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TR 578 - MAGA Melts Down Over "Corset Not Required"... Trump Picks up the Tab

An eclectic reflection on today's political circus, from the global to the local level.

Well, well, well… what have we here?

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that millions of people believe a) Biden is beating Trump in the majority of polls, b) he’s clearly the favorite to win, and c) Republicans are panicking about a so-called MAGA Meltdown.

Now, aside from being a catchy pejorative, from whence doth this term “MAGA Meltdown” come from? Where might one have heard that term before?

Anyone? Bueller?

Running a quick search reveals the following top three results:

Noting all three of the top search results are directing traffic to unabashedly liberal sources (and what that does to warp the fabric of society), I’d like to also point out that the link at the top of the Drudge Report goes to this article over at Axios:

My take on the Johnson situation is much like my take on the McCarthy situation. When a few plucky junior members of congress get the bold notion that they were elected to hold the establishment’s feet to the fire, to keep the corrupt two-party system accountable to the United States Constitution, they rock the boat.

Rocking the boat is heavily frowned upon, up on the Hill.

On Capitol Hill, the status quo reigns supreme.

Thou shalt NOT rock the boat!

The same holds true on the local level, as city councilors and county commissioners are pressured in a similar fashion to endorse the status quo, seek not to rock the boat, and simply “go along to get along” on any given issue. Truth be told, this is a predictable pattern of human nature that reaches as far back as time itself.

Contention is uncomfortable, and most people avoid it like the plague!

But here I must depart from my keyboard and roll the B-grade video… I’m all out of time for typing, but I still have more things to say!

We’ll pick up with this…


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