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TR 599 - Sacred Rage, Sensitive Fools, & the Value of Paying Attention

TR 599 - Sacred Rage, Sensitive Fools, & the Value of Paying Attention

Exposing the "rigorous rules" that are controlling human behavior.

Pay attention.

Those are strong words, aren’t they?

For me, those words take me back to childhood days, when the mind was adrift while some adult was trying to tell me something or another… you know the experience.

Pay attention.

Sometimes, as an adult, I find myself telling myself that. PAY ATTENTION. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t let the distractions have their way with your mind—c’mon Luke, you know better than that—pay attention, damn it man!

Centuries of study into human psychology has proven conclusively that some words grab our attention more than others. If you’d like to brush up on the science of it all, the World Economic Forum has distilled it into “7 scientifically proven ways to capture someone’s attention.”

I’ll leave it to your imagination why the WEF might be interested in the science of mental capture, but suffice it to say they’ve studied it in depth. In fact, the global cabal has been cherry-picking the brightest minds for more than a century, channeling their most productive years of research into understanding precisely how to capture and control the masses with little more than images and words.

That’s why they confidently call us “hackable animals.”

There has been an interesting vein in my research lately, tracing the lines of mathematical theory as it merged into early computer engineering. It occurred to me, as I was wading through the procession of thought, that what they were attempting to do was replicate the way the brain works.

To do so, they first had to map it out. By taking a “cross-sectoral” approach and pulling from long-established fields of psychology and mathematics, the pioneers of computer science were able to intuit incredibly sophisticated models that captured the essence of our thinking process, albeit in rudimentary form.

Perhaps the most fascinating read I came across in all of this was the work of prodigy John von Neumann, who, among his many remarkable achievements, designed a “self-replicating machine” in the 1940s, and spelled it out in great detail in his seminal work, Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata, published in 1966.

He was inspired by the process of natural selection in biological organisms, how it was that our DNA could carry out the instructions to self-replicated into the intricate complexities that form our bodies. This was one very smart dude.

“Von Neumann was a child prodigy who at six years old could divide two eight-digit numbers in his head and converse in Ancient Greek.”

What blew me away, as I was looking into all of this, was the precision—the mathematical precision—with which von Neumann was able to map out human behavior by analyzing it as a complex system of equations.

How all of this relates to the topic of today—pay attention—is that this brilliant man was able to work out the “rigorous rules that control the behavior of U”… and you should read that as “the rules that control the behavior of YOU.”

If you are curious about these rules that control how you behave, page 145 in Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata spells it all out in perfectly clear English:

One need not make sense of the math symbols to grasp the power of this understanding. This is a formula for controlling human behavior.

I’ll admit that’s a pretty drastic truncation, but that’s the bottom line. The reason I’m bringing it up, is because it happens to fall under the section titled, “Sensitized States.” What is implied here, if you were to read through the entire section, is that it is actually these “sensitized states” that control the behavior of U.

Furthermore, these sensitized states were proven, with mathematical rigor, to function in “both natural and artificial” environments—that is, the same equations work whether they are applied to control biological behavior, or the operations of a technological machine, say like a computer or a robot.

In a very real sense, this is the predecessor of the “machine learning” that’s fueling the AI revolution of today. However, that’s not the direction I want to go here.

When you hear the words “sensitized states” what do you think of?

I think of social conditioning.

In my mind, “sensitization” is very closely related to “socialization,” which is nothing less than the “embedded” concepts and socialist principles that lead one toward “pro-social” behavior.

Sorry for all the quotations, but those are all technical terms. Their words, not mine.

As it relates to weaponized AI rewiring the minds of the masses, reduced to the simplest terms, socialist sensitization is the process of conditioning the individual to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the Collective—i.e. on behalf of the greater good.

But even that’s not the direction I’m aiming at here.

When thinking about the global cabal, the goal is always total control.

To achieve total control of all planetary resources, including the means of production and consumption, which they have very detailed strategies to achieve, they must first take control of people’s minds. More specifically, to achieve total top-down global control, they must take control of how our elected leaders think and behave.

How do you suppose they do that?

That’s right, they do this by slow and steady sensitization.

I’ll give you two examples:

  1. The Wasco County Commissioners, in a very rural and predominantly conservative county, just declared a climate emergency. They did so, because the government suggested that the summer forecast was “leaning” toward a little warmer and little drier than average, and that could lead to terrible wildfires.

  2. The Klickitat County Commissioners just ran roughshod over the will of the people who elected them, blindsided the Sheriff’s office, set to breach contracts with several city police departments, and unilaterally announced their intent to close the county jail, because of a supposed “humanitarian crisis.”

Neither decision was made rationally. Logic was in no way involved or applied. These decisions were being driven by emotion. The emotion was being stirred by very specific words—words that the commissioners have, quite unfortunately, been “sensitized” to through repetitious propaganda and sloganizing campaigns.

