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TR 575 - Solving Macro Level Problems With Local Level Solutions

TR 575 - Solving Macro Level Problems With Local Level Solutions

How socialist global policies are controlling the local community.

Happy Friday!

This has been an interesting week. I’ve been getting up at 4am and immersing myself in local news like city council meeting agendas, county commissioner packets, official social media feeds. The fruit of this is local news updates on the local radio stations.

From there, I branch into updates on state level legislation, press releases of representatives, state announcements, and regional news that comes in from a variety of feeds. These stories get posted at the Gorge News Center.

It goes on from there, but I want to make an important distinction: this is all local news. It’s all relevant and has a direct impact on the community I live in, including communities in the surrounding areas throughout the Columbia River Gorge.

The pandemic turned the world upside-down and plunged me into thousands of hours of research, trying to make sense of what the hell was really going on. That research has been shared through over five-hundred well documented reports, and throughout this sharing I’ve threaded together several recurrent themes, such as weaponized AI, memes, and psychological warfare—all of which is being directed toward spiritual assassination—that are rapidly changing the world around us.

Much to my dismay, this research brought to light a sinister global agenda that now demands an all-hands-on-deck effort to defend ourselves as free human beings. It goes beyond protecting the blessings of liberty for future generations.

We are defending against a fundamental transformation of human consciousness.

They are quite literally changing people’s brains, at the neurological level.

Let that sink in.

The purpose is straightforward. They want to make us slaves.

But that’s a macro-level problem.

My head has been immersed in this macro-level analysis for over two years. I have consumed more information than the average peasant by several orders of magnitude. I’ve read dozens of books, thousands of articles, documents, and research papers.

That’s what comes to bear on what I share here.

Now I find myself immersed in local level news.

The contrast is exquisite.

Both tickle the brain in different ways. In fact, I’d venture to guess that both feeds impact a different part of the brain, because local stories are impacting areas that you have physically experienced, and therefore local news activates deeper neural pathways in the brain, as opposed to the activation caused by new abstract concepts.

But that’s just speculation from an ignorant peasant. I’m certainly not a neurologist, though I have been fascinated with brain science my whole life, and I do have a small arsenal of books on the subject. Here’s just a handful of them:

Naturally, different news feeds create different neural connections, which generate different emotional responses, that then drives different behavioral changes.

This is as scientific and logical as 1 + 1 = 2. It’s not rocket science.

And yet, how many people have considered the societal impact of collectively rewiring the minds of the masses through competing news narratives? How many people have considered the impact of their own news consumption patterns, at the personal mental, emotional, and neurological levels?

My guess is not many.


We are all impacted by the news to one degree or another. FACT.

Some people are impacted by the news more than others. FACT.

Local level leadership is not immune to this impact. FACT.

The implication is that those who control the flow of information can control our community conversations, right down to the policy level. What are the rules in your local area? What are the laws in your state? Who makes these rules anyway?

The rules are ultimately being controlled by those who create the language. Those who conjure up and introduce policy recommendations, do so by paying The Experts to produce guidelines that spell out specific instructions—i.e. tell them what to do.

Locally speaking, a perfect example of this is Wasco County updating their Emergency Operations Plan—to the tune of paying $75,000 to a firm that will take a year to study the situation and revise the County’s documentation.

Most likely, the firm will simply copy and paste the County’s name into preformatted policies that have been disseminated by authorities higher up the ladder, like state departments, federal agencies, or national associations.

Deep in the document (p128), we find exactly this sort of local to national vertical alignment:

By ensuring alignment with national emergency management frameworks, enhancing communications strategies (i.e. adopt best practices), implementing training programs, and developing jobs sheets that tell people what to do, they aim to increase operational efficiency. It’s not all bad.

The integration goes all the way to the global level.

BUT, if you think about it, each layer of this training produces less and less critical thinking. By the time the low-man gets the job sheet, which tells them what to do, they’ve already been trained and taught what to think.

The enhanced communications strategies streamline the alignment between national and local management—which means all the leaders will be trained the same as well.

