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TR 541 - How Strategic Interaction Can Pry Power From the Corrupt Ruling Class

TR 541 - How Strategic Interaction Can Pry Power From the Corrupt Ruling Class

When leaders betray the people, there are limited options for regaining control.

Moves & Counter-Moves.

We awaken today to news that Republicans have sided with Democrats (again) to protect the utterly disgraced Alexjandro Mayorkas from being impeached over his open facilitation of the southern invasion, to Nikki Haley’s comical defeat by “none of these candidates” in the Nevada primary, and the reassuring announcement that Trump’s “friend” Ronna McDaniel is officially resigning as head of the Republican National Committee—along with RNC Chief of Staff Mike Reed.

There is clearly a shake up and dissention in the ranks.

Party bosses want to prop-up a deep state Trojan Horse, Nikki Haley, but the voters are having none of it. Voters want to get rid of the deep state commie hacks who are viciously undermining our Constitution and national security, but the party bosses are having none of it. The result appears to be a stalemate, hence the change in leadership.

Barring any major breakthroughs, I would not expect much to change.

The reality we must face, as conservatives, is that while Republican bosses have been spending donations on floral arrangements, office supplies, and limousines, the DNC has poured their war chest into novel projects like voter file maintenance, Get Out The Vote texting campaigns, and supporting their local parties at the state level.

Is it any wonder why Democrats keep winning the ground game? Is there any great mystery as to why voters feel disenfranchised with the Republican Party?

More important: is there any hope of salvaging the putrid carcass of our once admirable and honorable political institutions?

Last night, I was discussing this exact issue with a group of concerned citizens. The general sense of the majority is that our political institutions have been poisoned and corrupted beyond repair. The rot and decay, the lies and deceit, the toeing the line of the status quo and doing the bidding of the deep state—these are the tell-tale signs that America’s political class has no intentions of making a course correction.

The result is a sense that there’s nothing we can do to fight back against the political machinery that’s being used to extract donations and votes from conservative voters, all the while steamrolling them on policy preference and candidate choice. It should go without saying, but this is a recipe for disaster. Play this out and liberty will lose.

I’ve made the point before that the Left moves in lockstep, while the Right gets disjointed over petty issues. It’s not that there is no division on the Left—there’s plenty—it’s just they are more inclined to fall in line and vote for Joe, or whoever the party props up, because they are better conditioned to do what they’re told.

On the Right, there is more of a rebellious streak, more independent thinkers, and more of a willingness to flip the bird to the party bosses and simply walk away. It’s as if to say, “Screw you, I’m taking my vote, and I’m going home. I’m done supporting this bullshit!” But woe to those who do—that’s exactly what they want you to do!

No friends, as I was articulating last night, if we intend to stand and fight, we absolutely must not disengage in our moments of disenchantment. We must press into the political process, become more civically engaged, and convince our neighbors to do the same. Not only is this the most practical action we can take, it is a tactical maneuver as well. This is how we build strong communities with solid leadership.

As Teddy Roosevelt said in his famous speech The Duties of American Citizenship:

“The people who say that they have not time to attend to politics are simply saying that they are unfit to live in a free community. Their place is under a despotism…

The first duty of an American citizen, then, is that he shall work in politics.”

Applying this mentality to the current political circus, if we want to see changes in how our country or our communities are being run, we need to be the change, or at least help facilitate it. Running for office, volunteering to support a candidate, talking with neighbors about upcoming votes, these are all very productive, despite being rather unglamorous.

Furthermore, regarding the entrenched party apparatus that seems to be thwarting the will of the people at every turn, this too can be overcome by direct personal engagement—but only if there are enough people engaged in the process. At the end of the day, the only way to win the games that are being played is to recruit more people to join us in the fight, and train them to fight in a way that helps “our” side win.

It is possible. We can win.

Believing anything different is about as worthless as tits on a boar hog.

