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Government Seeks to Monopolize Truth via the National AI Advisory Board

Government Seeks to Monopolize Truth via the National AI Advisory Board

And of course, Big Tech is salivating at the chance to dominate the market.

(Originally published as TR 374 - As The World Slowly Wakes Up, May 26, 2022)


It’s good for you.

Like really good for you.

When you smile—even if you force it—you reap the rewards of releasing endorphins, happy hormones, alleviating stress, reducing blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, increasing endurance, reducing pain, and helping you live a longer and more enjoyable life. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s effective. And, it’s backed by science:

So go ahead, grin a little. Let me see if I can help…

I snapped this shot after I checked into the nicest place I could find in Digha, India:

Along with sporting the fuller beard, I was trying to blend in with the locals and diggin’ the drapes. Curious about the accommodations?

Here’s a shot of my five-star blanket and the view out the window:

I did have to frantically search every shop in town to find some “functional” paper—which turned out to be a bundle of napkins, since nobody knew what toilet paper was—but I was so excited to have a toilet and a hot shower, I really didn’t mind!

Besides that, if I hadn’t been backpacking around and found this plush Michael Jackson suite…

….I might have booked a hotel online and ended up in a less-snazzy place like this:

But even that place was close to the beach! Which was pretty much why I was there. There’s nothing quite as refreshing to my soul as busting out a little yoga by the ocean:

It occurred to me that even just looking at that picture might make a few people’s knees ache. For me, this was sort of a personal celebration of getting a new lease on life. When the VA wanted to amputate my foot, it was yoga that transformed my life—and it wasn’t just the physical part either, it was a mental and emotional transformation as well. I was grateful for having kept my foot and gaining strength and range of motion that I’d never had before, but it was the inner work that really changed my life. More on that in a moment…

But first, let’s get to the news… and don’t forget to smile!

The world is slowly waking up.

I’ve been seeing more and more articles trickling in about the threats of AI being used to systematically seek and destroy any sort of political dissent.

Today, this story popped up over at Fox News:

With just a minor correction — (in reality EVERYONE needs to wake up to the threat of AI wiping out free thought and humanity altogether) — this headline pretty much captures what I’ve been squawking about for months. For the casual Fox News consumer, they’ve reduced it down to five consumable concerns:

  1. Big Tech has a monopoly on “Truth.”

  2. Brainwashing is no longer science fiction.

  3. The GOP is truly the “Grand OLD Party” — implying that they are completely out of touch with the immediacy of this threat, and would rather fund endless wars in far off lands and bicker about the debt ceiling and social security, than realize they are facing imminent extinction if they don’t wise up fast.

  4. Democrats have us where they want us — Biden has already pledged $140 million to establish seven different AI research institutes, and he (his handlers) just created a new National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee to make sure that the government goes more fully woke before it goes more fully broke.

  5. Failure is not an option.

I appreciate that fifth point. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying.

From TR 292 - Wisdom for the Hard Times:

“Hug your loved ones. Pause to appreciate the little things. Accept that what’s happening is truly historic, and in fact entirely horrific, and realize that we are faced with an opportunity to fight for freedom and dignity in this epic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. It is for our loved ones and all the little things, for all the good things in life, that we must rise up and rebel and fight with all our might.

This is our chance. It’s now or never. It’s do or die. The stakes could not be more dire. But even in the midst of the current chaos, even in the face of such daunting odds, life is still good—never lose sight of that fact. And never stop fighting for a future worth having. Never stop resisting the tyranny that is gripping the globe and ripping our country apart.

Failure is not an option.

From TR 352 - Battle for the Soul of America:

“At this point, all of these initiatives, which are Marxist/Socialist/Communist at their core, have been baked into the UN Sustainable Development Goals and myriad international treaties that have cropped up and been driving public policies for the last several decades.

In short, we must teach future generations what it means to be an American. In order to win this battle for the soul of America, we must lead by example.

Failure is not an option.

From TR 372 - Overcoming the Impossible Odds:

“When I was in the army, sometimes things sucked. When things sucked, the phrase we used to power through was, “suck it up and drive on.” Just keep going. Not dead, don’t stop. Failure is not an option. Adapt and overcome. Do whatever it takes. Dig deep, find the inner strength, overcome the pain and adversity, and complete the mission. By embracing hardship in this way, one can develop mental toughness.

And we’re going to need some mental toughness and intestinal fortitude if we are to stand any chance at overcoming the odds and defeating the beast of global tyranny.”

Failure is not an option.

It would be nearly impossible to list every viable threat or the innumerable angles from which our commonsense, our culture, and human decency are under attack. Today’s Deep State has become a modern Gestapo (with remarkable similarities). Our government has become weaponized against the people. To this end, Victor Davis Hanson offers an excellent summary of the most recent deepstate shenanigans, detailing how they’ve pushed the envelope of lawlessness to unprecedented levels.

Opening with a straightforward assertion that the Left is waging a full-fledged Maoist Cultural Revolution, and documenting the large swaths of cultural destruction that are rapidly spreading all across the country, Hanson ends with this:

All these implosions are not just shocking but surreal. Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide - to the delight of our enemies like Communist China?”

He sees it happening, but he can’t believe it’s happening. He wants to know why it’s happening. Why is the government, corporations, and pop culture colluding in a mass suicide? It’s simple. They’ve been infected. They suffer from an “infected perception,” to use the words of CISA Director Jen Easterly, as we were discussing yesterday.

Mr. Hanson may or may not realize this. He correctly points out that all of this benefits our communist enemies, but fails to connect with the point that China has been hailed as the role model for the world. Thus, while his astute analysis shatters the illusion that everything is hunky-dory on the home front, it lacks a full synthesis of the overarching, underlying, and currently manifesting globalist agenda.

It’s not just “why are all these crazy things happening?”—that’s fairly easy to explain once we understand memetics, mental warfare, and algorithmic manipulations—it’s really a question of: “to what ends?” The corruption is clearly intentional, as is the public manipulation and skyrocketing mental health crisis, but where are they going will all of this? Where is all of this insanity leading us?

The answer is Future Earth, via The Great Reset, courtesy of the global cabal.

But, even though many people are slowly waking up to the fact that something—many things actually—seem to have gone horribly awry, there are still very, very, few people who are keen to the broader agenda and the sophisticated methods that are being used to institute centralized global governance and the New World Order.

Humanity is being peacefully enslaved by machines, the majority of minds have already been captured, and most people haven’t even got a clue as to what’s happening… but that’s okay… it’s Friday, and we’ve got plenty of reasons to smile!

I mean c’mon! The world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but at least you’re not having a bad hair day, right?!

Peace comes from inside.
Joy comes from a smile.
Sit and appreciate being.
Breathe like it’s been awhile.

It’s [the Summer Solstice] weekend. Enjoy it.

Tell everyone you know that “the commies are taking over the world!”

And don’t forget to smile!


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