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TR 600 - What the Wise Probably Know, But the World Will Never Tell You

TR 600 - What the Wise Probably Know, But the World Will Never Tell You

This will be like one of those rides where you have to get strapped in tight...

All aboard!!

In the last 942 days, I have researched, written, and recorded 600 reports.

If you’ve been with me, you may recall my surprise learning that in my second year alone, I’d created more content than 95% of creators in the “News” category on Spotify:

The truth is, I’ve been running hard and fast for over two years now, not just researching, writing, and recording the podcasts, but also creating the weekly radio show, engaging in the trenches of local politics, speaking at rallies, zigzagging from coast-to-coast meeting with other grassroots activists, writing a book, tending to the homestead, and watching my family grow up before my eyes.

It’s been a pretty wild ride. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned—only to learn just how much I didn’t know—and still don’t!

This morning, after doing the morning news for the local radio stations, I zipped in to the 76 gas station and corner market to grab my favorite breakfast sandwich, a Monster Sunsrise, and a fistful of 5-Hour Energy drinks. It’s a familiar, friendly place. They know me by name, and I know them.

That’s what I love about Small Town USA.

Being that today is a special sort of Friday, I decided to bring in a flyer and invite the friendly attendants out to the Taco ‘Bout Freedom event that I’ll be speaking at tonight. We chatted for a bit, and they were excited and expected to be there.

Next stop was the hardware store, to see about putting a flyer up on their post-it board. They too were happy to spread the word, put up the flyer and announce the event on their Facebook page. Here’s what the flyer looks like, BTW:

The conversation at the hardware store was awesomely raw, in the most uplifting sort of way. We talked about the no-bullshit situation that our country is in right now, all the way from the commies taking over the world, right down to the fact that the Democrat and Republican Party bosses are BOTH equally corrupt.

Everybody I know, knows that they are in a club, and we’re not in it.

The people at the hardware store were stoked to support me, because they know I’m just a normal guy—their words not mine. I come by all the time all little grubby, scruffy, and rough around the edges. They know that when I’m not reading, writing, or recording, I’m busy working, building things, tearing shit up, and getting stuff done.

They said that what the political establishment needs is a reality check—they needed to hear from more ordinary, every day, hardworking Americans like you and me. They needed to hear about the ridiculous price of groceries, the crippling cost of gas, the astronomical rents and outrageous home prices, and so on.

We talked about how the party bosses needed a reminder that taxation without representation doesn’t work so well, and that we’ve had about enough of them taking our money, spending in on bullshit, and trying to force us into compliance with their insanity.

That ain’t the way that it’s supposed to work.

“That’s not the American way.”

It’s always energizing to hear someone else speaking my language, and I’m sure that goes both ways. They knew they were speaking to a friend and an ally, and they were happy to support my trip to Milwaukee because they know I’m real, they’ve heard me speak, and they know I’ll represent them and their concerns—and they know I’ll do it well.

They know that I’ll speak my mind, that I’m scrappy and I won’t back down, and that I’m not afraid to give ‘em hell if need be. It feels good to be known in this way.

But all that said, honestly, along with the affection I was reflecting on earlier in the week, I feel like those of you who’ve been following along on this learning journey, who’ve been learning with me—some of you since the beginning—those who have endured my rants and many tangents, I feel like you know me in a different sort of way. You know what I know, and perhaps you even know what I don’t know.

You know where my head’s at now, versus all the places it’s been.

BUT, for those new to the crowd, those we are just dipping their toe in the water and starting to wade into the depths of the ongoing conversation here at The Torch Report, I want to take this opportunity to cover a whole lotta content in what, in theory, will be a fun and efficient sort of way.

Today we’re going to take a fast and furious Friday foray, not through the headline news, but through the archives, teasing out the themes and highlights that I feel like best represent what I think matters most. This is the wisdom and information that some of you may know, but that the world simply will not tell you…

In the beginning…

Sprouting out of the pandemic tyranny, The Torch Report began as a humble hometown podcast called “Good Morning Goldendale.” I kept having the same conversations over and over, trying to shine light on what the hell was going on, and I wanted to share what I was learning with everyone in town.

Early reports were along the lines of Understanding Community Spread, how compliance was Desired But Not Required, and How Forced Testing Hurts Kids.

Even in the earliest of days, I was pushing the messages that United We Stand, Divided We Fall, that there’s more that unites us than there is that divides us, as human beings, and the mission-critical value of family and friends and not letting them steal your joy.

We also began, in the earliest stages, to explore the enemy’s end game and ponder what the future may hold, given the radical acceleration of global tyranny.

