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The Weaponization of Cybersecurity and the Democratic Surveillance Accelerator

The Weaponization of Cybersecurity and the Democratic Surveillance Accelerator

You'd never guess what these shysters are up to now...

(Orginally posted June 28, 2023 as TR 396 - Putting the Puzzle Pieces into Place)

Do you remember playing the game as a kid, where you’d be looking for something like a present or a surprise, and someone would be calling out, “You’re getting warmer… no wait, you’re getting colder… no you’re getting warm, getting hot, you’re burning up!!” As the anticipation mounted, so did the excitement. It was a simple way to get a thrill and turn an ordinary task of finding something into a fun experience.

Often times, when I’m sifting through the headlines looking for clues, trying to read between the lies and pick up on the subtle hints of what comes next, it feels like I’m playing that game. When I see all the mainstream outlets pumping out the same meaningless propaganda, I’m getting colder. When I see an outlier, or something that connects to what the globalists are putting out, I’m getting warmer.

This is how I decide which rabbit trail to chase for the day. Quite often these trails lead me to something scorching hot, like the fact that the global elites are currently meeting in China for their “Summer Davos” gathering, wherein they are discussing how to use “more stick” and less carrot to beat humanity into submission. Apparently the uppity peasants aren’t playing along with their game of global dominance.

Faced with the fact that they are only on track to meet a meager 12% of the goals laid out in Agenda 2030, the elites seem like they are desperately grasping at straws. Why else would they be openly talking about using “more stick” on the global stage? Again, just to be clear, when the global elites are talking about using “more stick” they are talking about various ways to punish you for not complying with their every demand.

That is, in a nutshell, the essence of global governance.

Global governance is a system of rewards and punishments that is designed to reshape human behavior. And, as discussed more thoroughly in TR 142 - The Summer of Digital Governance, the global elites are now using weaponized artificial intelligence to drive this behavioral change at the global scale.

Global digital governance works just the same as any other sort of governance: by rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. Thus, good digital rewards can be rewarded digitally, and certain digital punishments can be meted out digitally.

Are you connecting the dots with digital IDs, digital passports, and digital currencies?

Naturally, in the digital age, digital surveillance will gather and deliver the data that the AI can then use to assess and determine whether to give you the carrot or the stick. Based on the current conversations being had by the global elite, we can expect these intelligent machines to be programmed with increasingly restrictive controls and progressively painful punishments—aka “more stick”—to get their desired results.

I’m here to tell you, this is already happening.

Not surprisingly, China is leading the way in using weaponized AI and digital state surveillance to spy on political dissidents and digitally crush anyone who dares to challenge the state. If one does not toe the party line, one loses the right to travel, to borrow money, or access so-called “civil” society. In other words, if one does not play along, one does not play at all. If you question the game, you might just disappear.

Never forget that the global elites have repeatedly stated the Chinese Communist Party is the role model for the world. Maybe that’s why the Chinese premiere is leading the meeting of the 1500+ global leaders in China right now, right?

But, while China is a geopolitical threat that is openly preparing for war, I honestly don’t believe China is the biggest threat that we are facing right now. The greatest threat that we are facing in America today is our own government weaponizing digital surveillance, state censorship, and political persecution against the American people.

In the news today:

  • The House Judiciary Committee just released a report titled, “The Weaponization of CISA: How a Cybersecurity Agency Colluded with Big Tech and Disinformation Partners to Censor Americans. Among other things, the report reveals the fact that CISA tried to cover up their devious, dubious, and entirely unlawful surveillance and censorship of American citizens.

  • Meanwhile, other national intelligence agenciesaka “spy agencies”—have been buying up Americans’ data by the bucket load. The list of transgressors includes a host of military intelligence agencies, as well as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others. According to reports, the government has been using AI for surveillance purposes for some time—prompting warnings of an “irreversible surveillance state.”

  • Now add in this little doozy of a headline: “250 Hollywood Celebrities Sign Letter Demanding Big Tech Censor Anyone Who Opposes Trans Surgeries On Kids.” CEOs from Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and the utterly despicable and conniving Human Rights Campaign claim that trying to protect children from these mortifying mutilations equals “disinformation and hate.”

