you’ve already seen the hysterical headlines about a nationwide cell phone outage, 911 crashing, and the “world is ending” pandemonium:

For obvious reasons, some tech experts are already calling this a cyberattack—citing the fact that it’s simultaneously crippled multiple networks. Others are speculating it may be a solar flare. Regardless, this is gripping news that has all at once captured the nation’s attention—which has fascinating implications.

Can you imagine your life with a cell phone?!

Could this be a teaser? Could this be a primer of what’s to come? What are the chances this “blip” in the system is being orchestrated by our own intelligence agencies to facilitate widespread panic, or potentially to conceal some sort of funny business that they don’t want broadcast across America?

It’s all wild speculation, of course, but it does warrant a certain degree of consideration. In chewing through the various worst case scenarios that might crop up in the near-term future, I’ve often asked the question: how do we know what’s happening on the other side of the country?

If a kinetic civil war broke out somewhere in the south, for example, how would we ever know? What if the media went full blackout, like they’ve done with so many other important national stories? Has this not proven that people will believe whatever they’re told? If people never see it to believe it, it’s like it never happened!

It’s my personal belief that control over the media could be used in this manner, to keep millions of Americans completely in the dark about what’s actually going on. After all, they’ve successfully done this in many countries all around the world, not the least is right here at home—the media blackout in Lahina comes to mind.

Turn off the cell phones. Turn off the internet. Even if the power is still on, Americans’ ability to communicate real time events are severely hampered.

The most common thought, when considering the potential of a media blackout, is that people would just be able to call, text, or email their family members in other states, and that that’s how the word would get out about any major event the media refuses to inform the public about. But, obviously, if the cell towers and internet happen to go down at just the right time, the news may never escape.

That said, did you catch the two smaller headlines over at Drudge this morning?

One reads: How everything became a ‘psyop’ for conservative media

The other reads: FBI Director Says China Cyberattacks on U.S. Infrastructure Now at Unprecedented Scale

Regarding how “everything” seems to be a psyop nowadays, the article is really just a hit piece intended to pad the egos of the Left’s useful idiots—as if only conservative conspiracy theorists are concerned about the very real threats of psychological operations. They poke fun at the Taylor Swift Psyop, for example, citing so-called “experts” who claim, “Most people realize it’s just baloney.”

But is it? Is it really?

After correcting their below average audience’s understanding of what a psyop actually is—you know, a real psyop is dropping pamphlets out of a plane like they did to oust Saddam Hussein—the smug and arrogant author says this:

“The problem with these conspiracy theories is that they sound crazy to begin with, but they gain legs, and people will continue with them, and there will be people that believe it because there are always believers for these conspiracy theories.”

The problem with these “conspiracy theories” is that they gain legs.

Geez, I wonder why that is?

Could it be because when things don’t add up, people become curious? Could it be that when people become curious and start looking into things, scratching beneath the thin veneer of media fleecing, they stumble upon actual facts?

Conspiracy theories gain legs because there’s always more to the story.

Beyond that, it’s human nature to believe incredible stories, and dare I say, to believe in impossible things. Ironically, something I find almost unbelievable about all of this, is how all these dots connect directly to recent reports by yours truly.

Has the moment arrived?

Before we get into that, I’d like to drive home the point that liberals are being actively conditioned to label any form of logical protest against their collective insanity as a conservative conspiracy theory. It reeks of Rules for Radicals, and is a perfect echo of Hillary Clinton’s famous “vast right-wing conspiracy” statement.

To understand how the liberal mind is being primed, let’s revisit the drivel about how “everything” seems to be a psyop in conservative circles these days.

Says Washington Post pinhead Jeremy Barr:

“Lately, it’s become popular in conservative media circles to brand certain things as a psychological operation, or “psyop.”

Climate change, for example. Or covid. Or the media coverage of Donald Trump. Or even the prosecution of Hunter Biden.

Technically, “psyop” is a U.S. military term, referring to various kinds of campaigns to get inside the heads of adversaries.”