While bringing these points up in last night’s conversation, one gentleman asked the sentient question: Who are we fighting against, really? Who’s the enemy here?

The enemy is an idea.

In fact, the “enemy” is actually an entire army of ideas.

The idea that our votes don’t matter, for example, is an enemy idea. The idea that there is nothing we can do to stop what’s happening, is an enemy idea. The idea that us versus them means Republicans versus Democrats, is an enemy idea.

Similarly, the assumption that the state has supreme authority over our lives, or the suggestion that being a good citizen means paying taxes and doing what you’re told, these positions also represent enemy ideas. Global democracy, seductive socialism, and the egregious myth of equality are also ideas that are enemies to freedom.

What comes clear when we begin to identify the enemy in this way, is that while we are undoubtedly fighting our enemies on multiple fronts, these ideas inherently inhabit the minds of people we meet throughout each day. People in the local community, people in your circle of family and friends, people anywhere and everywhere are carrying these infectious ideas, often times without realizing it.

This is how memetics and mental warfare works, in real terms. Propaganda promotes an infectious idea, that idea gets passively accepted, and then it comes out in conversations—at just the right time—in an effort to convert the nonbelievers, change people’s minds, and assimilate individual thinking into a “collective” perspective.

This is why we must be mindful of the military grade memes used against us.

When we consider the strategies of the enemy—namely to infect people with delusional ideas that are completely detached from reality—we mustn’t lose sight of the fact the people being infected are still human beings. It may seem like they’ve become brainwashed mindless drones, and many have, but underneath their hypnotic delusions, is still a living, breathing human being.

Keeping this in mind, at all times, we can gain awareness of the various access points for meaningful conversation, which is a crucial element of any winning strategy. It is impossible for us to compete with the algorithms, censorship, and weaponized AI, but it is equally impossible for the machines to compete with direct human interaction.

When that fact really sinks in, when we realize that it is only through direct human interaction that we can overcome the technological advantage being wielded by our overlords, when we realize that only through direct human interaction can we come face to face with our real enemies, then we realize this is the only way to win the war.

This strategy holds true, regardless how this war plays out.

  • Hot conflict and a kinetic civil war?

The question is: who’s got your back? Who do you trust? Where do these relationships come from? ANSWER: Direct interaction.

  • Cyberattacks take down the grid and society collapses?

The question is: how do you keep yourself and your family safe and fed? How do you prevent gangs of thugs from taking your stuff? Again, who’s got your back, who do you trust, and where do these relationships come from? ANSWER: Direct interaction.

  • Another stolen election and four more years of tyrannical mob rule?

The question is: what are you going to do about it? Are you just going to accept that the American Dream is dead and gone, and that you’re just going to have to live under despotism for the rest of your days? If not, what are you going to do?

Regardless of what you decide to do, you’re not probably going to succeed if you’re trying to do it alone. You need allies, whether it’s in a firefight or a political death match. Best I can tell, the answer to any workable path forward is always the same:

Direct personal interaction.

Direct personal interaction is how we get traction. It’s how we build alliances, recruit allies, and win elections. It’s how we build community defense. It’s how we overcome the algorithms and wrestle back power from the corrupt politicians in the ruling class.

Direct personal interaction is how we plant the seeds of liberty, how we spark the flames of freedom, and how we inspire people to rebel. Direct personal interaction is how we confront the lies, spread the truth, and fight for hearts and minds.

When you stand in front of someone, they feel your presence. When you speak your truth, they feel your conviction. Carefully chosen words are your most powerful weapon. They can slice to the bone, disarm your opponent, and neutralize a threat.

If you fancy yourself a warrior, please consider this wisdom.

If you’re prepping for war, you must recruit warriors. How?

Through direct, personal interaction.

Sick of the political circus and tired of politics as usual?

Don’t lose sight of the enemy.

We can win this war. We can win this political game. And we must.

Regardless of our path to victory, the strategy remains the same.

We have to choose to engage.

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