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TR 582 - The Whole-of-Government Approach to Eradicate MAGA Extremists

TR 582 - The Whole-of-Government Approach to Eradicate MAGA Extremists

If you knew what was good for you, you'd NEVER question the narrative!

**My editor is taking a horse blanket to the dry cleaners and I’m running on fumes, so you’re getting this one raw… thanks for the grace!

Let’s recap.

Thus far this week, we’ve covered a macro level synopsis of what we’re up against, linked the campus protests to the Marxist Cultural Revolution—calling out Bill Ayers in the process—and then took a philosophical detour into the counter-intuitive yet nevertheless practical political applications of aloofness (via a personal story).

Thanks for bearing with me!

Today, I’d like to start out by laying bare the insidious nature of the Trusted News Initiative. Along with the throngs of useful idiots masquerading as fact-checkers, the Trusted News Initiative serves to keep Americans boxed into the masterfully crafted narratives being propagated by the powers that be.

That CNN and Fox News have both sworn allegiance to the same global overlord should tell you everything you need to know. Of course, the tentacles of the entire Censorship Industrial Complex stretch much further than any of us might imagine, but I think this morning’s headline from Fox paints the picture fairly well:

Morning Glory: How to decide between Biden and Trump?

How to decide between Biden and Trump—are you kidding me?!

What must be pointed out here, is that they are targeting a very specific sector of the U.S. population. Perhaps we could call them the “less endowed” conservative voters, just to make a subtle distinction between them and the Left’s useful idiots.

This distinction is critical, because it is the “less endowed” conservative voters who are being heavily targeted by the party bosses who control the corrupt political establishment. Heading into this historic, make-or-break America, presidential election, it’s those who need Fox News to help them decide between Biden and Trump who may ultimately determine the fate of our great nation.

And that is a sobering reality.

My mind wants to rant about the weaponized AI, the throttling, nudging, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that are working night and day to ensure the establishment maintains control, but I’ve said it ad nauseam, so let’s move on.

Along with the clinical psychological conditioning that has been portraying anyone who wants to Make America Great Again out to be a rabid, racist, violent extremist, the Deep State’s slow-but-steady reclassification of all things MAGA into the category of domestic terrorism and the catch-all “threat to democracy” has already laid down the legal framework for a political purge reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

In other words, all the pieces are in place for a cleansing of rebel dissent.

Do you recall Biden screeching about how MAGA is “the most extreme political organization” in American history? Remember how the J6 show trials were said to have produced “a clear vision of America’s extremist underbelly”?

There has been a highly coordinated effort to convince the useful idiots on both sides of the aisle that anyone who wants to Make America Great Again is a fanatical lunatic. Though it comes as no surprise that the Collective Cult readily assimilated this nonsense into their groupthink lexicon, the lesser perceived but far greater threat has been the acceptance of these associations by the “lesser endowed” conservatives.

Many people who love America, who value the Constitution, who in theory are on the side of liberty and justice for all, do believe that Trump is toxic, that his followers are caught up in a cult, and that MAGA has become a disruptive, extremist political movement that threatens “our democracy”—good sense and logic be damned.

It’s maddening, but this is the situation we face. It is a testament to the power of unconventional warfare and the tried and true methods of mental manipulation we’ve learned so much about. This is the raw power of a “whole-of-government approach” to informational and irregular warfare, to quote the UNITED STATES ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND.

From TR 507 - Hamilton 68 and Unconventional Warfare:

Focusing on the “informational” aspect of this “whole-of-government” approach to unconventional warfare, it is critical to understand even though these tactics were originally developed for deployment against foreign adversaries, the exceptionally shady Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (passed Dec 28, 2012 under Obama) explicitly authorized the use of so-called “Apple Pie Propaganda” against the American people—and of course, the peasants were none the wiser.

More bluntly, the Deep State has been directly reprogramming the American public psyche with incredibly powerful tools like Military Grade Memes for over a decade. And, as you well know, the psychological conditioning has been going on for much longer than that, but now that they are admitting to the public having “infected perceptions”—and purportedly working to shield America’s “cognitive infrastructure” because of it—it is safe to say that the degree of mental tampering has truly reached unprecedented levels.

