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TR 532 - The Power of the Human Spirit Versus the Threat of Collective Thinking

TR 532 - The Power of the Human Spirit Versus the Threat of Collective Thinking

They seek to tame the masses, but their strategies have hit a snag.

There was an interesting article out this morning that made me do a double take, titled: “The Most Dangerous Conservative.” In a nutshell, the article points a finger at Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, as being an existential threat to all things DEI—because he points out, as the science has repeatedly shown, that there is a glaring disparity in intelligence when measured between different ethnic groups.

This excerpt pretty much sums it up:

“An article in ScienceDirect journal puts it this way: East Asians and their descendants average an IQ of about 106, Europeans and their descendants about 100, and Africans and their descendants about 85.”

The author notes this is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about, for fear of being called a racist. However, I think it is imperative to take this information into account when attempting to surmise the seedy schemes of the global cabal, and I’ll tell you why: the ruling class has been very aware of these disparities, and they have been tracking and exploiting them, for a very long time.

It is precisely this sort of scientific understanding of human diversity—and the implications of different levels of intelligence—that has fed the eugenics movement from the very beginning. This is why the greatest proponents of eugenics, such as Bertrand Russell, most often hailed from the halls of elite academic institutions.

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that some people are smarter than others. That’s a no-brainer. Beyond that, it also makes sense that different ethnic groups would have different levels of average intelligence, based on environmental factors alone. The impact of nutrition, lifestyle, and regional climates can all be clearly connected to brain development, and subsequently, to mean intelligence.

BUT—and this is big BUT—understanding this does not directly translate into white people are smarter than black people. While data sets that have been collected and collated over decades clearly demonstrate a stubborn and uncomfortable correlation, that fact does not reduce down to such an ignorant and obtuse worldview.

Sure, some white people are smarter than some black people.

Equally as true, some black people are smarter than some white people.

And if the science is to be accepted, there are some Asians who are smarter than us all!

Now, you may be wondering why I’m setting the stage with such a contentious topic. What does this have to do with all those important things happening in the world today? For example, what does this have to do with all the geopolitical chaos and the American political circus? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Let’s take a step back and zoom out…

Chaos abounds.

Everywhere we look, all around the world, it seems like modern society is coming apart at the seams. While much of this perspective is being intentionally shaped by modern propaganda, and therefore signifies an intentional amplification of the problems that beset us, there is truth in the statement.

The chaos and craziness is accelerating, partly by design, but also due to unintended and unforeseen consequences of modern complexities related to emerging technologies. The “system” of global civilization has become exponentially more complex in the age of the internet, since the dawn of global connectivity, both for better and for worse.

But, as it is said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For all the changes in lifestyle and habit, the core of human nature has changed very little, if at all. This is a fact that is both self-evident, and hugely important to keep in mind.

Human nature drives human behavior, does it not?

Driven by instinct and physiological impulse, we are nothing if not predictable creatures. And yet, even within the predictability of human nature, we must also acknowledge the infinitely unpredictable proclivities that endlessly crop up.

Where do these unpredictable outcroppings of human inspiration come from?

Let’s set aside the argument that human inspiration comes from God, and acknowledge that inspiration spontaneously arises from somewhere within.

I submit that inspiration comes from the human spirit.

Not the body. Not the mind. The spirit within.

It is the human spirit, the spirit within each of us, that is able to observe and direct both body and mind. It is an undeniable and inseparable aspect of our humanity.

This is why learning that the globalists are using science to “nourish our spirit” struck me in such a profoundly disturbing way. Having thoroughly documented their use of weaponized AI to drive behavioral change, along with the intentional transformation of human consciousness achieved by embedding “social consciousness” into the subconscious mind, I’ve previously portrayed this effort as spiritual assassination.

However, when yesterday’s research revealed the progressive strategy of using state education to “destroy free-will,” there was a deeper realization stirred up within me.

This realization has been slow to emerge, as my mind has struggled to grasp the subtlety of the insight. Even now, the words are there a moment, and then gone.

