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TR 525 - Global Elites Gather in Davos to Discuss Deceiving Humanity by "Building Trust"

TR 525 - Global Elites Gather in Davos to Discuss Deceiving Humanity by "Building Trust"

Connecting the dots between Trump's historic win and what these shysters are up to.

Like so many things in life, sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. That’s why I’ve spent the morning watching the World Economic Forum discuss their plans for ruling the world with a keen eye. I’ve been listening intently, picking out patterns in their language, tuning into their assumptions, and ruminating on how their absurd and outrageous ideas are going to impact my life at home.

That’s what we all want to know, right? How is this agenda going to impact me, my family, my community? It’s good to ask these questions, but even as more and more people grow wise to the globalist’s schemes, it seems like very few people have accurately mapped out and assessed the various vectors of their threats. It is critical that we do so, in order to properly prioritize where to focus our resistance.

It is in that spirit I move forward, with humility.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
—Albert Einstein

Yesterday, while setting the stage for this week’s global kumbaya in Davos, I asked this question: What does the American political circus, centered on Donald Trump, the ongoing global covid psyop, and the WEF’s Great Reset agenda all have in common? The answer:

Each vein of thought, each facet of the public’s fractured attention, is being directly manipulated by the use of weaponized AI. This has stoked a great deal of mistrust in our institutions and mistrust in information in general.

Hence, the Davos theme of “Rebuilding Trust” to restore their “collective agency” over the whole of humanity.

Today we awake to the news that Donald Trump has crushed other Republican contenders in a historic victory in the Iowa caucuses, smashing prior records. Ron DeSantis came in a distant second, followed closely by Nikki Haley. Vivek Ramaswamy had the class to bow out and endorse Trump as the nominee.

Right on cue, liberal talking heads like Rachel Maddow went into a meltdown:

There is an authoritarian movement inside Republican politics… they are pushing Trump to get more and more extreme, because the more extreme things he says, the more they adhere to him… and that is coming from a very large proportion of the America Right that adheres to the Republican party.”

This was all perfectly predictable, it’s nothing new, but I want to put a fresh twist on it, in order to bend our attention back to the bigger picture. First, please note that the majority of Americans are so fixated on this political circus, they have little time or interest in the “secret cabal” of global elites gathering over in Davos. Thus, in many ways, the Iowa caucuses were little more than red meat for the masses.

Secondly, and much more importantly, this predictable political circus is only made possible by that magical, elusive, and often impulsive quality known as “trust.”

FACT: the people who listen to MSNBC, trust MSNBC.

Therefore, they actually believe Rachel Maddow when she tells them that a “very large portion” of Republicans are authoritarians, and these authoritarian Republicans are pushing Donald Trump to become increasingly extreme, because what these racist authoritarian Republicans and violent right-wing extremists really want, is a dictator.

It’s worth pointing out that they’ve been building this narrative for years:

Let me ask you: do you believe the people who support Donald Trump really want to live in a dictatorship? Do you believe that Americans who want to have a “government of the people” (the GOP base) really prefer authoritarianism to democracy? Do you believe that people who sincerely want to see this country thrive—who want to Make America Great Again—really want to elect a dictator and impose state tyranny?

ANSWER: Of course not.

This is a complete inversion of reality. And yet millions of Americans believe in this version of reality, just as suredly as a Baptist believes the Bible.

It’s important to realize that the truth is irrelevant in this situation. Truth has been replaced by the blind faith and trust gushing out of the Left’s useful idiots. And, to be fair, it is equally important to acknowledge that the political Right has its own useful idiots as well. Indeed, it is the useful idiots on both sides of the aisle who have been manipulated and exploited for the enrichment of America’s corrupt political class.

There are mindless minions of all political persuasions who fail to discern the difference between what they think and actual reality. Why? Because discernment requires effort, and it is much easier to simply “trust” and let someone else do your thinking for you. This is human nature, and the globalists understand this.

Hence, their “Rebuilding Trust” campaign to “restore collective agency.”

Now then, with the stage fully set, let’s set about mapping out and prioritizing the threats that are emanating out of the Davos crowd. Straight out of the gate, we must acknowledge their insidious depopulation agenda—previously discussed at length—and their overarching efforts to consolidate power and control via global digital governance. FYI: This equates to genocide and digital enslavement.

