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TR 562 - When the Fruits of Public Fleecing Go on Full Display

TR 562 - When the Fruits of Public Fleecing Go on Full Display

How do we know when to trust our lyin' eyes?

Let’s poke fun.

Noting the political circus last night, I grabbed this screenshot from Fox News:

Tonight is being hyped as Biden’s night, as he looks to set the nation straight with his State of the Union address. If you’d like to pop some popcorn and watch the show, Biden will deliver his address at 9 p.m. Eastern time on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, and NewsNation—i.e. plastered across the mainstream media.

Trump has declared he will offer live ‘play-by-play’ counterpoint to Biden’s speech, which will no doubt be entertaining and informative. But where do you watch it?

Bear with me for a bit here, because I want to provide another perfect example of how algorithms are manipulating the public’s perspective.

Donald Trump has been around for a while, right? I mean, he’s been a pretty predominant figure in American politics for the past eight years at least, and before that he was a business mogul and reality TV star, so at the very least you’d think the guy has his own website, right?

It seems within reason to think that searching for Donald Trump might show his website, right?

Working within this assumption, and side-stepping Google’s progressively slanted search results, I decided to search for Trump using DuckDuckGo—which has become quite popular in conservative circles, as an alternative to Google. Think about the fact that conservatives and “independents” are flocking to this new platform, assuming that they're getting less biased search results.

In other words, most people who use DuckDuckGo assume they are getting more reliable and impartial news stories than the clearly biased Google results.

So, I wanted to dig up Trump’s official site, with the thought that there would be links to his live play-by-play that I could include in today’s report, to save you the hassle of having to go track it down. I ran a generic search, and here’s what I got in return—take note of the sources being provided by DuckDuckGo:

The list goes on and on, without a conservative source in sight.

That’s what Algorithmic Social Interventions look like.

Search results like this are warping the fabric of reality for millions of Americans.

At the global scale, this intentional manipulation is warping the minds of the masses.

The Power of Narrative

Human beings are hard-wired to like stories. For eons, this is how we have passed along information related to life, death, and current events in the world around us. Stories are easier to remember, and they tend to stick better than just raw facts.

Therein lies the power of narrative.

We are all familiar with the negative narratives swirling around Donald Trump and his MAGA extremist followers. Being astute observers of the political landscape, this audience is also familiar with the less prominent counter-narrative perspectives.

However, millions of Americans are not familiar with anything other than what they get fed by the algorithms. The obvious result is millions of people believing bogus BS.

Here, I’d like to point out a few facts:

  1. 100s of conservative sources do in fact exist, just not in the search results above.

  2. Given Trump’s broad conservative base, that seems a bit odd.

  3. This is having an undeniable impact on political discourse ahead of the election.

Doing a little digging, we find that according to Statista, the most popular conservative “far-right websites” are getting millions of unique visitors each month—more than prime time MSNBC, for example—and yet these sources get stuffed.

When you begin to realize that even the statisticians are bias (e.g. “far-right websites”), the weight of what’s going on here may begin to sink in. According to the narrative being pumped out by NBC, for example, even Fox News isn’t actually news.

From their article, Fox News Isn’t News:

“A new study suggests Fox News viewers aren’t just manipulated and misinformed — they are literally being made ignorant by their consumption habits.”

It’s worth noting that Fox News is a stalwart member of the globalists’ insidious Trusted News Initiative, so this is really just nothing more than gaslighting. But what about this “new study” that’s suggesting people are being “made ignorant by their consumption” of Fox News—where is NBC getting this crackpot idea from, anyhow?

It should come as no surprise, this spittle is being spewed from the mouth of the ultra-woke liberal idiots over at UC Berkley, who put out this remarkable piece:

When Fox News viewers flip to CNN, their opinions shift too, study finds

The headline really says it all, but the opening paragraph notes:

“Staunchly conservative Fox News viewers who spent a month tuning in to CNN instead reported a broad shift in their political opinions…”

It would stand to reason that an opposite experiment would yield similar results. If CNN viewers were subjected to a sustained dose of actual reality, they might eventually lose their illusions of intellectual superiority and adopt a more centrist perspective. Funny that universities are not doing any studies like that.

As maddening as it all is, what must be emphasized here is that they are studying how to change conservatives perspective—how to assimilate them into the hive-mind of the collective Left—and they are doing so by changing news consumption habits.

Interestingly enough, that study was conducted in 2022, and by the end of 2022 CNN was reaching more people in the U.S. than any other news brand, across television and digital platforms. While you may have heard that CNN’s ratings have been plummeting, it’s key to realize that is only for their lame-brain television lineup.

In the world of algorithms, controlled by intelligence agencies, Big Tech, and the Global Deep State, CNN has been soaring to new heights—and doing so right on the heels of Berkley’s bizarre study about force-feeding conservatives CNN content.

The science says this force-feeding works, so why not use it right?

As a bonus, though people can choose which show they want to watch (people in the experiment quickly switched back to Fox after getting paid to stomach CNN for a month, for example), the public has absolutely no control over what the algorithms put in their news feed. This, in the mind of global sociopaths, is a golden opportunity.

Why not use AI to control the flow of online information, and simply force-feed the masses leftist propaganda until they exhibit a “broad shift” in political perspective?

The best part about it, is that most people will never realize it’s happening. That means they won’t just change the channel and revert back to their prior ways of rational thinking—and that means this sneaky, immoral form of social engineering has nearly limitless potential.

Months after the Berkley research came out, MIT ran an article about the Six Ways That AI Could Change Politics. See if you can extract their political slant from this short passage:

“But when it comes to how AI may threaten our democracy, much of the public conversation lacks imagination. …

We’re on the lookout for foreign governments that spread misinformation because we were traumatized by the 2016 US presidential election.

And we worry that AI-generated opinions will swamp the political preferences of real people because we’ve seen political “astroturfing”—the use of fake online accounts to give the illusion of support for a policy— grow for decades.”

It’s interesting that they’ve seen “political astroturfing” grow for decades. Who knew that weaponized AI was being used to give the illusion of policy support for such an extended period of time? I certainly didn’t, at least not until I’d unearthed Google’s 2007 AI for Social Good initiative and the various tentacles reaching out from there.

Friends, I’ve discussed this all at length before, and I don’t have time to reiterate the significance of this growing threat today. You can take a deeper dive here on how the globalists (WEF, etc) are actively using weaponized AI for political impact here:

For today, I want to drive home the point that this new technology, and the algorithmic manipulation of public perspective that comes with it, is being used to direct the 2024 election. Let there be absolutely NO doubt about that.

Along with the revealing MIT piece above, these articles paint the not-so-pretty picture. Spoiler alert, Trump and the Evil Russian Tyrant are going to be using AI to interfere with and potentially steal the 2024 election:

You see, AI is already transforming the news business, and not just by cranking out an endless stream of sophisticated government propaganda designed to “build trust” with the public, but by systematically eliminating the counter-narrative sources that might stimulate curiosity and cause the peasants to question their benevolent masters.

It’s the fact that so many people are still stubbornly trying to think for themselves, so persistently seeking out information that casts doubt on the state sanctioned narrative, that is ultimately fueling the global “crisis of governability,” remember?

But now we can rest assured they have a plan to overcome this existential threat to democracy. We’ve just seen it in action. If everything goes according to plan, we can trust that Americans will no longer have to be “traumatized” by upcoming elections, because the algorithms will ensure the government can successfully “swamp the political preferences of real people” and reelect anyone they want into office.

Keep that in mind if you happen to catch the sock-puppet’s prime time performance this evening. The fruits of all this public fleecing will be on full display, just don’t let it ruin your day!


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