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TR 601 - Democrats Reject Reality and fall in line as Biden Refuses to Drop Out

TR 601 - Democrats Reject Reality and fall in line as Biden Refuses to Drop Out

But does the Deep State have other plans???
“Weekend at Biden’s” from

It’s an exciting time to be alive.

On any given day, via the deluge of headline news and state funded propaganda, the American public is treated to an entire smorgasbord of gripping, thrilling, entertaining, and utterly disturbing stories. Examples abound:

I could go on, but the point is: there is something for everyone.

Of course, over the last ten days or so since the Trump v. Biden “debate” that rocked the presidential race, the scale of political insanity has reached fever pitch. Never have the American people been so riveted by an entirely predictable train wreck.

It’s worth focusing on for a moment.

Many people have been watching in disbelief for the last three and a half years, as our country has been systematically torn apart. We’ve known that Joe Biden is not the most popular president ever elected. We know gaslighting when we see it.

That’s why well-informed and politically astute observers might be inclined to scoff at the left’s collective implosion, chuckling to ourselves as we witness the wrecking ball of reality obliterating the liberals’ delicate illusions. It feels like some sort of redemptive entertainment—just don’t get distracted by the theater or tricked into thinking for a second that this was not intentionally orchestrated.

Though the rank and file of the Democrat Party may have been thrown into a panic by the “unexpected” revelation of Biden’s decline, for those who’ve been propping the puppet up it was a calculated maneuver. In other words, the democratic panic and plunging the party into chaos was done on purpose, and the timing was intentional.

For the last week, a lot of people have been strutting around asking, “Who the hell is running the country?” — as if this is some sort of deep and pressing question. As you well know, the wise have been wrestling with this enigma for years.

For those dumb enough to believe that Biden has been running the country for the last three years: here’s your sign.

The real question in my mind, is why now?

Time will tell.

The answer may not be as obvious as one might think.

Regardless, what floors me the most is the number of people who failed to see this coming. It astounds me there are people in the world who sincerely believed that Biden was going to beat Trump in the debate. It’s hard to grasp, but there are people who have been told that it is Trump, not Biden, who is in mental decline.

Imagine the perspectives of people who have been getting fed headlines like these:

Isn’t it fascinating that the media would be running stories like these, all the while willfully fleecing the public with lie after lie, propping the sock puppet up with world-class propaganda about him being “sharp as a tack”?

Then there’s the other twist in the narrative, the outlets that have been seeding the lie that somehow both presidential contenders are cognitively impaired:

Of course, that’s just a lousy attempt at avoiding the painful reality of Biden’s severely diminished state, which brings me to Biden’s full week of preparation at Camp David. I’m sure you heard the dark murmurs of the old man getting juiced up on some sort of high-speed deep state cocktail, so that he could somehow defy his decrepit state and really come out swinging.

If that’s what they were going for, it appears that the drugs have been overused and the man’s body has developed a tolerance. Unfortunately, if they give him too much more juice, his old ticker probably couldn’t take it, right? This little thought experiment would imply that Biden’s handlers are running out of options.

But what if this was being played a different way? What if the handlers decided not to give the man the meds. What if the week of seclusion was to allow him to go through withdrawals and stabilize, before being psychologically “prepped” to function at his peak natural performance, without the performance enhancing drugs?

Such a plot could serve as a measurement of sorts, like a last minute check-in with reality, testing Biden’s longevity before committing to the next phase of their dark and evil scheme. Surely the handlers have to be asking: How much more can they extract from this feeble, frail old man, before they’ll have to discard the carcass?

As expected, the cries of “elder abuse!” are now being heard far and wide.

Jill Biden must be a money grubby, power hungry, heartless radical who refuses to relinquish her grip on the reins—or so the story goes. The size of her staff seems to support that speculation (emphasis added):

“First Lady Jill Biden’s staff has ballooned to 24 in 2024, matching the often-criticized count of former First Lady Michelle Obama's staff in 2009 and more than doubling the number on hand for former First Lady Melania Trump, which maxed out at 11.

The first lady’s staff, which includes advisers in foreign policy, education and healthcare, comes in at a price tag of $2.5 million, the report notes.”

That info is coming from a Fox News article (ironically hosted as, that also reveals:

“The White House boasts 565 staffers at a price tag of nearly $61 million, a slight increase from the record-setting 560 staffers Biden had his first year in office, according to a report from Open the Books.

So, American taxpayers are footing a $61 million bill, so that some 565 staffers can collaborate and prop up a struggling senior citizen. That’s more than all of our elected representatives in both chambers of congress, by the way. Think about that.

What I find most heinous, is that some very sick people have successfully convinced this bewildered old man that he is actually the leader of the free world. They have convinced him that he is the most popular president ever elected, that he has done more in one term than anyone else has ever done in two terms, that his economy is booming, and that Americans love him because he is “sharp as a tack.”

They tell him that he’s never been better—and he believes them.

That’s a very sad, very disgusting kind of lie.

What kind of people would do such a thing?

Evil people who are hellbent on keeping their power and ill-gotten gains, that’s who.

There’s a scramble afoot.

Like cockroaches scurrying from the flick of the light, so too are many liberals trying to hide their shame for arrogantly promoting the ludicrous notion that Joe Biden was ever up for the job, or that a majority of Americans have ever, at any point in time, actually believed that this man was truly the best our country has to offer.

No intellectually honest person could possibly believe that. Not now, not ever. The very suggestion of it is absurd, and yet, here we are. The media would have you believe, not only that Trump is “falling off a cliff” of mental decline, but that Biden actually got a bump in the polls after his debate performance:

As always, take it with a grain of salt. Just remember that a lot of people are only getting one side of the story. Millions of Americans believe these lies.

My two cents? Don’t get caught up in the gas lighting. Those who have been propping Biden up, have been doing so since prior to the 2020 election. That includes all of the alphabet agencies, the media propagandists, and the “secret cabal” of global elites, whom collectively have no intentions of giving up on him now.

They’ve invested too much, and they have too much to lose.

At least that’s the impression being pumped out in the headlines:

According to the media, Biden is ANGRY that anyone has the audacity to even suggest that he might not be as strong as he’s ever been! That he’s somehow not doing the job of ten ordinary men, and single-handedly saving democracy all around the world.

The old man has REJECTED Democratic lawmaker’s calls to step down.

In fact, he’s sent a “forcefully worded letter” telling every democrat in the nation to fall in line, blasting the elites who would dare to urge him out. Stop speculating. Do not be deceived by your lying eyes: good old Uncle Joe is as good as he’s ever been!

And make no mistake, he will win the election—at least that’s the story.

Hence the headlines:

It’s insane, and yet, it’s happening. Some astute conservative analysts are already pointing out that Joe Biden’s Cognitive Issues Are Destined for the Memory Hole. The elites can’t just give him the gaffe. Having built up his ego with endless lies, given he has no plans to step aside, the Party might just be stuck with him.

No doubt the lefties will fall in line.

What remains to be seen is whether the Deep State has a different plan. No matter what, it’s clear that the fate of our nation is not in the hands of the American people.

It’s despicable.

The degree of gaslighting and corruption is nearly incomprehensible. Meanwhile, while the masses are fixated on the political circus, there is a cacophony of silence on all things global cabal. What a coincidence.

How many people are talking about Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, weaponized AI, Sentinel Surveillance, Algorithmic Social Interventions, subconscious taming, vertical integration, or the transformation of human consciousness?

The answer: not nearly enough.

Thus, as thrilling as the political circus might be, I will return to the big picture analysis tomorrow. Until then, as always, RESIST WE MUST!!!


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