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TR 602 - How ‘Intel Officials’ are Teaming Up With the Kremlin to Steal the Election

TR 602 - How ‘Intel Officials’ are Teaming Up With the Kremlin to Steal the Election

Out of the mouth of babes and 'anonymous' sources...

**note, my editor is unavailable at the moment, so you’re getting this one raw!

It’s a three ring circus.

In the center ring, Biden is still mumbling and bumbling as he shuffles in circles, squatting to shit his pants, and pretending to be the leader of the free world. Today, the latest charade involves characters from NATO celebrating their 75th anniversary, with the sock-puppet screeching and slurring something about NATO support for Ukraine, even though Ukraine is not a NATO member.

While the global MIC and NATO are playing along and pretending that Biden is president, in ring number two, stage right, out on the left edge of entertainment, the liberal mainstream media is still tripping over their tongues trying to find a way to sell the idea that they are still legitimate journalists, as opposed to lying, blathering, idiots and paid propagandists complicit in this tyrannical takeover.

In ring two, George Stephanopolous, the smug, arrogant, self-righteous jackass from clan ABC, is ripping his sackcloth and wailing about how Old Joe just can’t make it four more years. Simultaneously, Nancy Pelosi is playing coy, resisting calls to make a statement for or against Biden’s presidential aspirations, instead insisting that “it’s up to the president” if he’s going to stay in the race.

Biden, lest we forget, is still adamantly clinging to his delusions of grandeur, feebly believing the lies that he’s as good as he’s ever been. He’s telling people to stop speculating and fall in line, remember? Biden clearly has no intentions of stepping down, but let me ask you: do you really think that it’s up to Joe?

To compliment this world-class circus, as the MIC and NATO play with their sock-puppet in the center ring, and as the Legacy Media and Party Bosses dance around Biden’s half-animated carcass in the left ring, in ring number three—off to the right, but not the “far right”—the stage is set for a very captivating sideshow:

MSM Launches 'Muh Russia' Election Narrative As Brands Collude To Silence Dissent

Certain unnamed “senior US intelligence officials” have cracked open a can of worms, exposing another dark twist in the plot. These anonymous officials have declared that the Russian government is launching a “whole-of-government” effort to trick Americans into voting for Trump and steal the election from Biden.

What a shock to our perfectly flawless election system! What an unthinkable assault on Democracy! Just as Joe Biden reaches the very peak of presidential prowess and political performance, the Evil Russian Tyrant strikes again!

Russia! Russia! Russia!


I expect that soon enough, a certain (lesser endowed) segment of the crowd is going to start joining in the chant. Consider the report from the Wall Street Journal:

“The officials didn’t mention Trump by name, but said that Russia’s current activity—described as covert social-media use and other online propaganda efforts—mirrored the 2020 and 2016 election cycles, when Moscow also favored Trump and sought to undermine Democratic candidates, according to U.S. intelligence agencies.”

Never mind that it’s all hogwash.

Never mind that the 2020 election was rigged, that there has been ample evidence delivered repeatedly via forensic analysis, video footage, et cetera, or the fact that this evidence has been squashed and censored by Big Tech and their Deep State allies—think Hamilton 68, the Twitter Files, and the Google Leaks—you are being told to believe that it is Russia who is using “information warfare” to undermine our elections.

The hypocrisy is intentional, of course, because that’s how gaslighting works. You are being trained not to believe your own eyes and ears, not to trust your own thoughts or intuition. You are being conditioned to accept what you are told, because there is no other truth under the sun.

Everything except the narrative is now either misinformation, or worse, it’s Russian disinformation that’s meant to warp the very fabric of reality.

Fortunately for you and I, since we are subjects of the most noble regime, and since we are being led by Enlightened Leaders, we have nothing to worry about. We just have to trust the government, because the government is here to help keep us safe from thinking wrong thoughts or believing anything other than the narrative.

Believing in a different narrative, or thinking for yourself, is a direct threat to peace and stability. Being a threat to peace and stability makes you a threat to public health and safety. Therefore, you must deny your lying eyes, shutdown your critical thinking, choke back your curiosity, and stomach the force-fed narrative.

That’s the only way we can protect democracy and keep people safe.

Vladimir Putin is an evil tyrant, and so is Donald Trump.

Volodymyr Zelensky is a blessed saint, and so is Joseph Biden.

Any suggestion to the contrary is a dangerous lie.