Again, this could be a good thing.

It could even be the critical difference during a crisis situation—please don’t misunderstand me here—BUT, this slippery slope of people in charge not thinking for themselves can quickly be exacerbated by the very same crisis.

Think about covid, lockdowns, and mask-nazis, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Also, once it sinks in that these groups are actually getting their training and language from globalist NGOs and commie Think Tanks, the end game begins to come into focus. The globalists are aiming for total control, and they intend to take control by changing the language—but, there will always be resistance, unless the resistance is finally dealt with.

In time, the resistance will be put down through local level enforcement of international rules. International Peacekeepers may be brought in to help.

Who will it be that imposes the will of the state? How about in an emergency situation? Can you see where I’m going with this?

“Today, that New World Order is struggling to be born,
a world quite different from the one we have known.”

George H.W. Bush, Sept. 11th, 1990

Most people are not really interested in the New World Order stuff, I get it. However, after nearly 25 years of progress on their global scale socialist programming, we find evidence of their collective efforts everywhere we look, right down to the local policies that aim to make the rules for how we live our lives.

The New World Order is global governance, it’s public-private partnerships promoting the greater good, saving the planet, and protecting global democracy.

It’s tyranny dressed up in drag.

Again, they’re doing it by controlling the language.

It’s important to realize that this is happening at every level of government, and in every sector of society. In the vast majority of cases, local authorities are simply copying language that originates somewhere in the bowels of the globalist beast.

And if you think about it, through the proliferation of social media, movies, and pop culture, the same could be said of the citizenry as well: a great deal of our language is being intentionally introduced by hostile forces. This is psychological warfare at its finest, and it does have a biological impact on our brains, as discussed.

Here, the greatest realization is that we can each introduce language of our own.

But again, I want to bring it back to local.


Because that’s where the rubber meets the road.

Through the lens of preparedness, this is practical tactical action.

The World Economic Forum says you will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy about that, all by the year 2030. Disarming the peasants and confiscating private firearms is baked directly into the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

They’ve been working on these plans for decades.

The pandemic was the opening act of their final push toward a global communist revolution—that’s why the CCP is said to be the role model for the world, remember?

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s why I like to say… drum roll please

“The commies are taking over the world!”

So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us faced with a situation where there is hope. This week, at the local level, citizens rallied together to prevent the ill-advised, politically motivated closure of the county jail. The Commissioners Chambers were packed to capacity, and the Zoom room was completely maxed out. People were not happy with the decision to close the county jail.

I perhaps had some small part in encouraging people to attend, having run several news segments on the story, though I believe most were motivated out of the impact the closure would have on them personally.

People get motivated when the impact feels real.

Thus, it becomes incumbent upon those of us who perceive the macro-level threats—which seem obtuse and distant to many—to communicate with people at the local level how the global cabal aims to conquer us all. We need to introduce language that emphasizes the threat of centralized control in a way they can relate to.

City and county workers know what it feels like to be under the thumb of the state, for example. The state says you have to do this, and you can’t do that. It’s in the Code. That’s what the rules say. Pretty much everyone can relate to feeling these restrictions if they stop to think about it—and it’s our job to help them stop and think.

There are a lot more restrictions coming. A LOT more.

Hope is found in our ability to rally as communities and maintain local control through locally elected leaders. Ideally, our leaders would have their eyes-wide-open to the big picture problems, but in reality, most of their time and effort is consumed by the ever present need to fix potholes, run jails, and administer local services.

Generally speaking, their role is thankless. Unless they piss enough people off, nobody comes to the meetings, and all the globalist language and policies get rubber stamped with unanimous consent. For local leaders, the approval comes with a sense of pride, a sense that they are making progress, toward the greater good, of course.

And many times they are, but in the bigger picture, they don’t realize what’s happening.

Same goes for politicians at the state and federal level.

They all succumb to seductive language.

We can change that.

Global tyranny must be stopped through local engagement, because that’s where we can impact the conversation, use our words wisely, and introduce the language that leads to awakening. If we can awaken the resistance, we can win this war.



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