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TR 534 - God's Army, Religious Divisions, and Playing Into the Enemy's Hand

TR 534 - God's Army, Religious Divisions, and Playing Into the Enemy's Hand

What part of "a house divided against itself cannot stand" is so hard to grasp?

There are few things more disturbing to me than seeing the liberty movement being divided by emotionally charged wedge issues. United we stand, and divided we fall. If the leftist progressive commie global cabal is successful in their campaign to separate, isolate, and instigate liberty loving Americans to turn on one another, there is little to no hope that America can be saved. We cannot let that happen.

To achieve this division, those who would like to divide and conquer us all are working overtime on multiple fronts:

  • First, they are ginning up war all around the world, as the recent drones strikes in Jordan, threats from North Korea, and ongoing saga in Ukraine all aptly demonstrate.

  • Second, they are using Donald Trump as a bludgeon to hammer away at conservative solidarity, marginalizing the majority of grassroots patriots in the minds of party bosses and center-left citizens.

  • Third, they are using religion to turn would be allies against anyone who doesn’t adhere to a predominantly dogmatic, prophecy driven perspective on geopolitical events.

Each issue is hugely divisive.

Kurt Schlitcher has an article out today titled: “Conservatives, Give War a Chance.” I like Kurt, and I align with his analysis more often than not, but this one left me scratching my head. He points out the fact that a great many American conservatives have lost their appetite for funding endless wars—and then chides them for not supporting endless wars. We have to support Ukraine. We have to support Israel.

It’s as if we have a moral obligation to do so, and anyone who doesn’t fall in line with that perspective is a pacifist. Well guess what? There’s the wedge. Why would we, when our country is weak and on the verge of bankruptcy, keep printing money, depleting our national defense, and shipping insane amounts of weapons to the Middle East? Is there no rational case against such insanity?

Does this not exponentially increase the likelihood of attacks against American citizens? Say, from one or more of the millions of military aged men from hostile nations that have been allowed to stroll across the southern border and set up shop in the heartland? Shouldn’t securing our own border—i.e. defending our national sovereignty—be a much higher priority than securing every other country on the planet?

If there was any moral obligation for Americans to go to war, shouldn’t it be against the forces that are working so boldly to destroy the United States right here at home?

Anyone who believes that America’s interests are best protected by funding and fueling endless wars on multiple fronts in far off lands, is drinking the Kool-Aid.

Yes, there is a time for war. Yes, sometimes that war happens on foreign soil.

But no, American conservatives are not wrong for wanting to reign in the war machine. They are not wrong for wanting to prioritize protecting our own nation before we get on with protecting others. And, they are not wrong for pointing out that these reckless escalations pose a dire threat to the future of our nation.

As a nation, we are weak, vulnerable, and divided. We need to get our house in order before we get sucked into any more wars—but alas, I highly doubt that will happen.

On the issue of Donald Trump being used as a bludgeon, it is important that we step outside our own little bubbles and attempt to see the world through the eyes of those who loathe him. We need most especially to see the man through the eyes of the conservatives who loathe him. It’s not just the RINOs, the Deep State, and the neocon war hawks who hate Donald Trump, it’s all the Republicans who have been saturated in the relentless propaganda campaign against him.

To many people, Donald Trump is tainted goods. There are many conservatives who, though they may like the guy and they may vote for the guy, believe that there are so many forces stacked up against him, Trump getting reelected is only going to lead to another four years of absolute chaos. Do you think everyone who hates Donald Trump—on the left and right—is going to just let him walk back into the White House and actually “drain the swamp”?

As nice as that sounds, it strikes me as more of a fairy tale than anything else. Do I want that to happen? Of course I do. That would be the ideal, fairy tale ending. But do I think there is any chance of that actually happening? No, personally I do not.

I do think Trump is likely to get reelected. I will be voting for him, for a third time. It is my sincere conviction that he is a) the overwhelming choice of the majority of Americans who are desperately trying to save our nation; and b) probably the very best man for the job, at this stage in the game, given his momentum in the primaries.