In this man’s pea-sized brain, climate change, covid, and the prosecution of crack-pipe Biden are all being dismissed as “psyops” by the radical right-wing conspiracy nuts, aka conservative Americans. The implication here is that these issues are not psyops, but are instead just matter-of-fact news that everyone already knows about.

It’s as if to say climate change, covid, and crack-pipe Biden aren’t conspiracies at all, unless you’re some sort of crazy right-wing lunatic. To claim that these issues are all psyops—that they’re being used to “get inside the heads” of Americans—is the real conspiracy theory. For the useful idiots, this is the gospel of truth!

Again, it’s a choose-your-own-reality adventure.

Now, as for the timing of Volt Typhoon being unleashed to wreak havoc on the American grid, and the shrieking headlines about the nationwide cell phone outages, this could all just be a wonderful coincidence. Or, it could be a test run.

The truth is, we’ll never really know.

But, if this was actually the start of a massive cyberattack from a foreign adversary, we will undoubtedly be seeing much more chaos breaking out over the next few days. All we can really do is stand by with bated breath, waiting for the whole grid to go down. And from the angle of psyops, that’s exactly where they want us: bogged down in the uncertainty of another impending catastrophe.

Forgive me, but as a skeptical peasant, I’m not going to waste any more time on it.

As with every psychological operation, the function is to create a diversion, to deliver an impression, to provoke an emotion and stimulate confusion. While this is happening, there’s always something else in the works. What are people not seeing?

Is it the “pre-bunking” censorship regime being rolled out by Google? Is it the “shocking, unsustainable and desperate” situation escalating in the Middle East? How about the 5,200 big daddy Biden donors who are bankrolling Nikki Haley? Or the fact that Donald Trump now has a “better than ever” chance of winning the election?

As always, there’s more going on than you can shake a stick at.

It’s impossible to keep track of it all.

But, if one were to consider the slow-roll of insanity, it would be prudent to lift the gaze beyond the headlines, and analyze the overarching globalist trajectory.

Doing so, it’s worth noting that NATO is currently conducting the “largest military exercise since the Cold War,” operation Steadfast Defender 2024. The exercise is said to be focused on moving troops across Europe, “from the High North to Central and Eastern Europe”—which would put them right in Putin’s backyard.

Meanwhile, the WHO is accelerating their efforts to take control of the world’s water supply, releasing their updated guidelines on aggressive “sanitary inspections,” because your private well is “especially susceptible to the impacts of climate change.” This should be seen as an extension of their schemes to “guard water from well to tap”—using satellite surveillance no less—because we peasants are using “250 times the subsistence level of clean water.” (See TR 475 - The Future Depends on Us!)

Of course, virtually nobody is paying attention to that. At the same time, the WHO is also promoting the universal adoption of policies that would have the government dousing us all with more of their mysterious “health spray”—using drones, as previously discussed—acknowledging that “engagement of community leadership and the acceptance of spray operations by local residents” is key to their success.

Think global, act local.

Perhaps the most nefarious factor that still goes largely unnoticed, is the global cabal’s concerted effort to “build trust” with the public. Given the broad acceptance of the Trusted News Initiative and the army of media fact-checkers, I’d say they have been undeniably successful—thus the dismissal of truth as if it’s conspiracy.

Keep in mind, these initiatives are targeting community leadership and local residents alike, per the far-reaching tentacles of the WEF’s Digital Trust Initiative. Replete with socialist propaganda, touting trust and transparency as tantamount to “progress,” this global initiative is rapidly gaining steam:

And last but certainly not least:

If you believe the global cabal is using weaponized AI to build “digital trust” in order to support your individual agency—here’s your sign:

Given the fact that Jeff Foxworthy probably doesn’t have enough signs to go around, I think we’d be wise to get the word out. Conditioning the masses to trust their masters is the ultimate evildoer’s endgame. If they pull this off, it’s checkmate for good!


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