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TR 516 - How to Seek Signal Amidst the Noise

TR 516 - How to Seek Signal Amidst the Noise

You take the good, you take the bad, you put them together, and then you have...

The Facts of Life.

FACT: There will be more information coming out this year than any one of us can keep track of. Think about all the different news channels, think about all the websites, the channels on Telegram, Rumble, and Substack. Think about the independent reporters that hail from other places on the planet, or the courageous parliamentarians who are standing against the cabal elsewhere in the world.

Who could possibly keep track of it all?

Certainly no human would be able to do so, for the simple reason that we only have a limited amount of time and energy in any given day, and much of that must be used for purposes other than tracking down what the global shysters are actually up to.

Two things I want to point out here:

  1. The globalists are well aware of this fact, and it allows them to pull off their schemes in broad daylight, without much notice.

  2. With the advent of artificial intelligence, which is collecting data from all around the globe in real-time, the global cabal (a small group of powerful people) now does have the ability to keep track of vast amounts of information—much more than we common folk could possibly comprehend.

Now, to be sure, all of this information is not being fed directly into the eggheads at the WEF—at least not yet. Instead, the algorithms are humming along 24/7/365, collecting, collating, and calculating various variables and vectors, and anytime an “Enlightened” global leader feels the need, they simply push a button and pull a report that tells them everything they need to know: the peasants are getting restless.

Of course, that is an oversimplification of how weaponized AI actually works. It would be nothing to program certain alerts that give certain authorities detailed reports on “trending” information and attitudes. This is precisely how they monitor for “emerging” public perceptions—a practice I have long called out as exceedingly problematic, for the simple reason that the cabal is attempting to control public perception before it is even formed.

That amounts to preemptive mind control, just to be clear.

The point here, is that not only is it impossible for any one of us to keep track of all the information floating around in “the cloud,” but that we are also impossibly out matched in the computational department because a) we don’t have the same access to the weaponized AI and super-computers, and b) those who do have access to these insanely powerful tools are using them to directly control the information we actually do get to see, even if we do go digging for facts.

Thus, it is within this framework that we must strive to stay informed, to read between the lies, and to seek out valid and verifiable information. That is the purpose of the Torch Report, to share the “truth you can trust,” and my mission is to conduct the research so I can present the facts that you might not find anywhere else.

That said, it’s not just about the facts, it’s also about forming our own personal perspective on the facts. As such, I don’t expect that anyone agree with anything I say, though I assume that for much of the audience, much of the time you do.

Here’s my concern.

This will be a pivotal year in United States’ history. This year may in fact make or break our nation. As I was saying yesterday, within this context, it would be wise to prepare for a worst case scenario, and then go about living your life. While all hell might break loose over the next 10 months or so, it is also possible that the slow roll of insanity will simply keep us living on edge and short-sighted, while the cabal continues to move the goalposts and advance on all fronts.

Implied within that juxtaposition, somewhere between preparedness and embracing the goodness of life just as it is, is a political impulse to make a difference. Some people have this pulse, other people do not, and that’s just fine. However, we would all be wise to realize local politics, or locally elected representative government, is really where the rubber meets the road when it comes to preserving our way of life.

Similarly, the epic global battle for the hearts and minds of humanity must be fought in the streets and taverns of our local communities. This is both practical and tactical.

However, as I’ve been wading back into the news this week, a peculiar concern has slowly cropped up. Do I tell the audience what they want to hear? Or, do I tell them what they need to hear? Put differently, am I bound to opining on the political circus, because that’s what people are searching for and talking about? That would certainly grow the audience. Or, would it be best to trust my gut and speak from the heart, discussing a bigger picture perspective while occasionally entering the fray?

I have my own conviction here, but I’d like to ask what you think:


More broadly speaking, this concern is pointing at the talking heads and social media feeds. If you find one pundit saying something, opining on the issue of the day, you’ll likely find an entire army of other pundits out there piling on. This is an effective business strategy, I get it, but it smacks of shallow thinking and pretentious opinion. The consequence of this socially prominent pattern is the echo-chamber environment that we all experience today, and the degradation of critical thinking that follows.

