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TR 595 - How Insanity Has Been Normalized, and Why

TR 595 - How Insanity Has Been Normalized, and Why

Threading together several loose ends of seemingly inexplicable phenomenon.

It’s strange…

It appears that no matter where we look, the world has gone awry.

Put differently, there appears to be a significant increase in the percentage of the population who are now casually accepting completely batshit crazy behavior, as if being crazy has somehow become normal. Whereas normal people used to mock, scoff, and call out socially unacceptable behavior, ridiculing and rejecting it in the public square, most people now simply walk on by—or worse yet, they celebrate the insanity.

So-called “Pride Month” is chock-full of perfect examples.

Another prime example is the climate crazies gluing themselves to tarmacs, sitting in the middle of traffic, and chaining themselves to trees. The more extreme elements of the Climate Cult are actually trying to block out the sun, suck CO2 out of the atmosphere, and inject thousands of gallons of liquid sodium hydroxide, a component of lye, into the ocean. What could possibly go wrong?

In a bygone era, these people would have been locked up as certifiably insane. But now, this direct tampering with the Earth’s atmosphere is being hailed as “progress” as these lunatics continue their ongoing fight against the invisible enemy they call Climate Change.

As I’ve had to often explain to my offspring, society is sick right now.

The truth is, society has been sick and getting sicker for a really long time. What’s so strange to me is the way in which this sickness has been normalized, to the extent that adhering to natural ways of thinking—for example, that a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and trying to play God never ends well for anyone—is now deemed to be backwards and extremist.

We are mocked, marginalized, and socially ostracized for pointing out the insanity of the strange and deranged humans who cohabitate in our communities. It has become unacceptable to run the lunatics, derelicts, and drug addicts out of town. Now we are supposed to accept them as equals, fund their parasitic lifestyles, and respect their right to vote themselves more and more of our hard-earned money.

The power hungry, money grubbing political class who are enriched by all of this relentlessly prey upon the weak emotions of the lesser endowed, evoking an endless stream of sympathy and do-gooding with sloganizing propaganda, wherein the useful idiots and well-meaning morons are able instantly ascend the social ladder, almost to the level of patron saint, at least in their own feeble minds.

This all results in what is commonly referred to as American Democracy. It’s an unbearable, untenable mess that is rapidly spreading like rot throughout the heart of our once great nation. The insidious seeds of socialism, marxism, and communism—three varieties of the same poisonous apple—are currently yielding a bumper crop.

But alas, I’m getting a little ahead of myself:

How and why has all of this insanity been normalized?

Let’s dig in.

Drawing upon sources unearthed in yesterday’s report, I’d like to take a much closer look at the Politics of Numbers and Normative Agendas, starting with this passage (emphasis added):

“This process of translation takes what might otherwise be highly contentious normative agendas and converts them into formats that gain credibility through rhetorical claims to neutral and technocratic assessment.”

What do we learn here?

We learn that the “process of translation” converts highly contentious agendas into “formats that gain credibility” through so-called “rhetorical claims…” PAUSE.

Allow me the liberty of translating that into plain speak: those pushing these contentious agendas do so by fleecing the public with “rhetorical claims”—i.e. made up mumbo jumbo, legalese, etc.—that lends the appearance of credibility.

This is the classic “baffle them with bullshit” maneuver, it’s just been formalized under the banner of “normative agendas.” Continuing on…

Note that these rhetorical claims are being attached to “neutral and technocratic assessment”—that is, the bullshit is being couched in statistics. The statistics are being intentionally fabricated through “technocratic” assessments.

This is the politics of numbers. It’s circular self-reference at its finest, but it gets even better:

“This politics of numbers has far-reaching ramifications for transnational governance, including the dimensions and effects of indirect power, expertise and agenda-setting, coordination, regulation and certification, and norm contestation and activism.”

