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TR 574 - When the Only Way Out Gets Messy

TR 574 - When the Only Way Out Gets Messy

Let's thread the needle and connects some dots, shall we?

Let’s talk about this.

(This is raw and unedited text, the podcast fills in the gaps!)

What is more disturbing: the threat of World War III, or the threat of Biden getting reelected? Setting the fear inducing headlines of our enemies preparing revenge strikes aside for a moment, if you read the fine print over at Drudge this morning, Biden is winning in online betting and has been climbing in the polls, reaching up to 45% approval rating from the March low of 39%, according to Rasmussen Reports.

How Biden could absurdly try to turn Easter into a Transgender Day of Visibility, and then get a 6% bump in the polls, is beyond me. Get these headlines:

And yet, Biden is climbing in the polls, and folks on The Hill are getting fleeced with the enticing possibility that Biden is actually making a quiet comeback.

Consider what people are being told:

“Unless you are deeply immersed in politics, you likely missed a major development over the last three weeks: Since his State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden has seen a marked reversal of his fortunes. 

In the Quinnipiac poll released last week, Biden led by three points, 48 percent to 45 percent, bringing the total to 12 national polls showing Biden leading Trump since the SOTU, as Jessica Tarlov noted last week. 

Moreover, Biden’s bounce is being seen not only in national polls but also in the battleground states that will determine the winner. In Wisconsin, Biden now leads Trump (46 percent to 45 percent), a 5-point swing in Biden’s favor since February, per the latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult Swing State Tracking poll.”

How many people will take these people at their word?

If, hypothetically, some rat-bastards try to steal another election, the public has already been primed to believe that Joe Biden is the comeback kid, and once again the American public will be told that he is the most popular president ever elected.

That’s the power of all the Big Boys circling the wagons around the Old Man, including Hollywood, Wall Street, the Deep State, Mainstream Media, Big Tech, the Global Cabal, and the myriad of other global socialists who trying to implement Global Governance under the banner of Sustainable Development, into order to usher humanity into the inescapable techno-dystopian hell known as Future Earth.

And don’t even get me started on how weaponized AI is interfering with our elections!

But I digress, of course, because the bigger headlines in the news today are screaming about how “FEARS SOAR” over WW3, and right now radicals are preparing to strike revenge in the heartland at any moment. We’re all supposed to be on high alert.

Isn’t it an exciting time to be alive?!

My take on this is that there are forces in the world that are seeking to start a war, a war that perhaps many different groups would benefit from, but no one in their right mind actually wants. In other words, if WWIII gets ugly, it’s because they want it to.

Personally, I think it’s already long been underway.

What remains to be seen is how it all plays out.

How would the U.S. handle it if China, Russian, Iran, and North Korea started flexing? Last I checked, our military wasn’t exactly in a strong position. We’re getting low on ammo, we are way behind in hypersonic capabilities, and we have top brass that is strangely obsessed with grown men who like to dress in drag and act like they are women. None of this is projecting strength to our enemies, obviously.

Assessing the situation just from a logistical standpoint, the odds are not in our favor. There’s no doubt in my mind that America’s elite fighting forces are among the most lethal on the planet—but still, do we have the manpower to fight and hold ground on four different fronts? It’s hard to imagine that we do.

Therein lies the opportunity of a lifetime for our enemies. Add to this equation the seemingly endless provocations—from the Nord Stream bombing to the recent airstrikes on the Iranian embassy in Damascus—and we have the perfect recipe for another world war. It’s almost as if the stars have aligned for this war to explode.

Or perhaps like this is being orchestrated that way, for a purpose, by some nefarious force.

But I want to circle back to the logic we deployed yesterday: let’s say that major militaries around the world really do engage in open conflict, THEN WHAT?

Bombs will be dropped, but where? Soldiers will deploy, but where?

There’s no way to know for sure, but chances are, it’s not going to be on your back porch—right?

Same goes for sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists or Chinese nationals already in our country. I’m sure these cells are all in their place, and they too could strike at any moment, but then what?