So where does that leave American society?

Divided. Confused. Warped.

As the enemies of freedom inch toward the end game, we must realize that those who are rising up to try and stop this travesty are going to be met with a whole-of-government resistance. While that’s happening on the domestic front, the global commie cabal will continue forging their unholy alliance of public-private partnerships in their relentless efforts to consolidate total power and control.

The need for grit, tenacity, and vision has never been greater.

Keep that in mind when you see the corrupt political establishment uniting to defeat the grassroots uprising of every day, red-blooded, liberty loving Americans.

Let’s lift the gaze.

Last night, I was on a call with other national delegates who are working in the political trenches, trying to do everything possible to wrest control from the party bosses who are obstructing the will of We The People. As a political rookie, it was an eye-opening conversation.

This morning, it seemed like this headline captured the headwinds:

When else do we see Republicans and Democrats working together? How about each and every time these elected leaders choose to betray and backstab the American people. The long and documented trail of usurpations is shocking, but the refusal to “repeal and replace” Obamacare comes to mind as a stalwart example.

In 2016, Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the grassroots had just elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp. What happened next? Nothing.

The Uni-Party set aside their petty bickering long enough to protect the status quo of the corrupt ruling class. Donald Trump and his followers were ridiculed for their demands to impose fiscal restraint and return to the principles of limited government.

We’ve seen it happen time and again.

Think about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Regardless of what you may think about her personally, is it not true that she is at least attempting to challenge the establishment? And what is the result? Shame. Ridicule. She’s labeled a MAGA extremist, out of touch with reality, as if she is a fool who doesn’t understand what’s at stake.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone who challenges the establishment is labeled a MAGA extremist? Surely that’s not just a coincidence. And again, think about the “lesser endowed” conservatives out there. What do you think their take is on all of this?

No doubt, in my mind, she’s threatening democracy itself!

There was yet another piece out this morning that drives straight to the heart of what I’m getting at here. It comes from one of the nastiest of liberal rags, Politico.

Supposedly, the once great Libertarian think tank is closing because of a “populist shift” in the Republican Party. To the point:

After Trump took control of the conservative movement, [President Adam Brandon] said, a “huge gap” opened up between the libertarian principles of FreedomWorks leadership and the MAGA-style populism of its members.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been involved with FreedomWorks since first connecting with their staff at a Western Liberty Network meeting in the fall of 2022. Back then, they had every appearance of a spot on organization, promoting fact over fiction, and calling out the corruption of the two-party political establishment.

At that point, they were promoting witty and cutting edge materials like this:

FYI, I documented the details of this trip in this exclusive Patriot Club special:

Needless to say, I was surprised but not shocked to hear that FreedomWorks was closing their doors after twenty years of operation. The last couple of trips out had raised some red flags, and internal conversations seemed to confirm that there was indeed a purging of the ranks—specifically of anyone who openly challenged the 2020 election and still supported Donald Trump. That started going down in 2023.

The point is this: this organization was first brought to heel, and then put out of business, supposedly because of the “huge gap” between the DC leadership and the “MAGA-style” grassroots activists that were rising through the ranks.

This too, in my mind, can be attributed to the psychological conditioning aimed at painting all things MAGA as ignorant, disruptive, and extreme. You see, the esteemed intellectuals that were running the organization in DC, simply could not endure the humiliation of having their organization associated with all these rebel rousing peasants who were hellbent on making America great again.

The outstanding question is this: who’s really out of touch here?

Obviously, it’s a rhetorical question.

Those who eat, sleep, and breathe in the swamp seem to inevitably succumb to mysterious psychosis that plagues the DC area. Meanwhile, all across the fruited plains, people living in Realville remain baffled by the utter insanity of it all.

In the midst of all this, the final pieces are being put into place and checkmate is just around the corner. We are but a step or two away… and that’s why I like to say:



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