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Globalists Plot to Reduce the Human Population to Better Maintain Control

Globalists Plot to Reduce the Human Population to Better Maintain Control

They have big plans for dealing with all the excess peasants... but how will they get people to accept it?

(Originally posted June 27, 2023 as TR 395 - WEF Says More Stick, Less Carrot)

It’s ironic really, that the global elites have openly declared that China is the role model for the world, and that they are currently gathered in China discussing the need to use “more stick” and less carrot in order to force the entire world into compliance with their radically unscientific environmental agenda.

Their title says it all: How to Stay Within Planetary Boundaries – Carrot or Stick?

From the description:

“The increasing impact of human activities continues to do irreversible harm to the shared resources our lives depend on: from the air we breathe to the soil where we grow our food, to the fresh water that sustains our health and the habitats that support a rich variety of life.

What is needed to effectively change course to a net-zero, just, safe and healthy future and induce desirable behavior and practices – carrots or sticks?”

Before we dig into this, let me just offer a top line analysis:

  • The idea that scientists agree on any so-called “planetary boundaries” is hogwash. This term is as arbitrary and subjective as the junk science behind the Limits to Growth, which the WEF and the Club of Rome have long used to justify their desire to depopulate the planet. This is the root of the anti-human agenda.

  • Human activities, they claim, are doing “irreversible harm to the shared resources our lives depend on.” This too is nice sounding gibberish. Irreversible harm? Says who? Perhaps they have never seen the scientific projections in the Life After People series? Also: the “shared resources” language encodes the socialist principles that imply the need for state control of the means of production.

  • In a similar fashion, positioning so-called “net-zero” as the only viable solution is just a thinly veiled power grab. In other words, strict government control over our lives is necessary for a “just, safe, and healthy future”—based on their bogus notion of removing enough CO2 from the atmosphere to offset human activity.

As I’ve said many times before, the environmental agenda is the “One Agenda to Rule Them All,” and the merging of public health and planetary health (which was catalyzed by covid) is a central component of the Great Reset. In all reality, this is the mental framework to justify enslaving humanity in an inescapable global surveillance state, under the auspice of saving the planet, in the name of the greater good.

There are two things here that are important to point out: 1) These people actually believe they have to take drastic action to save the planet; and 2) They are successfully convincing the masses that they have to take drastic action to save the planet.

They’ve been conditioning the public to accept this insanity for several generations.

This particular aspect of the globalist agenda has been decades in the making. At this point, the green agenda is driving public policy at every level of government all around the world. It is also driving corporate policy and directing the flow of money straight into the coffers of the global elite. This forms a circular pattern of influence that further consolidates power and control into the hands of the sociopathic “secret cabal,” who believe they “just don’t need” the majority of the human population.

Lest we forget:

“Fast forward to the 21st century, and we just don’t need the majority of the human population.”WEF speech in Davos.

The WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions—aka “Summer Davos” in China—is where the elites are discussing the need to use “more sticks” and less carrots. Obviously, the carrot and stick phrase refers to rewards and punishments. This phrase was first used by socialists, then by the Nazis, which prompted Winston Churchill to pen the words, “by every device from the stick to the carrot, the emaciated Austrian donkey is made to pull the Nazi barrow up the ever steepening hill.”

Richard Acland is credited with using the phrase in the British House of Commons in 1920. This man is a fascinating character, a high-brow socialist reformer who wrote extensively on societal evolution and a new international order. His books offer great insight into the globalist mindset, for anyone interested in digging deeper:

With regards to the formation of the 1920 League of Nations, Acland writes:

“How can we persuade humanity to accept the whole of our plan?”

He was a visionary thinker, albeit hopelessly lost in his own mental world, as all socialists are. He fails to reconcile his grand visions for common ownership at the international level, with the factual facets of human nature that inevitably stump such schemes. Nevertheless, he was an advocate of using more carrot than stick, precisely because the peasants are so wholly incapable of doing what is in their own best interest—let alone act in the best interest of the collective common good.

He also believes that over time, the masses could be persuaded and taught to identify as international citizens—adopting the cosmopolitan perspective—via intentional education in “internationalism” and other educational experiments. The overlap between his thinking, the modern “progressive” education system, and the UN’s broader Adaptation Agenda are remarkable, offering a prime example of the infectious ideology that continues to permeate the global elite to this day.

And just to demonstrate how front and center these concepts are today, consider this screenshot from the World Health Organization’s website this morning:

Together, the WHO and the Global Citizen organization are undertaking “global advocacy initiatives to advance the priorities and objectives of WHO’s Thirteenth General Programme of Work (GPW13) and the health-related aims of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and other activities focused on health equity, addressing the deep interconnectedness between climate change and health, and related subjects.”

Herein we see the effort to persuade everyone on the planet to accept the whole of their plan. Note the “deep interconnectedness between climate change and health,” as this is their key to duping the masses, especially nationally and locally elected leaders.

Which brings us back to the WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC), and their discussion on using the stick to beat humanity into compliance. The AMNC is supposedly squaring off with The Existential Fight to Restore Nature by making this absolutely farcical claim:

“As humanity’s resource use continues to surpass planetary boundaries, wildlife populations have declined by an average 69% in the past 50 years, about 40% of global land is degraded and the equivalent of 27 football fields of trees is cut down every minute.”

What are they saying here?

They are saying that life as we know it, life as it is right now, “continues to surpass planetary boundaries.” There’s those invisible boundaries again. Evidently we’re blowing right past them, and apparently we have been for years. How terrible!

Can you imagine the horror of it all?

Wildlife populations have declined 69% in the past 50 years!

~cue the record scratch!~

Who the hell believes this crap? Does anyone honestly believe that 7 out of 10 wild animals have died in the last 50 years? It’s utterly ridiculous, BUT THEY BELIEVE IT!

Now, put the emphasis on the restore part of that title—to restore nature—and here we find the justification for government control over all of the land. To restore nature, they have to control nature. More specifically, to restore nature they have to keep human beings away from nature.

This serves two purposes: 1) to keep people ignorant to the vastness of the natural world; and 2) to keep people ignorant to the realities of nature. Both are necessary to keep people domesticated enough to accept their servitude in the techno-dystopian hell they call Future Earth.

This too we’ve discussed at length:

Math matters.

I’d like to wrap this up by demonstrating just how warped this entire mindset is. The entire environmental agenda is entirely detached from reality. The only people who believe the BS are the useful idiots and the brainwashed morons who lack the intelligence or curiosity to ask even the most basic questions.

Is the world really overpopulated? Isn’t it fair to ask?

Let’s consider the population density of say the top ten urban densities in the world:

The math looks like this:

Average urban density = 21,312 people per square kilometer.

Running a quick conversion = 55,197 people per square mile.

For the record, there are 268,596 square miles in the state of Texas.

Times that by 55,197 people/sq.mi. (average density) = 14,825,693,412

That means Texas could theoretically fit almost 15 billion people.

The current human population is only = 8,041,135,179 (~8 billion).

Tell me about over population again?

From a different angle:

Total # of people / Average urban density = Total space needed.

8,041,135,179 people / 55,197 people/sq.mi. = 145,680.65 square miles

That means you need ~145,680 square miles to fit every person on the planet at average urban density.

That would only take up about half of the state of Texas (54.2%).

And that still leaves plenty of room for crops.

What’s the lesson here?

The global elites want total global control and they are lying through their teeth to achieve it. Thus, as we ignorant peasants seek to remind our enlightened leaders that we want to live free and be left alone, it might be high time we use a little more stick.

And we could tell them we’re just following their example.


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