Put it all together and shake it all up, and what do we get?

We get a perfect example of the Democratic Surveillance Accelerator in action.

Did you know there is a veritable army of unhinged progressives actively pushing for greater state surveillance at every level of government and advocating for aggressive state censorship to save our “democracy” from the existential threat of free speech and the open exchange of ideas? I didn’t either. Most people don’t.

But if you were to check the list of “stake holders” who are currently developing and pushing the federal level policies for “responsible digital surveillance” (p45), you’d find a plethora of over 40 progressive hacks working in perfect harmony, leveraging their myriad public-private partnerships as a “policy incubator curating key science and technology ideas to inform the Biden-Harris Administration.”

Socialists. Communists. Fascists. They’re all there, moving in lock step.

They’re using the Delphi Method to develop The Consensus.

They’re creating The Data to support The Science.

They’re harnessing The Experts to change The Law.

This is the exact same playbook that has been so successfully used all around the world for the last hundred years or so. These techniques are tried and true, they are rooted in psychological warfare, and they are driving behavioral change.

This is nothing new.

Let’s zoom out.

Remember that game for global dominance? Remember that they’re getting desperate because they’re not meeting the Sustainable Development Goals?

They are going to start using more stick and less carrots, per their own words.

This is the driving force behind the so-called “Democratic Surveillance Accelerator.”

It is entirely oxymoronic, but they believe that centralized government control—including unrestricted state surveillance and censorship—is the only way to accelerate the advance toward global democracy. There are just a few glitches in the system that they still need to work through, the foremost of which is human nature.

Using weaponized AI to drive behavioral change literally rewires the brain, changes perception, and leads to a subconscious transformation of human consciousness.

THAT’s what it’s really all about. That’s the only way they can control us all. That’s the only way they can transform the world into their twisted vision of Future Earth.

Working through their innumerable partnerships, the global cabal continues to advance their agenda to enslave us all. Of course, they don’t put it like that, but that’s exactly what’s happening, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Their vision for Future Earth is based on the UN Agenda 2030, which states rather bluntly:

“In these goals and targets, we are setting out a supremely ambitious and transformational vision. We envisage a world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want, where all life can thrive. We envisage a world free of fear and violence. …

A world where human habitats are safe, resilient, and sustainable… A world in which consumption and production patterns are sustainable… One in which humanity lives in harmony with nature and in which wildlife and other living species are protected.”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This grand vision for the greater good of humanity is the ultimate justification for total control over our lives. Despite the obvious contradictions with natural reality—like the fact that life is inherently not safe, or fair, or the fact that it’s impossible to eradicate fear, violence, or want—the masses are being conditioned to believe that this is what the greater good looks like.

Furthermore, the public is being conditioned to expect and want these things, as if it were possible for the government to deliver these fantasies, if only everyone was on board with the vision—but that too is an impossibility. It is impossible to get everyone to buy into this vision, or to get the whole of humanity to agree on how to go about achieving these utopian socialist fantasies. Hence, their need to use more stick.

But here’s the big picture twist:

Because the masses have been trained to want these things, because they’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s possible, because they’ve been programmed to believe that we are facing a catastrophic triple planetary crisis and we’re all going to die miserable climate related deaths if we don’t all buy in and do our parts to save the planet, keep people safe, and advance the greater good (aka the Common Agenda)—because of this fundamental transformation of beliefs—much of the public now believes that anyone who opposes this vision is evil.

And, thanks to the proliferation and public support for state censorship, when the enlightened global leaders finally make the tough decision to eradicate these pesky evil peasants once and for all (as in genocide ala China-style), the masses will be none the wiser. They will accept what they are told. They will do what they’re told.

Or else they’ll be next.

Keep this big picture in mind when you hear the trannies chanting that they’re coming for your kids, or when you hear the talking heads squawking about UFO debris in the ocean, or so-called “thought leaders” suggesting that AI will create a perfect unified religion. Keep it in mind whenever you catch wind of the continual political corruption or get distracted by the ongoing political theater.

These people are clueless, and it’s all by design.


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