TR 296 - Is China Spying on Us?Listen now (20 min) | That's really a stupid question. Just saying.
TR 295 - Sock Puppets, Crack Pipes, & Hookers Listen now (20 min) | Lining out the facts about the latest corruption and looking into the great unknown.
Drawing upon the thousands of hours of research behind The Torch Report, and after spending the last month obsessing over the completion of this…
TR 294 - Commies, Comics, & Pure CoincidenceListen now (29 min) | You're going to love this -- unless you're a commie.

January 2023

TR 293 - The Lunacy of 5th Generation WarfareJetzt anhören (22 min) | There are a great number of people who are no longer tethered to reality, and it's not by accident.
TR 292 - Wisdom for The Hard TimesListen now (19 min) | Taking a look at what is, at what's coming, and what inevitably must be.
Link to the 1hr radio broadcast, airing 1pm - 2pm PST -- plus a secret message and a bonus picture of your favorite ignorant peasant!
TR 291 - The Hard Truth about Donald TrumpListen now (22 min) | Like him, love him, or loathe him, these are the things we all need to consider.
TR 290 - Time to Take Off the GlovesListen now (22 min) | Enjoy this punishing analysis of the mainstream narrative.
TR 289 - WATCH OUT: It's a Jungle Out There!Listen now (20 min) | How do we decipher the mixed signals flooding into any given moment? Here's how.
TR 288 - Mathematx, Antifa, & "The Fart of a Dog"Listen now (26 min) | What can we learn from the brazenly bizarre behavior of lamebrained liberals?
TR 287 - The Rise of Global Democracy?Listen now (24 min) | Let me explain very clearly why what they are selling is NOT what it seems.