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TR 558 - Examining the Fresh Threat of Nuclear War and the Weaponized Migrant Flow

TR 558 - Examining the Fresh Threat of Nuclear War and the Weaponized Migrant Flow

Just wait: it's as entertaining as it is maddening, but they believe it just the same!

In the beginning…

It’s Friday, so let’s set the tone:

All at once, Russia is said to be flooding the West with migrants. Russia has weaponized the flow of migrants to influence our elections. Russia! Russia! Russia!

Let’s not mention the impeachment of the utterly disgraceful jackass Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s open borders policy, the Chinese processing centers in Central America, the plane tickets, bus tickets, medical care, education, right to vote, or the $10,000 gift cards being handed out like candy to these criminals, just to be nice.

Now the Russians have weaponized the migrant flow to interfere with our elections!

Let that sink in. Who believes this crap?

Out of curiosity, I had to check how many people read the Drudge Report. They used to lean center-right libertarian, but they’ve gone full-blown deep state puppet for years—get these numbers: over half a BILLION visited the site in the last month:

To put this into perspective, if everyone who read the Drudge Report in the last 24-hours banded together to form a political block, they’d have more people on board than the entire population of Florida—or more people than 48 out of 50 states in the union. Only California and Texas would have a larger number of people:

Now, if you think the size of a state has an impact on federal elections, you’d be right. Higher populated states have more representatives in congress. It’s a numbers game. Every legislative district has roughly 750,000 people. States with more people, have more representatives in the legislature, via the House of Representatives.

So let’s think it through…

States are groups of people, are they not?

The readers of the Drudge Report are a group of people as well, are they not?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Any group of people can have an impact on national politics, proportionate to their population. If everyone who read Drudge was convinced that Vladimir Putin, the Evil Russian Tyrant, was getting ready to march across Europe, while simultaneously weaponizing a massive influx of migrants to interfere with the 2024 election, AND fighting a multi-front proxy war against Ukrainians who happen to be wielding an entire arsenal of Western weaponry—if 23 million people believed that

How do you think they’d vote?

Taking this hypothetical thought experiment a little further, what do you think 23 million people might say to their congressional representatives if they believed these things? Twenty-three million people believing anything is bound to have an impact.

Thus, any leftist outlet that has 23 million views in a 24-hour period of time—528 MILLION views in the last month—is inevitably bound to warp a lot of minds.

It simply cannot be any other way.

Interestingly enough, in rural America we often scoff at people from “California,” lamenting the fact they often bring their liberal politics with them into Small Town USA. It turns out local communities, rural communities, can easily get overrun by progressive commie hack political activists. Just a handful of them can upend the apple cart, because they’ve often been trained in the ways of civic engagement.

“Well you may not know it but this man is a spy.
He’s a undercover agent for the FBI…”

But what we’re talking about here, is 23 million people potentially being fed the same information, which shapes the same world view, which inevitably impacts local, state and national politics. All manner of misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, or perhaps just good old-fashioned false information, should be expected at all times.

And we’re only talking about one outlet.

Try searching for any news story you want, in any search engine you want, and pay attention to the sources that pop up. You’ll undoubtedly find that “trusted” news sources rise to the top of the search results. There are many different “trusted” sources, and they all rhyme with CNN. Peruse the top 10 search results for any news story, and you’ll quickly become acquainted with the Trusted News Initiative.

Stretching the head around just how much power and influence this chock hold on information has, is really quite difficult. Adding up the cumulative audience of the Trusted News Initiative, adding in the Algorithmic Social Interventions and nudging of the narrative, and it’s a wonder that anyone can retain their sanity these days.

The sky is falling constantly. And make no mistake, things are bad. Powerful people are desperately fighting for power. They are willing to do anything to win.

But somehow the world keeps turning.

World War III. Bioweapons. Cyberattacks plunging society into darkness. Idiotic climate cultists blocking out the sun. You name it, and it’s all on the table.

How about drone warfare being amplified a million times over? How about humanoid robots driven by AI, ruling as stewards over we lesser endowed humans? How about some humans choosing to fuse technology into their bodies, perhaps a chip in the brain or injected genetic modifications, thereby transforming themselves into transhumanist freaks? How about the Great Reset and the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Do you remember the Great Narrative?

How about having a global government consolidating total power and control?

It’s coming. It’s coming fast.

Let’s zoom out.

The very nature of influence has changed. It’s become scientific.

We can all agree there is a relatively small group of people who understand human behavior and psychology far better than the average peasant. This small group understands the science of persuasion. That is the foundation of psychological warfare. This is why the government invested in DARPA’s military grade memes—to deploy infectious thoughts that are guaranteed to propagate throughout the herd.

Therefore, this small group of people exerts great influence over the masses.

They have greater impact still by influencing local leaders and politicians.

Few make the decisions for the many.

This small group of people only needs to focus on influencing a few people to change the way we live our lives. The changes come through public policies. The policies come through committees. The committees confer with the experts.

This happens at every level of government.

And the experts come in varying degrees, with there being no greater expert than the government expert. Of course, government experts have their own power structure as well. City experts get trumped by state experts, who typically bow down to the federal experts, who are secretly beholden to the scientific experts and financial experts, all of whom are collectively subservient to the global experts, who alone hold the throne of being The Experts. After all, who could know more than the global cabal?


These Experts are anointed by Enlightened Leaders.

It’s a ritualistic indoctrination. It’s the gradual assimilation of a relatively normal person into a sociopathic socialistic node:

They begin to see the “little guys” as lesser, naturally, because the little guys have less money, less power, even less information and perspective. This bolsters that irresistible sense that they and their globalist cohorts really do know what’s best.

In time, they grow fond of the thought that they really are special. Clearly they’ve been chosen, perhaps by God himself, to lead the miserable peasants to a bright new future. When suggested, it seems natural to think of themselves as an Enlightened Leader.

It’s important to realize these labels have been bestowed by The Collective.

“Lest you wobble, you need to look no further than page 145 of COVID-19: The Great Reset, and read the section titled “Enlightened Leadership,” to re-confirm your conviction that governments must be led by Enlightened Leaders…”
—TR 331 - The Slow Roll of Insanity

These people believe they have a moral imperative to rule the world.

Their power structure looks something like this:

The Collective » The Cabal » The Experts » The Enlightened Leaders» The Ruling Class » The International Councils » The National Government » The ignorant peasants.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Collective calls a conference.

  2. The Cabal calls a panel.

  3. The Experts make recommendations.

  4. The Enlightened Leaders suggest international law.

  5. The Ruling Class funds a campaign.

  6. The International Councils promotes the propaganda.

  7. The National Government adopts the policy.

  8. The State finds there are strings attached to funding.

  9. The City does what it’s told.

  10. The People get the shaft.

This hypothetical hierarchy provides the scaffolding to disseminate ideas down from on high. It’s the transmission of thought through these various power structures—these various groups of organized and powerful people—that allows them to say “we just don’t need the majority of human beings” with a straight face. They believe it when they say it, and they think we’re too stupid to understand what it means.

Arrogant bastards anyway.

But to thread this week together and really drive it home, I want to bring it all back to influence. Words are powerful. Information is powerful. Narrative is powerful.

There are people in the world today, who believe Russia is flooding America with migrants to interfere with our elections. They didn’t form this thought on their own.

There are people who believe we need to reduce the human population and forfeit control over our lives to unelected global crackpots in order to save the planet.

In this battle of influence, we need to help our neighbors see the light.

We have to find a way.

(And that is the message of my heart for today, have a wonderful weekend!)

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