There are essentially infinite examples of this. The headlines bombard the public psyche with buzzwords relentlessly, around the clock. This is forcefully sensitizing people’s minds and heightening emotional sensitivity, which ultimately displaces logical thinking. That’s the point.

And remember, there is a science to this.

If we consider each emotion to be a different variable in von Neuman’s formula, we can begin to grasp the “rigorous rules” that control the behavior of you and I both. To cast a light more light on the psychological mechanisms being exploited here, consider the application of the knowledge gained through these studies:

Pay attention.

Society is being reshaped all around us by “neuropsychosocial” frameworks that habituate our responses to change. They have studied how to change the probability that we respond, say to news of rampant political corruption, and to what magnitude we might push back, and even how long the outrage might last.

Essentially, by desensitizing us to lawlessness, violations of Constitutional rights and restrictions, and all manners of political chicanery—and simultaneously “sensitizing” us to the warped delusions of mentally ill people—they have successfully created a new, parallel society.

They intend to use the media and algorithms to maintain this new, warped society moving forward. In this newly sensitized civilization, microaggressions abound, offending a lunatics sensitivities is considered hate speech, and the whole entire world is going to burst into flames if we do not immediately bow down to the Climate Cult, swear our allegiance, and sacrifice ourselves for the greater good.

Anyone who refuses to comply is an insensitive brute.

See how nicely that works?

It would be foolish to dismiss the degree to which a great many people—the majority of the population in many places—have already been sensitized in this way. All the while, the public has been systematically desensitized to the insanity of all. You put the lime in the coconut, and shake it all up… and voilà:

Welcome to America.

Not the United States of America.

Not America as founded.

But welcome to the newly sensitized, mamsy-pamsy, pride in depravity, deranged, detached, and utterly degraded Unionized Socialist States of America.

Welcome to the USSA.

Am I being too harsh here?

Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you. Stamp your feet and demand your entitlements NOW. Clap-back at the systemic injustice of misused pronouns. Call out the remaining white people as the vile racists that they are, each and every time they dare to lift their miserable heads.

Burn the Christian insurrections at the stake, just to give them a taste of their own witch burning, crusading, imperialist past. Stone the capitalists in the community square so their shame for raping Mother Earth can be felt far and wide.

Let the sensitivities carry you where they will, shout and screech with rage, cry and convulse, release your inhibitions and inhabit your primal mind—you are a special sort of animal, you are a hackable animal, and you deserve the world that your Enlightened Leaders have created for you.

Your sensitized “sacred rage” is central to revolution.

It’s for the greater good.

While I’m sure you realize I’m being facetious, as the “rage rituals” and daily lunacy firmly attest, the clinical sensitization of humanity has progressed much farther than most people realize. Few understand the reasons why.

By controlling emotions, they control behavior.

In this mixed up crazy world, more so than ever before, you must control your emotions, or they will control you. Pay attention. You are under attack.

The battle is for your mind.

Therefore, RESIST WE MUST!!


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BONUS: Using the Tool of Intelligent Inquiry — (practical tips for mental defense)

How do you know when your mind has been infiltrated? How can you tell when your emotions are being manipulated?

The answer is: by using the Tool of Intelligent Inquiry.

In a nutshell, you have to learn to ask the right questions. Asking yourself questions direction your mental attention and primes the subconsious mind to deliver answers.

You already know more than you think you know. Knowing is not the same thing as thinking, and it’s not the same thing as believing. It’s a seperate faculty altogether.

For practical purposes, and just to giving you a starting point for personal practice, here is a short list of powerful questions you can and should use often, to examine your own mental and emotional state:

  • How am I feeling? And why?

    • Put words to your feelings and emotions, then explore connection between these words and your personal experience. Seek to understand youself at a deeper level. Is this emotion rational and justified? Am I being provoked?

  • Where is my awareness?

    • Am I thinking? Am I listening? Am I feeling a physical sensation, like sun on the skin, or a cool breeze? Where is my awareness? What am I paying attention to? One of the greatest powers we have is directing our own attention, but it only comes by the power of intention.

  • What’s real right now?

    • What’s actually real? Not what I think is real, but what’s really real? Move from macro to micro, or vice versa; from the sun is shining, the moon is out, down to I have ten fingers and toes, for example. Or, my heart is beating, I can still breathe, and there are infinite opportunities and positive possibilities as time unfolds in front of me.

I always end my “what’s real right now” exercise by getting grounded in gratitude. Accept the gift of life just as it is. Get grounded in gratitude, stay rooted in reality, and enjoy the journey. There is so much that is beyond our control, and yet, we have much more control than we think. FACT.

You are an incredibly powerful creature.

Think of this bonus like a little toolkit. You can use it any time you need.

Don’t hesistate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks for being awesome and supporting this publication!



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