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TR 546 - How the Deep State Plans to Steal the 2024 Election, and Other Global Shenanigans

TR 546 - How the Deep State Plans to Steal the 2024 Election, and Other Global Shenanigans

Just in case there was any doubt, we are at a pivotal point in human history.

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It’s a good day.

Just when you think the political circus couldn’t possibly get any more entertaining, we awaken to the news that the Hollywood elites and their Wall Street allies are teaming up to rally support for Joe Biden, dumping some $262.6 million into his “historic” campaign to mow down the grassroots support for political sanity.

Once again, the Democrats are demonstrating what “democracy” is really all about.

It’s all about power.

It’s about establishing mob rule to consolidate power in the hands of the elites, by any means necessary. Those in the know realize this is the first step of a communist revolution, per their Manifesto, and it’s happening concurrently all around the globe.

And, if leveraging the fiscal weight of Wall Street and social impact of Hollywood to warp the fabric of reality was not enough, today we also learn that the Deep State—specifically Obama’s CIA—has actually been recruiting foreign intelligence agencies to interfere with U.S. elections since prior to 2016. This is wholly independent of the 51 former intel and national security officials who pushed the false narrative that Hunter Biden’s laptop was nothing more than Russian disinformation.

Put it all together, and now it appears that it’s We the American People against the entire world. At least that’s what it feels like, and that’s to say nothing of the “secret cabal” of globalists conspiring to strangle every vestige of liberty out of our lives via the Great Reset and the insidious Agenda 2030. We’ll get to that in a minute.

If learning that Deep State has been colluding with the “Five Eyes” to steal American elections is not disturbing enough, today we also learn that the most powerful Republican in the land—Mitch ‘The Turtle’ McConnell—has single-handedly thwarted the will of the American people, again, to make sure that the southern boarder remains a wide-open door to cartels and third-world terror cells.

While House Republicans take a victory lap touting the impeachment of the utterly disgraceful and dishonorable Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, it is widely known that, thanks to Mitch, this political charade is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate—which means the entire process has been nothing more than stagecraft.

Says the consummate schmuck, New York Senator Chuck Schumer:

“House Republicans failed to produce any evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has committed any crime,” the New York Democrat said.

“House Republicans failed to show he has violated the Constitution. House Republicans failed to present evidence of anything resembling an impeachable offense,” he added. “This is a new low for House Republicans.”

He then goes on to spell out the Senate power play to block the impeachment, citing Senators from both parties claiming there is nowhere near the 67 votes needed to convict Mayorkas and remove the jackass from office. It’s all kabuki theater.

Meanwhile, the Uni-Party warmongers have just doled out another $94 billion in “foreign aid” to fund their carefully choreographed “forever wars,” all without spending a single dime to shore up our southern border or defend our national security right here at home.

Shameless shysters.

Actually, it’s worse than shameless. It’s brazen abuse of American taxpayers.

Government gaslighting has officially reached all-time highs, as their cronies in the liberal media claim “The Experts” are now warning that curbing the massive influx of criminal migrants illegally streaming into the heartland would somehow “dent” the U.S. economy at a “crucial time.” You can’t make this stuff up.

They would have you believe that stopping a criminal invasion is bad for the economy.

Let that sink in.

Now then, turning our attention back to yesterday’s farcical assertion that Joe Biden is a “personally decent man with no major scandals,” and continuing to track the rapidly shifting narrative on how Biden isn’t going anywhere and we “better get used to it,” today we find the following headlines:

Like I was saying, do not underestimate the Deep State’s ability to prop this sock-puppet up in pursuit of their pathological new world agenda. Now that they’ve brought Wall Street and Hollywood in on the game, along with intelligence agencies from around the world, it does indeed appear that Americans are “stuck” with Biden—at least until the election.

To me, and perhaps to any sane person, it seems absolutely unimaginable that Democrat voters would accept this sort of political abuse. It’s painful to watch. It’s embarrassing. Liberals need an intervention, or a lobotomy, or both.

How can any of what’s happening be even remotely reconciled with democracy?

It can’t even be reconciled with reality.

If this is what “democracy” looks like—or should I say, if Democrats are willing to accept that this is what democracy looks like—uhhh… I’m at a loss for words.