Another consequence of the perfectly natural tendency, is that the majority of the public gets sucked into thinking about and discussing the political circus, or whatever else the propagandists seek to promote, while the more substantive and pressing issues get crowded out and ignored. As such, the big picture problems—like the global cabal trying to divide and conquer us all—most often get overlooked.

Think about it like this: in the minds of most people, what’s the most important thing?

For many people, the most important thing is the all-consuming task of doing their jobs and feeding their families. Those in this camp only get sound-bytes here and there, and their personal opinions are heavily dependent on whatever the most prominent talking points are in any given news cycle.

Keep in mind these people still get to vote, and their votes will most likely align with the most dominant narrative. Thus, when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre makes the bald-faced lie that Biden has done more in three years than any other president has done in two terms, the useful idiots and low-information voters take her at her word.

“You know, this president has done more in three years than any other president has done in two terms.”KJP, January 2nd, 2024

Never mind that it’s laughably ludicrous and absurd to make such a statement, consider the fact that a great many people may never hear anything different. In fact, many people will probably hear this same tripe on multiple channels, and there will be no shortage of talking heads and liberal pundits echoing these patently false claims.

Truth, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

As are matters that are thought of as being “top news” of the day. For example:

Forgive me for not giving a damn, but how is this the most important thing happening in the world today? Answer: it’s not. Everyone who hasn’t had their head buried up their ass for the last three decades knows Bill Clinton is a serial womanizer and abuser, and it comes as absolutely zero surprise that he “did not have sexual relations” with underage girls on pedophile island.

The bigger issue here is the global scale of human trafficking and the fact that many of the global elites seem to be okay with widespread and heinous abuse against minors. Of course, as Epstein’s untimely death in a maximum security prison, where he hung himself while on suicide watch—at the exact moment multiple cameras managed to simultaneously fail, and while both guards accidentally fell asleep—there will ultimately be no accountability for any of this, until Natural Justice is restored.

Still, all the buzz about this in the news cycles, I believe, is little more than distraction. The same goes for the drama surrounding the prolific plagiarizer, Harvard President Claudine Gay, who is now being portrayed as a victim of “conservatives who put her career under intense scrutiny.” Notice the pattern of how progressives are circling the wagons around disgraced, dishonest, and unintelligent diversity hires?

Like so many things in the world today, it’s despicable, but it’s happening just the same. My suggestion is not to give it a second thought, but recognize this is where a lot of people’s attention is being drawn—even people who are ostensibly on our side.

Now then, as maddening as this unfortunate fact may be, there is an opportunity here that is not to be overlooked. When you encounter someone who is caught up in the political circus, realize that you have the high ground. You have information and perspective that the low-information voter does not, and that information should be considered a powerful asset.

With this information, you might be able to help shift someone’s perspective.


By asking questions that lead to curiosity. For example:

  • Bill Clinton on Epstein Island? That’s not news, everyone already knew Clinton was a pervert. Did you catch that full timeline of the J6 events? Now THAT is some interesting news! It really puts the insurrection into perspective, you should check it out! (SOURCE — J6: A True Timeline)

  • Does anyone actually believe it when the White House claims Biden has done more in 3 years than any other president has done in 2 terms? Doesn’t that seem like gaslighting? How do you explain the fact Biden’s approval rating just hit an all-time low, or the fact that more and more people are betting that he’s going to drop out of the race? Do you know that one-third of people in the United States still believe Biden’s election was completely illegitimate?

Given all of that, why do you think the deep state and the media are still propping him up? Does anyone you know actually think Biden is really the best our country has to offer? Doesn’t that seem just a tad bit ridiculous? And yet people believe it.

They’re laughing at us!

And, as this ridiculous charade continues, the cabal keeps marching on.

The circus is a distraction.

There are much bigger issues worthy of public discussion. How about over 1,000 peer reviewed studies revealing a horrific epidemic of young healthy people falling over dead? How about the fact the government is still pushing these toxic experimental injections into the arms of babies as young as six months old?

It’s just sick!

But we’ll have to get into that, and so much more, in future reports.

Friends, it is my committment to you to keep the most pressing issues front and center, to keep a bigger picture perspective in mind, and above all else, to keep it real.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I’m grateful to have you aboard, and come hell or high water, I am very much looking forward to the year ahead!

As always, resistance is the spice of life, and therefore: RESIST WE MUST!

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