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TR 579 - What's REALLY Going On, and What Can We Do About It?

TR 579 - What's REALLY Going On, and What Can We Do About It?

Direct discussion of the many problems we face, and exploring effective solutions.

Time flies when the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Before diving into the news analysis today, I’d like to apologize for the absence last week. Thank you to those who reached out to check on me, and thanks to those who chided me with some friendly jabs—you know I’ve not been slacking!

Last week was a flurry of interviews and meetings at the local level, that very much connect to the overarching geopolitical chaos. I am continually amazed at just how pervasive the influences of global forces are affecting us at the local level. Moreover, I find it deeply troubling that so few people are able to pick up on their prolific impact.

At the outset, it seems that all of this is no fault of those in elected leadership positions at the local level. The truth is, our local leaders are swamped in the daily duties of making the world go round and keeping our cities and counties functioning to the best of their ability. Aside from a few bad actors—the stereotypical self-serving corrupt political scum—it has been refreshing to witness their sincere efforts to fulfill the duties and responsibilities assigned to them.

That said, we are facing significant issues that are MUCH more impactful than filling potholes, funding schools, and balancing local budgets.

As citizens who are concerned about the concerted efforts to erode and eradicate our constitutionally protected rights, we must remain vigilant and aware of the myriad threats that beset us. We must remain active and engaged in the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and future generations.

And perhaps most importantly, we must continue to guard our hearts and minds from the relentless psychological attacks that aim to keep us confused, scared, and off balance. Though there is much attention being given to the threat of nuclear war, economic collapse, biological warfare (death jabs), and the Marxist Cultural Revolution that is currently tearing our country apart, we’d be wise to remember it is our own minds that are being targeted for transformation by the globalist regime.

Let us not forget the World Health Organization’s use of weaponized AI for the purpose of controlling “emerging” public perceptions, to “immunize” humanity against misinformation. Think about what that means.

Let us not forget the United Nations’ insidious Adaptation Agenda, their strategic efforts to drive behavioral change on a planetary scale, or the sheer lunacy being intentionally cultivated and perpetrated via Fifth Generation Warfare.

And of course, let us not forget about the Social Listening, Sentinel Surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that are being used to interfere with elections all around the world—nor should we lose sight of the intended outcome of all of this, which is a consolidation of power and resources for the purpose of total control over a significantly reduced human population, via Global Digital Governance.

Humanity is being manipulated on a massive, nearly incomprehensible scale, and yet this is the last thing on most people’s minds. That means most people remain unaware this mental tampering is even happening. They are unaware that menticide, democide, and real genocide are all playing out right before our eyes.

Those who are in the know, realize that all of this is leading us directly into “that which must not be said”—aka the New World Order.

But alas, let’s set all of this aside for a moment to discuss more practical matters. The question repeatedly arises: What are we going to do about all of this?

How do we fight back against the Quadripartite or the Club of Rome?

How do we defend ourselves from subconscious taming and spiritual assassination?

I assure you, if there is any hope of preserving our Republic, protecting our liberties, and one day reclaiming the reigns of our reckless, feckless, feral and rogue federal government, we must account for these vectors.

To think that we have any chance at victory without addressing all of the above, would be woefully short-sighted. YES, local politics are important. YES, national politics are important. YES, the 2024 election is set to shape our nation for many generations to come. YES, we are on the precipice of losing our country and way of life for good.

All of this is true. YES, we must vehemently oppose the systematic destruction and fundamental transformation of the United States of America. We must fight with all our might to maintain our freedoms and remind our government who is really in control. We must restore the balance of power by reminding our leaders that we do retain the spirit of resistance, just as Jefferson admonished.

But friends, just to be fair, Jefferson had no idea that tyrants would one day be wielding the frightening power of weaponized artificial intelligence, that they would declare us to be “hackable animals” and ultimately aim to eradicate free will.

Though our founders were well aware of both evil and the predisposition of the masses to live under despotism, they could not possibly have conceived of the situation we now face.

It is for this reason, we must very carefully consider the best path forward. We must reject the notion that defeat or destruction are inevitable—they are not.

We must rally our friends and neighbors, rally our communities, to come together and unite against the great evils of our time. We must engage directly in the battle of hearts and minds, be fearless and bold in speaking the truth, and use the weapon of our words wisely. Failure to do so will lead us directly to a dark and dismal future.

Think of it this way: when you think about the people you know, the people at work, at the store, or that you see around town, are they with us, or are they against us?

Are they for more freedom, or are they for more government control?

Realize that all those who currently advocate for more government control, who foolishly believe that the government exists to protect, provide, and solve all our problems, those people—the world’s useful idiots—are the eyes and ears of the enemy. In time, they will gleefully snitch you out, and cheer as you get hauled to the gulag.

I believe that from this angle, through this lens, the need to win hearts and minds becomes more apparent. Should we choose to simply hole up and wait for the apocalypse, these minions will only exponentially multiply in number, be more heavily conditioned to hate, and subsequently become increasingly aggressive against us.

This remains true, regardless if there is a nuclear war, another pandemic, or a hung election and a civil war. This holds even if the economy collapses, the grid goes down, and the lights go out. Even though savagery is but a step or two away, it is actually the domestication of humanity, the mind-melting of the masses, that poses the greater threat—for it is they who will do the bidding of the evildoers in Future Earth.

In other words, no matter how it all plays out, whenever the dust settles, we (and future generations) are still going to be fighting against the ignorance and psychological conditioning of the masses. We will still be fighting against the military grade memes, mental viruses, and memetic infections that are driving humanity mad.

Thus, efforts to win this war via conventional means are wholly inadequate.

Kinetic warfare may play a part, it may secure brief victories in minor battles, but it will certainly not be enough to win this war. We must lift our gaze.

Yes, the time comes when enough is enough—but then what?

And why oh why has that day not come?

The globalists are currently using “more stick” and less carrot to accelerate their agenda, and they are actively taking control of past, present and future, simultaneously, to rewrite history in real-time and warp the very fabric of reality.

So, what’s a patriot to do? Well, besides preparing for the worst, keeping your powder dry and putting your faith in God, I believe we need to remember to breathe deep, remember that life is still good, and perhaps even learn to thrive in the midst of these turbulent times. We need to monitor our mindset, make sure we don’t get sucked into The Doom Loop, embrace life as it is right now, and appreciate the little things.

Don’t forget:

More on the news tomorrow… I hope you all have a very mindful Monday!




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