Keep in mind, while all of this is happening, the White House diversity-hire KJP is desperately trying to convince the public that Biden is “mentally and physically fit”—despite his daily displays of feebleness and ineptitude. With wry irony, the White House has also decided that Biden’s forthcoming physical exam will absolutely NOT include any sort of cognitive testing, despite the inventor of the “Gold Standard” in mental assessment for seniors strongly suggesting he undergo evaluation.

Friends, what’s happening is elder abuse, pure and simple. Can you imagine if your elderly loved one was struggling with “memory problems,” getting pumped full of amphetamines, and beign trotted out on stage to fumble their way through another embarrassing press conference while pretending to be the leader of the free world?

Their depravity knows no bounds, but as always, the ends justify the means.

So, where is all of this headed?

Let’s speculate a little.

Did you hear about Ukraine sinking another Russian warship—despite not having a Navy? Have you picked up on what’s brewing in the Pacific? Are you tracking the Houthi attacks on U.S. ships in the Red Sea? Are you aware of the very real concerns that the U.S. Navy is ill-prepared for World War III to break out on the high seas?

In my conspiratorial mind, none of this could be a coincidence.

There is no doubt the globalists are attempting to orchestrate WWIII, or that their ultimate aim is to knock the United States off the global podium in order to usher us into their utopian New World Order—as previously discussed, they’ve been planning this out loud since at least the 1990s.

But what’s with all of the sudden attention on naval warfare?

And why is the UN so consistently siding with terrorists?


Do you recall our recent foray into the mysterious globalist arrangements on the African island nation São Tomé? In TR 526 - The "Crisis of Governability" and the Weaponizing of Trust, we discovered the U.S. Navy—in cahoots with over 20 UN agencies, the World Bank, and others—had transformed this tiny island into a new state-of-the-art surveillance system that was designed to gather data for a global database that could “track ships all across the world.”

We also learned that São Tomé was the mothership of Deep State propaganda, the location from which the state funded Voice of America is broadcast throughout the eastern hemisphere. Recollecting this, I am reminded of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, and Putin’s assertion that American intelligence agencies essentially own global media.

That comes as no surprise, but I bring this up because we’d be wise to frame this entire discussion through the lens of psychological warfare. It appears that our attention is being drawn out to sea, does it not? And it’s not just the attention of the American public, it’s passive spectators of the geopolitical chaos all around the world.

Should WWIII break out somewhere in the vast expanse of open waters, everyone’s attention will be fixated on the ocean. Coincidently, this provides the perfect backdrop to trumpet the UN’s development of International Laws to take control of the world’s oceans. Here are just a few of their recent articles on the subject:

What we find here, is that while Americans have been fully enthralled with the political circus, the global cabal has continued to advance its agendas on all fronts. While the plebes were eating their popcorn, the globalists were gathering in New York to discuss their visions for an “ocean-based economy” and laying down the legal framework for a “water-food-energy” paradigm to further justify global control.

Quite ironically, they’ve dubbed their most recent report “The SIDS Story”—which is not to be mistaken for anything related to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—but rather poetically connects their various oceanic schemes back to the original depopulation agenda, as outlined in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

Again, I’m sure it’s all just a fascinating coincidence.

Kind of like the Wall Street Journal’s article, out today, on how scientists are now turning to “once-unthinkable” solutions to save the planet, including but not limited to—wait for itdumping chemicals into the ocean!

Need we ask the obvious? What could possibly go wrong?!

Friends, when you hear Democrats squawking about how Donald Trump is trying to set the stage for World War 3, about how Trump is causing the so-called “migrant crisis,” how Trump is supposedly a threat to international security, how Trump is creating a “profoundly dangerous moment” by undermining election integrity, or how everyone should be “scared as hell” and working to Trump-proof NATO, just let it roll off—these are the same people who think Joe Biden is a rock star.

Just don’t overlook the fact that all of these shenanigans are being driven by dark and nefarious forces who are actively working to depopulate the planet and enslave the whole of humanity in an inescapable digital prison they affectionately refer to as Future Earth.

This critical election cycle is about more than just a Battle for the Soul of America.

We are in a war for the future of humanity. Failure is not an option. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. Your future, your freedom, and your very life are on the line.

Resist we must!


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