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TR 559 - Hiding Crime in Plain Sight to Further Destroy the United States of America

TR 559 - Hiding Crime in Plain Sight to Further Destroy the United States of America

They're destroying everything good in life, and it's happening right under our noses.

It’s not amusing.

Have you ever been to a Six Flags amusement park? They’re fun, if you like roller coasters and thrill seeking rides. Today, news is out that Six Flags in Georgia is now offering a brand-new attraction, of the “watch a flash mob wreak havoc and have a shoot out with police” variety. Apparently, up to 600 rioters participated in this first of its kind event, and more are expected at similar places across the country.

You know I’m being facetious, right?

While Democrats continue to stomp on the rule of law, running law enforcement into the ground by unleashing one wave of “migrant crime” and “flash mobs” after another, the shameless lying media continues to fleece the American people with headlines like these:

So as not to be misled by this misleading propaganda, let me just point out that the “crime rate” is just a made up number, like the economy. The government can cook the books any way they want, to make it look like things are better than they actually are, and to warp the public’s perception on things any way they please.

For crime, this process is really simple: when Soros backed attorneys refuse to press charges and continuously release repeat offenders back out on the streets, it’s as if there was never any crime committed—at least not a crime that counts.

No charges, no trial, no crime.

Voilà: violent crime rates start dropping fast—even as lawlessness abounds.

As we discussed last week, and as Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco and others have been pointing out, none of this is by accident. Says Sheriff Chad:

“The driving force in our crisis is a radical Progressive agenda fraudulently called Criminal Justice Reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions.”

As with so many other elements of the current Marxist Cultural Revolution, this is in fact a “sick and twisted social experiment.” Warping the minds of impressionable youth with transgender nonsense, teaching kids that math is racist, allowing children to use litter boxes in schools—because they identify as “Furries”—are just a few of these sick and twisted experiments.

But here too, we must cautiously contend with the reality that this is not in fact reality. Just ask the fact-checkers:

You see how easy that was? These days, with just a quick search, any right-wing conspiracy can be easily debunked. There are pages and pages of results that will show you once and for all that you, dear conservative, are simply wrong.

You are wrong about your conspiracy theories, you are wrong about the booming economy, you are wrong about Biden’s robust stamina and all-star charisma, you are wrong about the falling crime rates, you are wrong about the impending planetary catastrophy, and you are definitely wrong about the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Just ask Kamala Harris:

“People in Gaza are starving. The conditions are inhumane, and our common humanity compels us to act. What we are seeing every day in Gaza is devastating,” Harris said. “We have seen reports of families eating leaves or animal feed. Women giving birth to malnourished babies with little or no medical care. And children dying from malnutrition and dehydration. As I have said many times, too many innocent Palestinians have been killed.”

Oh yeah, and you are wrong about Nikki Haley too—she can beat Trump, and she has!

Just ask Fox News: Haley ends Trump's undefeated run with victory in DC primary

Whatever you think you thought you knew about the First and Second Amendment is wrong. Whatever you think you thought you knew about our Constitutional Republic is wrong. Whatever you think you thought you knew about traditional American values, the roles of men and women, the value of hard work, truth, honesty, justice and the rule of law—on all of this and more, you are wrong.

In fact, if you fancy yourself a conservative, you are simply wrong in every way. You are a backwards thinking imbecile, an ignorant boorish prude, a racist relic of America’s racist past, living in fear of being replaced and become obsolete. You are a “bitter clinger,” both deplorable and defective, and you’re standing in the way of progress with your stubborn insistence that reality actually exists.

And that’s where the algorithms come in.

Algorithms are what your computer, phone, iPad, and other devices use to deliver up your customized personal content. This is how they make sure to deliver ads that you might actually click on, and it’s also how they deliver the headlines that will make you think twice. Algorithms are how your devices train the way that you think.

