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TR 573 - The Globalists' Vision for 2050 is Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes

TR 573 - The Globalists' Vision for 2050 is Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes

As the dominoes continue to fall, we need to fix our gaze on the end game.

Don’t blink.

Chronicling the precipitous decline of the United States was never something I intended to do. Prior to the pandemic, I tipped my hat to the pundits who were calling out the play-by-play of the daily political circus, and it always seemed like the craziness was getting worse, but honestly, I never would have imagined how bad it is. As an optimist, it’s hard to admit that things are actually worse than they seem.

Now, having been steeped in the insanity of it all for the last few years, having honed in on the threat of weaponized AI being used to systematically reprogram the peasants to trust their masters, as well as the globally orchestrated efforts to fundamentally transform the United States as another failed socialist experiment, it’s hard not to harden my heart, get jaded, and want to tune out.

It’s hard not to succumb to stress and delusions brought about by the relentless onslaught of propaganda and psychological warfare. Everywhere I look I see deception and lies. I see distractions and political circus. And most disturbingly, despite seeing plenty of people entertained and enthralled by it all, there is a much larger cohort who seem oblivious, as if they don’t really give a damn.

It’s the apathy that pains me more than anything.

Dare I concede that there is little hope of escaping the clutches of global tyranny without a fight? So many people seem to be just waiting for the next “shot heard around the world,” for the fighting to start, for the grid to go down, or what have you. Those who are wide awake to the threats that beset us are generally stocked, locked, and loaded, and now they await for the grand unraveling.

The angle I’ve been hammering on lately is the need to lift the gaze, to understand that the unraveling is being orchestrated, that our options for response are limited, and that the enemy has war gamed virtually every possible contingency using super computers and artificial intelligence that knows us better than we know ourselves.

Thus, while it’s true that we may have to fight, it would be foolish to think for a second that a brief rebel uprising would do anything but cause all hell to rain down upon those who were brave enough to stand up. That’s the kind of battle the enemy wants, and I contend this is what they’ve been trying to lure patriots into for years.

I also believe that’s what the “hung election and civil war” predictions are all about, as well as the suspicious timing of the new Civil War movie that’s being released later this month. All signs point toward orchestrated chaos—and yet, and yet, what if it never happens? What if all the emotional priming was just that: emotional priming?

What if the puppet masters were just whipping people into a frenzy, priming minds on both sides to entertain the thought of slaughtering their perceived enemies?

With everyone jazzed up and ready to roll (at least in their own minds), what happens if all of a sudden the grid goes down, the lights go out, the pumps stop pumping, and the nation is plummeted back into the dark ages? In a short period of time, all hell would break loose, a la Haitian style—and then what?

Everyone’s worst fears would come true. And then what?

How long would it go on? If somewhere out of the darkness a civil war did break out, how long would it last? Once the dominoes start falling, how long before the chaos engulfed your hometown? How long do you think you could go before desperation set in, before you’d be willing to do anything to escape the madness of it all?

While it’s possible to contemplate such things for ourselves, I believe we’d be wise to also contemplate how other people might fair in this situation—because that’s where the real problems will arise. Sure, you’re stocked up and you’ve got plenty of ammo to defend your goods—but you have to sleep sometime, and if you were surrounded by a gang of a few dozen desperate and starving people who were ready to kill you and take your stuff, chances are you wouldn’t last long.

But come on, what are the chances of that ever actually happening? There have been plenty of books and movies that portray this sort of scenario, and we’ve seen it play out in other places around the world, but could it ever really happen right here in the good old U.S. of A.? Of course it could.

As previously discussed, you may recall the importance of believing impossible things.

Anything is possible, however, over the last two years and 438 reports my perspective on all of this has changed. I’ve often said we cannot comprehend life from a fixed point of view, precisely because everything is always changing, and as new information becomes available and personal reflections refine my perspective, I’ve come to see things from a slightly different angle.

I acknowledge the very real possibility of all of the above happening at any point, and I’d like to think I’m prepared accordingly, but I’m also aware that there’s something else going on here. It’s the slow roll of insanity that I’ve talked so much about—the fact that the enemy is playing for keeps, but they are also playing the long game.