But let’s zoom out…

Try to imagine floating over this three ring circus in a hot air balloon. It’d be pretty entertaining, right? Something you might notice from this vantage point, is how each ring has its own set of acts, and as the acts transition from one to the next, the action really ramps up in the opposite ring. It’s classic stagecraft.

Also noticeable from the bird’s eye view, are the support crews shuffling around animals and equipment, quite discretely clearing the ring and ushering in the next act, while audience attention is being directed elsewhere.

This is a useful analogy. It brings awareness to the things happening behind the scenes, while everyone’s attention is on one of the three rings.

Zooming out further, say to the International Space Station—which happens to be embroiled in controversy right now, with astronauts being stranded in space and NASA looking to destroy the aging apparatus outright—and we get an even broader view on what’s really going on.

What’s really going on, as seen from this macro level perspective, is there are a whole series of circuses being orchestrated around the world, each chock-full of entertaining distractions and behind the scenes maneuvers.

From this vantage point, if one were to study the events long enough, it becomes perfectly clear that there are certain patterns at play.

Interestingly enough, these patterns all seem to be pointing in the same direction, leading the public’s attention toward Future Earth—that catch-all cornucopia of socialist state surveillance and sustainable living that’s set to displace human rights entirely, all under the banner of Global Democracy.

Those who are orchestrating the circus, call this global digital governance.

From TR 489 - The Rapid, Radical Transformation of America:

Those who are driving this agenda are motivated by a strong sense of urgency, believing that “we” (i.e. the whole of humanity) have already greatly exceeded our “planetary capacity,” and as a result, “we” are facing a catastrophic climate crisis that can only be solved by taking rapid and radical actions that will fundamentally disrupt life as we know it, and coincidentally, usher in a “new society on our entire planet.”

As previously reported, this “new society” is called Future Earth—their words not mine—and the central structure of this new society will be Earth Systems Governance, which is global digital governance, wherein artificial intelligence manages all aspects of our lives in an inescapable socialist surveillance state that currently remains utterly inconceivable to the average citizen.

What very few people seem to grasp, is how this is being pulled off.

Ideas are infectious.

Now that the woke mind virus has been infused with weaponized AI, the globalists’ plan for total global control is rapidly advancing. It’s difficult to notice when one’s attention is trained on the circus, but it’s readily apparent once we lift the gaze.

Consider these headlines:

To connect the dots and bring it a little closer to home:

Right on cue, gallant gay leftist hackers are now openly attacking the “far-right” Project 2025 in order to defend “our democracy.”

In this epic battle of ideas and beliefs, anyone who opposes global control is a far-right populist. Anyone deemed to be a far-right populist, politician, or peasant, is fair game for the progressive do-gooders to tear down and hack to pieces.

The political left is on a religious crusade to purge the planet of dissenters.

It’s not just Russia who is using information warfare (aka Fifth Generation Warfare) to warp reality, rewrite history, and mind-melt the masses.

It’s our own damn government.

Of course, the government is not operating alone. Indeed, today (July 10, 2024) the House Judiciary Committee has released a report outlining the shocking degree of influence being wielded by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) and their insidious NewsGuard and Global Disinformation Index initiatives.

In a nutshell, candidates, platforms, news outlets, and anyone with opposing political views are being directly targeted for censorship and demonetization. No surprise there. The real reveal in the report is that GARM is working toward “automated censorship” that requires no human involvement at all:

“GARM’s plans for the future involve pushing its framework into artificial intelligence solutions… developing AI tools that will integrate GARM’s standards seamlessly across social media platforms.

Such an automated censorship effort could result in demonetization… potentially without any human involvement at all. Such concentrated market power is dangerous, and the implications of AI technology on censorship are frightening.”

You mean weaponized AI might be running automated censorship, without public awareness or human oversight? Now, where might you have heard that before?

And just in case there was any doubt who was really behind all of this:

“GARM’s influence derives from the interwoven global organizations that established and created the group. …

The same year it was created, GARM became a flagship partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF).”

Public-private partnerships. Commie-fascist fusion. Centralized control.

It’s all there for the world to see, but too few people notice. They’re too busy watching the circus. The WEF and the secret cabal are never seen in the center ring—but they are behind the scenes, pushing buttons and pulling strings, yucking it up with our own Deep State officials.

Make no mistake, these powerful people are key stakeholders in the 2024 election.

It’s a game they can’t afford to lose.



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