They who control the algorithms—Big Tech and the Deep State—have immense control over your life, in ways both big and small. From controlling what you can and cannot buy (by controlling the ads that you see), to controlling what you can and cannot think (by controlling the information you receive), these so-called Algorithmic Social Interventions are incessantly nudging you toward their desired goals.

Indeed, using their highly sophisticated AI-infused EARS, the global cabal is able to “listen” to your every word, online, offline, anytime they want, to detect your emotional mood and sentiment surrounding any given issue of the day. The result of this immensely powerful new technology is intended to be nothing less than a global political revolution.

To refresh from TR 492 - The Hypnotizing of Humanity:

“WHO has built a platform called EARS, or the Early AI-supported Response with Social listening tool, which allows decision-makers to view a real-time analysis of narratives happening in public online forums in multiple countries and languages.”

These AI-supported “ears” of the global cabal allow them to track public sentiment and target individual demographics with customized propaganda that is designed to create behavioral change. Just in case that sounds too fabulous to be true, again, you can read it with your own eyes, straight from their website:

It’s really quite remarkable the “secret cabal” is so open about its intent to warp the collective minds of humanity by developing “interventions” to mitigate the effects of “infodemics.” In reality, this means the globalists are using weaponized AI to drive behavioral change on a planetary scale, by deploying algorithmic “interventions” designed to rewire one’s worldview at the personal level.

You and I are both in their crosshairs.

Along with convincing the public that crime is dropping, even as lawless mobs ransack stores, streets, and amusement parks in broad daylight, or any of the myriad other vectors of cultural insanity, the real crime in all of this is the assassination of truth, trust, and critical thinking.

Using weaponized AI to condition the peasants to trust their masters is a heinous crime against humanity. It is an affront to human dignity. It is, as I’ve said before, a form of spiritual assassination—they are seeking to destroy the individuality that makes us each so wonderfully unique, to condition the whole of humanity to think the same, to believe the same, act the same, and most especially, to vote the same.

Now, as outlandish as such an objective may seem, as impossible as the thought of homogenizing the whole of humanity may be, we’d be wise to realize the ruling class has taken into account the “diversity” factor. People are different, that’s just the way it is, but I believe the cabal has a plan to deal with this inconvenient fact.

Their plan is to win the battle of democracy.

If they can build up a coalition of crazies to form a majority voting block—and solidify this majority by inducing groupthink at a societal scale using weaponized AI, censorship, propaganda, and Algorithmic Social Interventions—then they can convince the masses to think, behave, and vote the same.

The way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before they reach the tipping point, wherein enough of the masses have been so mind-melted that they emphatically trust the government the way a child trusts their parents. The relentless gaslighting and abuse will inevitably trigger a global tidal wave of Stockholm Syndrome, which will only add to the inertia of rising ignorance and trust in the ruling class.

At some point, this negative cycle will become fully self-perpetuating.

And at that point, crime will cease to exist—except perhaps for the most pernicious crime of all, the utterly frightening “threats to democracy” that threaten the very future of humanity, and the planet. In this fictitious future scenario, it is only the racist extremists and climate deniers who stand in the way of planetary peace.

The good news is, the globalists have a plan to deal with that unruly faction as well.

And, slowly but surely, in the months and years ahead, the majority of the public will ever so cleverly be conditioned to accept the inevitable. In time, the masses will once again embrace the Final Solution, not for the first time, but potentially for the last.

With the algorithms skillfully weaving a new inspiring narrative for a brave new world, with the media making sure the public never gets fed fake news, there will be no more reasons to protest, no more reasons to question the government, no more reasons to doubt the benevolent intent of our Enlightened Leaders.

Peace, civility, and global stability will finally be achieved. While the exact events that will ultimately pave the way to this glorious global democracy remain to be seen, we are witnessing the weakening of one of the last rebel strongholds right before our eyes. What seemed unthinkable just a short while ago, now appears to be probable.

America is being destroyed from within, and perpetrators are hiding in plain sight.

Much of the public is cheering them on.

As for the patriots in the crowd: RESIST WE MUST!

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