“Global governance requires giving over significant sovereignty to others.”
Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Junction

If any of this is unfamiliar to you, you can get up to speed with the following reports:

It may seem like genocide, depopulation, and digital enslavement would be at the top of the list of threats to prioritize, pay attention, and sound the alarm about—but let’s take a step back and ask another question: HOW?

We know their why: the globalists are trying to depopulate the planet because they believe there are too many meat-eating, mouth-breathing peasants, who are breeding more quickly than they’d like. But how are these global evildoers planning on pulling this off?

How about by continuing their massive global vaccination campaign to inject billions of people with a toxic substance that was literally designed to harm, maim, and kill people? That would certainly accelerate the agenda! By developing and deploying biological warfare under a carefully orchestrated facade of never ending global pandemics, the globalists just might reach the goals of the Georgia Guidestones.


In order to pull this off, people have to trust the person who’s sticking a needle in their arm. Prior to that, they must trust the narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective. And foundational to that belief is an unwavering trust in authority—whether it be trust in the family doctor, trust in the local health department, trust in the CDC and the WHO, or just a misplaced trust in the government in general.

Because trusting in authority is a natural human behavior, this creates a loophole that allows global dictators to develop trust with people at the local level. The global cabal, via events like Davos, build trust with leaders from around the world. Leaders from around the world then go home and continue building this bridge of trust within their own governments, and with their national and state level constituencies.

SIDE NOTE: This is an intentional and direct transmission of highly infectious mental viruses—aka military-grade memes—which are designed to propagate cult like behavior amongst global leaders. Once infected, they become complicit in this ritualistic sacrifice of humanity, sincerely believing that it’s for the greater good.

It’s sick, but it’s happening!

To drive home how methodical this effort to condition humanity into trusting the ruling class has become, consider this January 2024 study from the National Bureau of Economic Research on Trust and Health Care-Seeking Behavior. Understanding that “trust” and “care-seeking behavior” go hand in hand, it would be wise to realize the underlying science is broadly applicable, and not just in healthcare.

According to the study:

“Unfortunately, trust in medical and, more broadly, scientific expertise is increasingly difficult to establish (Baker, 2020). Indeed, with the COVID-19 pandemic, trust has generated significant attention as both a component of culturally competent care and as a broader factor in patients’ willingness to seek care and adhere to a course of treatment.”

Quick takeaways:

  1. Trust in medical and scientific expertise is increasingly difficult to establish. This is pointing toward the public questioning “The Experts” who are bought and paid for by Big Pharma and their government cronies. The only solution to this, as you will see, is government censorship using weaponized AI.

  2. The pandemic “generated significant attention” on the importance of trust. Why? Because humanity as a whole is not as stupid as the arrogant ruling class believes us to be, and plenty of people were rightly questioning the government’s authority to unilaterally impose their will, without consent. Should we trust these tyrants?

  3. There is a sly tell in the phrase “culturally competent care,” which alludes to a slue of poisonous progressive ideals. The tell is that this study is being conducted by scientists who are working as an extension of the collective hive mind. Thus, this data will be dutifully transmitted back to the globalist’s central nervous system, where it will be analyzed and weaponized for future deployment against humanity.

And one more thing: did you catch the pattern in the language?

Says Rachel Maddow: “…the more extreme things he says, the more they adhere to him.”

Says the National Bureau of Economic Research: “trust… [is] a broader factor in patients’ willingness to seek care and adhere to a course of treatment.”

It’s utterly fascinating to me that this word keeps cropping up. We were just discussing the word “adhere” as it relates to treason, and here we find a direct link between trust, adherence, and the progressive political agenda—specifically as it relates to the cultivation of care-seeking behavior that would drive the uptake of more toxic experimental injections that are known to kill people. How ironic.

Just to connect the dots back to Davos, checkout these articles from the WEF:

If knowing a global cabal of ruling class predators is actively working to “build trust” in their radical depopulation agenda doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, you might need to check out the WEF’s Digital Trust Community—that’s where you can learn about “our collective responsibility” to deploy digital technologies (i.e. weaponized AI) that will “govern every aspect of our lives.”

Their words not mine!

Friends, that’s what “building trust” is really all about. It’s about the global elites ruling every aspect of our lives. It’s about convincing the peasants to trust their masters. It’s about enslaving humanity in the illusion that the government is both their protector and provider.

Personally, I can’t imagine anything less American than that!

To quote Ronald Regan:

Never forget: RESIST WE MUST!

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