At this point, it’s not just about me and my opinion. The people have spoken. Trump’s the man. Even Snoop Dog now says he has “nothing but love and respect” for Trump. Considering that’s an article being put out at (a flagship establishment rag), it strikes me as odd that people inside the beltway are being pelted with this story to start the week. It’s another peculiar pattern, one that lends credence to the wild speculation that it may be Trump who’s being used as a Trojan Horse.

If that seems unthinkable to you, think about it: Could the Deep State be using the election of Donald Trump to provoke a hung election and a civil war? You bet.

But let’s just be brutally honest: there’s no way in hell to know for sure.

So, we’ll sit and wait, with bated breath, to see what the next election brings.

In the meantime, our country will continue its steep decline, and the great manipulators, the wizards behind the curtain, the secret cabal who all but owns American politics, along with their useful stooges in the political establishment, are going to continue to sow division in every way they can.

Which brings us to religion and the Republican Party platform.

You might not want to hear this, but it desperately needs to be said:

We are not a religious nation.

To quell any howls of protest, I’d point directly to the fact that religious observation, specifically church attendance, has been and continues to be falling off a cliff.

The wise will face this sobering fact head on:

Despite what anyone may want to believe about America being a “Christian nation,” the truth is that we absolutely are not a Christian nation. Just look around.

Are all of these people walking away from the church not still Americans as well?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s a reality that cannot be denied.

Fewer people go to church and identify as Christian than ever before. Practically speaking, that means MILLIONS of Americans, millions upon millions of liberty loving Americans who salute the flag, cherish the Constitution, and want to preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations, are absolutely NOT religious in nature.

That’s huge.

Moreover, the vast majority of these agnostic, atheist, or religiously unaffiliated voters—who should rightly be considered the staunchest allies of so-called Christian conservatives—are fundamentally averse to mixing religion with politics. The most poignant point of contention here, is the Republican’s stubborn anti-abortion stance.

How can one defend individual liberty and self-sovereignty, while simultaneously denying a woman the right to choose what she does with her body? The two stances are incongruent and incompatible. That is the hallmark of cognitive dissonance, and it just might prove to be the death blow to the Republican Party.

If you are morally opposed to abortion, great. Do something about it. Join up with an anti-abortion group. Picket in front of clinics. Offer counseling. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel at peace about it.

Just don’t try to shove your opinion down everyone else’s throat, and realize that trying to politically impose your will upon millions of people who MORALLY DISAGREE is a recipe for disaster—especially when millions of those people would rather be an ally than an enemy in this fight for the fate of our nation.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, if you think it through. One sticky, emotionally charged issue can put millions of Americans bitterly at odds. The self-righteousness is palpable. The smug sense of moral supremacy is repugnant. The arrogance is astounding. While most conservatives would be quick to chalk these traits up as characteristics of the progressive left, very few can see the reflection in the mirror.

And that’s why this issue is so effective as a wedge.

And that’s why headlines like these are so deeply disturbing:


Can these people not see the problem with identifying themselves as God’s Army? Do they not realize that every jihadist on the planet also believes themselves to be fighting in God’s Army? Has history taught us nothing?!

Friends, if you find yourself cheering for, or feeling the pull to join “God’s Army”—please do yourself a favor, and pray about it, fervently. Ask God for a great big, crystal clear, undeniable sign that even your most skeptical friends could recognize. And then, while you are waiting for this sign, contemplate the fact that every person who has ever been radicalized to strap a bomb on their body, kamikaze their plane, and slaughter innocent people in the name of “God” has felt the exact same way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Christians standing up and fighting for our great nation. I fully recognize that for many people, their faith in God is a source of hope, strength, and the courage required to make a stand. I am not disparaging to dismissing the value of faith.

I’m simply warning against making a predictable mistake.

We need more people of faith to step up—just not like this.

If we allow the liberty movement to be divided along religious lines, if we accept that this battle for the hearts and minds of America is some sort of Holy War, we’ve already lost. There’s not a snow ball’s chance in hell that our country is going to stand united on a religious platform that more than half the country rejects.

Wishing otherwise is foolish, and it plays right into the enemy’s lies.

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