Going straight for the throat here, those grasping the full power of normative agendas realize this is a perfect means by which to exert global control—aka “transnational governance.” Here we see the “dimensions and effects of indirect power” being deployed at scale, where global experts concoct their own statistics, then spin up a narrative to normalize their agenda and baffle the people with bullshit. (See also, COVID-19: The Great Reset.)

Unfortunately, by coordinating and controlling the credentialing, regulation, and certification of so-called “experts” in virtually every field, this normative agenda-setting can successfully monopolize the market and unilaterally define The Science—again, based on fabricated statistics and bullshit narrative.

By extension, they control the process of “governance”—which is to say, they control the beliefs and decisions of those in governing positions by persuading them with bullshit statistics that appear to be neutral and legit—which itself has “far-reaching ramifications” for “norm contestation and activism.”

What is this “norm contestation” you might ask?

In simplest terms, we can understand this as “contesting the norms,” but in reality this points toward the science of societal transformation. Take a look at these research papers and you’ll see what I mean:

When I see the word “resiliency,” I think of iterative disruptions, like the pandemic, that force society as a whole to adapt and adopt new norms. When I see theories of “international norm contestation,” I think about how each successive disruption seems to drive convergence up international cooperation.

I think about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

When I see “insights into non-conformity” and how all of this relates to “global governance,” I think about how the enemies of freedom often understand us better than we understand ourselves. It’s disturbing.

There is a science to total global control.

They’ve systematized the dialectical process, and the algorithms have been trained accordingly. That in and of itself is worth sounding the alarm about, but doing so would be an exercise in futility, as clearly no one would listen.

Instead, to bring consideration back to practical, tactical matters, let’s take a look at how the UN is using these methods to advance their overarching global agenda.

An interesting dissertation, titled Identifying and Assessing the United Nations Peacekeeping’s Normative Agenda, shines some light on how long normative agendas have been nudging global affairs, and in which direction (emphasis added):

“Within International Relations, the term normative theory is applied to those theories that do not aim to provide an account of the way the world is but propose, rather, how the world should be, and how it could be improved.

Normative theory stands in opposition to the long-standing realist view that the international system is an amoral domain. It is concerned with the norms of global politics, in particular those norms which pertain to issues of justice, ethics and the underlying assumptions that will serve the greatest common good for humankind.

The resurgence of normative theory into the mainstream of International Relations was coincident with the end of the Cold War and the demise of realism as the predominant paradigm within International Relations.”

In short, normative theories pay no respect to reality, are not concerned with realistic outcomes, or even an accurate account of “the way the world is,” but instead seek to normalize all sorts of insane agendas associated with “issues of justice”—think social justice, environmental justice, etc.—as well as other crackpot concepts lumped into the familiar fantasy, “the greatest common good.”

It’s always for the Greater Good, isn’t it?

We are meant to accept that men can breastfeed, menstruate, and have babies, because it’s for the greater good. We are meant to accept that lazy, entitled, unintelligence people have a right to lay claim to the fruits of our labor, because it’s for the greater good. We being told that hordes of illegal aliens and criminals have the right to vote in our elections, because it’s for the greater good.

We are told to accept the invasion of our country by millions of military aged males who are hostile to American values and our way of life, as if it’s for the greater good. We are told we have a duty to cover our face, breath in a petri-dish, get jabbed with toxic injections, and comply with totalitarian edicts, because it’s for the greater good.

Need I go on?

Pick your social issue, and realize that it’s been normalized using well studied methods. As discussed in many prior reports, this all leads to subconscious taming and the transformation of human consciousness—which is the ultimate subjugation of humanity. This is all rooted in commie tactics, wherein the present controls the past and words have “hidden, higher meaning,” the exact opposite of what’s being said.

Slowly but surely, this is how they’ve normalized insanity. By controlling the language used today, they control society’s understanding of the past, and our outlook on the future. This systematic detachment from reality is precisely why the world has gone mad, because it’s easier to control the people who are confused.

Guard your heart and mind. Reality exists whether they acknowledge it or not.



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