At that point, things were getting weirder by the day. Back in early 2022 was when I discovered that scientists had developed “virally vectored” self-disseminating vaccines, and that these self-disseminating vaccines could and were being used to spread genetic modifications throughout entire populations of wild animals.

The implications are disturbing, especially given the pandemic and the depopulation agenda.

They had been using this technology to sterilize rats and herds of wild horses—starting back in 2001—and all of this researching was coming out courtesy of DARPA and BARDA. But never you mind all of that, because I was just getting warmed up.

The FunVax project (vaccinating religious fundamentalists), the studies on editing VMAT2, eliminating the God Gene, and other bizarre discoveries from that time frame couldn’t have prepared me for what happened next.


Russia invaded Ukraine, and in an instant everyone seemed to forget everything that had happened in the two years leading up to that moment. It was like someone picked up a remote and changed the channel on the entire public’s psyche.

That was February 2022. At that point, I’d already been calling out the commies, how they were trying to divide and conquer us all, how there were infiltrating Small Town USA, etc. I was also picking up on and exposing patterns in the globalists’ strategies, like the insidious “responsibility to protect,” and trying to keep people’s attention from getting yanked into the whole psyop surrounding the sudden “crisis in Ukraine.”

Ultimately, this led to The Ukraine Special Report, the Ministry of Truth (Disinformation Governance Board), and following the money to Future Earth.

Covid was still a thing, monkeypox had exploded onto the scene, and we were covering a lot of ground, very quickly. Things were happening fast.

Shortly after the Russian invasion, I made my first trip to Washington DC to document the People’s Convoy, and the rest of the year blew past in a blur.

We talked about who was making the rules, the bigger battle of beliefs, and the most infamous “One Agenda to Rule Them All— all in the first 100 reports.

By the end of that first year, I’d started hammering on the need to frame world events through the lens of psyops, how they were re-writing history in real time, and the counterintuitive importance of believing impossible things.

As I’ve poured through the archives today, it feels like everything I’ve learned and written about is just as relevant today as it was two years. The patterns abound. The collective march toward madness continues unabated.

It was July 14, 2022, when I wrote TR 157 - Hackable Animals & The END of Free Will. This was followed a little while later by a report on Lucifer, AI, & the Christian Insurrection—which set the stage for the most popular and listened to podcast of that year: TR 180 - Friends in the Fight for Freedom.

Those reports, in my opinion, slice to the heart of the issues that are being used to divide the liberty movement and turn people against each other. Looking back, as you’ve seen, I’ve been consistent in insisting that there is more that unites than there is that divides us—that united we stand, but divided fall—and I think the reason that episode was so popular was because it resonated with a lot of people.

Not everyone, obviously, but a lot of people.

As I look on toward the National Convention, it feels like these messages are what are vibrating out of my bones. As for all the rest of the learning, for all the mind control, the menticide, and DARPA’s military grade memes; for all of the weaponized AI, the Social Listening, the Sentinel Surveillance, and the Algorithmic Social Interventions; for all the vertical integration and normative agendas; for all that and more, for all the things I’ve studied and learned, at the end of the day, this is all head level knowledge.

It’s important, it’s informative, and it absolutely must be taken into account when attempting to form any sort of effective strategy to defend freedom for future generations—but ultimately, what the wise probably already know and the world will never tell you, is that the only solution lies in bringing people together.

We need not teach so much as we must make people feel.

We mustn’t appeal to the head so much as we appeal to the heart.

We’ve got to get out and talk to people, share our concerns, connect and relate. We need to speak from the heart and convey the message of liberty and justice for all. We need to return, through direct personal interactions, to the fellowship of freedom, to the fellowship afforded by living in a free society.

We need to revive the American Spirit, one backyard BBQ at a time.

People know that something’s wrong. They can feel it deep inside. They know that something has to change, and change quick, or we’re going to end up in a very bad place. This is the energy that must be harnessed to thwart the would-be tyrants.

Most people just don’t know what to do.

But it’s not too late. There’s always hope—we’ve just got a lot of work to do.

Those who’ve been with me may recall I’ve got a P.L.A.N., but I’m going to need some help to make it happen. If you’re interested in helping out, please shoot me an email.

With that in mind, I’m going to take a break from the research for awhile, to focus on moving other things forward. I’ll keep the content coming on the daily, pulling from the archives, and I’ll pick up where I left off when the time feels right.

Until then, and always, remember that resistance is the spice of life.

Therefore: RESIST WE MUST!!


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