Is it not true, that education has a direct impact on brain development?

Is it not also true, that brain development has a direct impact on intelligence?

Therefore, detrimental education reduces human intelligence.

But does this reduce the human spirit?

The answer, I believe, is no. Without any real qualification, it is my opinion that human intelligence—as greatly varied as it is—is a fusion between one’s own unique and individual spirit, and the biological equipment (i.e. the brain) that we’ve been endowed with. I believe the environmental factors that impact our brain development, and therefore our intelligence, actually do not impact the human spirit.

The story of Jim Qwik comes to mind. In early childhood, an accident left Jim with severe brain damage. Teachers referred to him as “the boy with the broken brain.” Consequently, he was deemed unintelligent and nearly flunked out of school.

But the spirit within him refused to accept this fate.

Fast-forward a few decades, and Jim is a world-renowned speaker on speed reading and accelerated learning techniques. His story is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit, against all odds and external factors, and it should serve as inspiration to us all. It also demonstrates how a determined spirit can develop intelligence.

Circling back to the opening article regarding the “dangerous” truth that different ethnicities have different levels of average intelligence, as well as the balanced perspective that there is no one-size-fits-all application of this fact, the story of Jim Qwik points us in the direction of a very powerful realization.

Belief in one’s self—the I am and I can internal dialogue—provides the raw material necessary for profound personal transformation, up to and including the development of advance capacities in one’s own intelligence, even after severe brain damage.

That’s some powerful stuff!

Now, when I make the point that the global cabal is attempting to enslave the whole of humanity in their own minds, what’s actually happening is that people are being conditioned to believe in multiple layers of carefully constructed lies. These lies create a host of illusions that are then reinforced by repetitive circular thinking.

As a result, in simplest terms, people become lost in their own minds.

Not realizing that the spirit is the master of the mind, just as the mind is the master of the body, these poor souls get stuck in a purgatory of hellish beliefs with no way out. They have become disconnected from the spirit within, and thus disconnected from inner strength, self-determination, and the will to resist.

They’ve been taught to believe that the state is a benevolent protector and provider that exists to keep them safe. They’ve accepted the lie that authority must be respected and obeyed. They believe that self-sacrifice is necessary for the greater good—and within each set of these beliefs, the individual spirit is intentionally subjugated and displaced by a very seductive collective identity.

Put differently, their spirit becomes a slave to thought.

Gone is the I am, I can, and I will.

And, since thoughts are the basis of beliefs and beliefs are the basis of behavior, this allows the state to take complete control of an individual’s identity by trapping the spirit within the mind. Mental slavery ensues.

On the one hand, the symptoms of this are expressed in the “dumbing down” of society. On the other hand, the symptoms are seen in the steep decline of spiritual expression. Underneath it all, the human spirit is suffocating under the weight of nefariously embedded thoughts, and the mind knows not what to do.

Mental health disorders, depression, and suicide following closely behind.

Take a look around.

This is how the globalists seek to destroy free-will and snuff out the will to resist.


The human spirit is irrepressible.

You are a force of Nature, and so am I.

Any person, of any color, creed, or intellectual aptitude, might spontaneously erupt with the inspiration and motivation to change the course of history. The spirit of resistance can be rekindled in an instant. The will to rise up and smite those who are so blatantly attacking and diminishing our humanity is inevitable.

We are not all the same. We shouldn’t want to be. That is unnatural behavior.

Instead, we must embrace the mystery of our own infinitely unique individuality, acknowledge and accept the inherent limitations of our shared humanity, and tap into the endless reservoir of our spiritual strength, wisdom, and awareness.

This is how humanity wins.

This is what the eugenicists and the global cabal fail to realize: human beings are spiritual creatures. We are not meant to be tamed. They may tame a few, but they can never tame us all. The spirit of freedom will forever remain alive, beating in the hearts of liberty loving rebels all around this great big beautiful world.

Can you hear their battle cry?

We must live free or die!


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