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TR 591 - Headlines, Hogwash, & the Verdict on Violence

TR 591 - Headlines, Hogwash, & the Verdict on Violence

Are you ready for what lies ahead?

I have to admit…

I’ve been feeling a little cynical lately, almost jaded, like my give-a-damn’s damn near busted. Coming back to the news after the long weekend was underwhelming to say the least, and it never ceases to amaze me at just how low the bar for “news” has become. It drives me nuts!

Nevertheless, this is what the masses are getting fed:

It seems wildly inexplicable to me that after all this time, liberals are still hanging on the certifiably absurd notion that there is “overwhelming” evidence against Trump, and that somehow he’s going to end up in jail—and now supposedly even the Secret Service is preparing for this nearly inevitable outcome?


I happened to catch Sean Hannity on the radio yesterday, rapping about all the many (obvious) ways in which the entire trial is a farce. I could only take about a minute of Captain Obvious running his mouth, droning on about things that everyone should already know… it reminded me too much of all the other things he’s gone on and on about, from Clinton’s server, to the Comey investigation, to Burisma, to whatever.

It always sounds so important—like at any minute justice will be served—but what ever becomes of any of these “super important” stories? Nothing.

There’s that cynicism cropping back up.

What happens is, the news flows on ceaselessly from one narrative to another, carrying the public’s psyche along with it wherever the puppet masters want it to go.

Consider the common theme in the headlines today.

Along with that slew of propaganda plastered at the top of Drudge, we get these impressions from CNN, Fox, and The Hill:

Honest question:

Has there EVER been anything so exciting in American politics?

Has there ever been any story so captivating?

Surely this has to be the most important thing that’s happening right now, right?


For a million and one reasons, this is not the most important thing that is happening right now. In fact, it pains me to even have to talk about it—but this is where the conversation is clearly at, so I may as well contribute my two cents, right?

Yes, this sham show trial against Donald Trump is a perversion of justice, it’s lawfare, and it’s even more than that. It’s a political witch hunt. It’s a very public persecution of a former president, for no other reason than to keep him out of office. It’s a crystal clear example of direct election interference in a massive sort of way.

The injustice of it all is utterly appalling.

How could this be happening? Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop the insanity of it all? Can’t people see what’s going on here? C’mon man!

But that’s the purpose of the theater, right? To make people feel.

To make people feel frustrated. To make people feel distraught. To make people feel desperate. To make people feel marginalized, ignored, and hopeless. To make people feel like if there’s any hope of fixing this mess, they’ll have to do something drastic.

The intent is also to make people feel more and more loyalty to Trump. As this great leader continues to be publicly flogged and abused, frustration will eventually give way to rage, and somewhere, someone is likely to do something stupid, acting out of this righteous emotion, not realizing they’ve been baited into a trap. What’s happening right now, and what’s already transpired, is all part of the setup.

This kabuki theater is also meant to make people feel inspired, to make people adhere to Trump with a special sort of passion and zeal. Trump supporters are meant to feel as if the Don can overcome anything: he can shake off the media ankle biters, he can beat back the deep state, and if he gets reelected, he can finally drain the swamp.

Then we can Make America Great Again.

Do I want that to happen? You bet your ass I do.

Do I think that’s how it’s going to play out? Hell no!

I think this is all meant to inflate false hope, for the purpose of pushing millions of people past their emotional breaking point, so that one day they do rise up in Trump’s defense, if and when the election should get stolen from him again—or alternately, if he happens to go the way of JFK shortly after another truly historic victory.

The real evil genius in this, is that people would be right to rise up. In fact, at some point, people will have to rise up if they intend to defend the Republic. You may recall Thomas Jefferson spelling out the cold hard truth:

“God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion.

Jefferson did not mince words when speaking of the need to refresh the Tree of Liberty, nor did he shy away from telling American Patriots exactly what to do:

“What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.

To Jefferson’s first question, we can now say that the United States has gone over a century and a half without a major armed rebellion. It was 163 years ago when the American Civil War broke out, shortly after Lincoln took office in March 1861.

To his second question—what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?—I believe the answer is meant to be obvious. NO country can preserve their liberties if their rulers are not warned that the people still preserve the spirit of resistance.

Without this requisite spirit of resistance, the people are like lambs being led to the slaughter, trusting that the government really does intend to “be good masters.”

What is Jefferson’s solution to this dilemma? Here too he is clear:

“Let them take arms.”

Let’s zoom out.

We have been given a historical imperative to preserve the blessings of liberty at all costs. Indeed, given that we have already endured such a “long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object”—that object being ever greater degrees of power and control—it’s somewhat of a miracle that our nation hasn’t already been ravaged by a second civil war.

Come to think of it, that kind of casts Bill Gates’ September 2022 prediction of a hung election and a civil war in a different light. Perhaps he was reading history books more than he was reading tea leaves. Regardless, what really matters is the fact that there are factions that want this conflict to break out.

I guaran-damn-tee you that those factions have already war gamed this one out, and they are currently, right this very second, using weaponized AI to keep tabs on public sentiment and manipulate people’s emotions, in order to trigger an unstoppable series of events at just the right moment.

Interestingly enough, in the modern era, the American Revolution would be completely impossible. The Founding Fathers would never have had their voices heard. They’d be censored by the algorithms, surveilled by the state, drug through a kangaroo court and tossed in jail for being violent extremists and insurrectionists.

The fact that their words would never reach the masses would mean that the spirit of resistance would lie dormant in the hearts of men who had become comfortable paying their taxes, doing what they were told, and getting a pat on the head.

Good humans obey their masters.

Good humans trust the government.

Good humans have no desire to resist, because resistance leads to uncomfortable feelings and conflict, thereby destabilizing society and threatening democracy.

Good humans just do their part, like cogs in the government’s wheel, like sheep bleating about being shorn, only to return to their grazing once the trauma has ended.

We are not meant to be sheep.

But, unfortunately, over the course of several decades, through behavioral engineering, perceptual engineering, and good old-fashioned husbandry, the majority of men in America have been domesticated to such a degree they are no longer thinking for themselves (their government and women do that for them), and they are no longer in touch with the masculine energy that is a) their birthright, and b) the only thing that’s ultimately going to get us out of this mess.

Testosterone levels have plummeted. Men think they can breastfeed and have babies. Men like to dress in drag and parade around in front of children pretending to be women. This is what is being celebrated in American society today.

Do you think that’s by accident?

It couldn’t possibly be!

The truth is, most Americans have lost their spirit of resistance.

Many people have become conditioned to believe that words are violent, that hate is violence, and that peacefully protesting a rigged election is the equivalent of a violent insurrection. Quite the opposite, Thomas Jefferson was speaking a profound truth, something we’d all be wise to take to heart, that sometimes violence is the answer… and there’s certainly nothing cynical about that!

In fact, history would teach us that is the verdict on violence.



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