Right now, we’re dealing with things that were set in motion decades ago. Furthermore, the “secret global cabal” is currently plotting out the year 2050 and beyond. Just to emphasize the point, take a look at these top search results:

Running a quick search, we see the U.S., the WEF, the UN, and the EU all have their plans for 2050 already in place. What’s more, the World Business Council has their plan for 2050, as does the website and tens of thousands of other government agencies, nonprofits, and NGOs.

Do you think that’s just a coincidence?

If you were to click through and read any or all of those strategic plans, you’d notice immediately that there is familiar language being used throughout. This passage from the World Business Council—comprised of over 200 international CEOs—provides a perfect example:

“The world faces three critical challenges: the climate emergency, nature loss and mounting inequality. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated that these challenges are interconnected, and that our systems are ill-prepared for shocks.

The vision and transformation pathways are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets of the Paris Agreement. Each of the nine transformation pathways contains ten action areas for the decade ahead, designed to help companies drive transformative change in their strategies, business operations and impact on society.

While business can take a leading role, it must work on and design systems transformations, together with scientists, policy makers, financiers and investors, innovators and consumers. Only collaboration at unprecedented levels will create the impact and speed needed to achieve all people living well within planetary boundaries by 2050.”

If you break it down and take them at their word, it’s all right there. These so-called “transformation pathways” are being driven by strategies for “systems transformations” that were designed by the architects of the pandemic and the Great Reset. What’s more, this same template of thinking now proliferates the vision and strategies of corporations and governments all around the world.

So, we have a hung election and a civil war. Then what?

The grid goes down because of a cyberattack. Then what?

We’re all plunged into darkness by a nuclear war. Then what?

The cabal keeps marching on, that’s what.

The massive shift in demographics continues, the Adaptation Agenda begins to bear its fruit over the next few elections, and pretty soon everywhere we look everyone seems to be on board with this radical fanatical socialist fantasy called Future Earth. American school kids are taught the horrors of their racist, capitalist, imperialistic past, and they are led daily in a collective pledge of allegiance to the earth.

Courtesy of the Universalist Unitarian Association:

I pledge allegiance to the earth and all life

I pledge allegiance to the earth and all life:
the fields and streams, the mountains and seas,
the forests and deserts, the air and soil,
all species and reserves, habitats and environments;
one world, one creation, one home, indivisible for all,
affected by pollution anywhere, depleted by any waste,
endangered by greedy consumption, degradation by faithlessness;
preserved by recycling, conservation, and reverence,
the great gift renewed for all generations to come.
protected, preserved by reducing, reusing, recycling.
With conservation and reverence,
the great gift renewed for all generations to come.

Can’t you just feel the love?

Today, another barge has crashed into another bridge—the second in a week. We’re being told that Joe Biden is somehow making a comeback, even after displacing Easter with an utterly despicable Transgender Day of Visibility. Some jackass set an entire trailer full of Bibles on fire, and Christian conservatives are lamenting the fact that America is in Moral Freefall.

We’ve got some brain-dead judge in Texas ordering the release of criminals who were just rioting and overrunning National Guard troops at the southern border. We’ve got city officials in Denver offering to bus these criminals anywhere they want to go, because they too are being overrun by hordes of illegal immigrants.

This is all part of a plan that’s been in motion for decades—though most people still remain clueless to that fact—and if you were to read the White House’s strategic vision for 2050, you’d realize there’s a lot more of this in store for us, because all of this illegal immigration is being driven by climate change. That’s their story.

It’s maddening, isn’t it? They want you to get mad. They’ve calculated the odds and figure that you’ll get pissed for a minute, but ultimately do nothing about it.

It’s all mixed up and backwards. It’s an inversion of reality. On the one hand, it seems like pure lunacy, but on the other, it’s happening, and it’s moving along according to plan. Thus, while the majority of liberty loving Americans are holed up waiting for the end of the world, the enemies of freedom continue to advance on all fronts.

It should go without saying that this is a losing strategy. Sure, red-blooded patriots may be able to kick some ass in a fire fight—but then what? Then what?!

Stay wise friends, this war is far from over. If we want to win in the end, we’re going to have to use our words to win more hearts and minds. There is no other way.


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