Life goes on—even for those living in countries consumed by war. Slowly, once the dust eventually settles, the people are tasked with rebuilding a stable society.

For what it’s worth, I am not trying to just casually dismiss the very real threat of impending doom—I’m just trying to put it in perspective. It may not happen, and even if it does, this too shall pass… but the cabal keeps marching on.

In reality, there is pretty much nothing we can do to stop WWIII, nuclear war, or a massive cyberattack—which is precisely why our attention is being drawn in these directions. In contrast, there is much that can be done at the local level to a) prepare oneself and the community to the maximum degree possible; b) systematically elect constitutional liberty minded leadership that will stand with the community in the event of martial law; and c) work to unite the local community on common ground.

The goal is to get people together, help them connect, and build relationships. This is our first and last line of defense against any invasion, either foreign or domestic, if you really think it through.

If it comes down to blows, who’s fighting with you, and who’s fighting against you? If the power goes out, and stays out, if the cell towers get fried and gas pumps don’t work, who are you going to call for help? Who will you work with in an emergency situation? Who do you think you’ll have to watch out for? Who might be a threat?

The answers to these questions come through community engagement.

As a bonus, the more we engage our communities, the greater likelihood there is that we can elect solid local leadership, and thereby be better positioned to defend ourselves against the State, should the State overstep its bounds. This effectively allows us to play offense, while simultaneously shoring up our defense.

The dynamic need for local engagement comes into play regardless of which scenario plays out, which is why I’ve made it such a point to harp on it here lately—so thank you for listening, and I appreciate you hearing me out!

The current news environment is such that most people remain unaware of how close society is to being peacefully enslaved my machines, subconsciously tamed, and fully conditioned to trust the Enlightened Leaders of the global ruling class. This is the bigger picture, both in the near and long term, and it is having a direct impact on the current presidential election cycle.

The U.S. elections are being manipulated by forces far beyond our borders.

That said, our government has also been usurped by entrenched politicians and bureaucrats who are getting fat off being in on the scheme. We’ve had avowed Communists in charge of intelligence agencies, socialists running for office as Democrats and getting elected, and a huge untold number of globalist sympathizers being appointed to high-level positions in the U.S. government for years.

These people have no allegiance to the United States.

They are working day and night to fundamentally transform the United States of America. They loathe Small Town USA, Racist Republicans, White Supremacists, Christian Nationalists, and most of all MAGA Extremists, with a putrid passion.

We are the Deplorables. Defectives. Smelly Walmart people. Bitter clingers.

You know the drill.

Their collective animosity toward the average, everyday red-blooded American is pathological. They no longer see us as fellow citizens, but as enemies to the greater good. We are impediments to progress and pose an existential threat to democracy.

We’re also responsible for climate change, destroying the planet, droughts, floods, and drowning polar bears, AND for being a threat to the very future of humanity.

All of this is absolutely ludicrous, of course, but people believe it just as much as they believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected. What should be clear at this point, is that by using all the tools and leveraging the network of power players listed above, those who are perpetrating this plan can convince the public of anything—even the eventual need to eliminate and exterminate opposition.

That’s the necessary next step, after censorship and propaganda fails to suppress the human spirit and the will of humanity to live as free human beings. They must eliminate opposition because opposition stirs up dissent, and that threatens peace and stability. Tyrants believe they are being benevolent in exterminating their enemies.

But there will always be revolt against tyrants. As I like to say, resistance is the spice of life. People don’t like to be controlled any more than animals do—even though we can be trained to, just the same, and that is exactly what global leaders are doing.

Right now, every appearance is that the invisible hand of the secret cabal is giving the crusty old sock-puppet new life. It’s an insult to intelligence, and it’s insanely frustrating. Are they actually going to try to pull this off on the American people, again? Does the will of We The People even matter?

Only if we learn to stand together.

If they keep us divided, America will fall to the global cabal, and the globalist will lay a grip on our lives the way the CCP lays a grip on Chinese peasants.

There’s only one way to get out of that mess, and it wouldn’t be pretty.


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