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TR 557 - The Democratic Plan to Depopulate Planet Earth by Urging Collective Sacrifice

TR 557 - The Democratic Plan to Depopulate Planet Earth by Urging Collective Sacrifice

They've been working on this plan for decades, and they've very nearly pulled it off.

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Today we learn that Mitch ‘The Turtle’ McConnell is stepping down from his leadership role in the Senate, prompting howls of concern from the Mitt Romney and Liz Cheneys in the world, that the GOP is “Trump’s party now”—because somehow McConnell was the “last bulwark against MAGA.” Really?

Honestly, I don’t give a damn.

Neither do I want to spend much time on the fact that NATO is only about a half-step away from declaring an open war with Russia, with just an uneasy hat tip to the fact that NATO v. Russia means World War III, and it will definitely involve the U.S.A.

But, believe it or not, we’ve got bigger fish to fry. All at once, we must confront the fact that there is an overarching trajectory to all of this madness, and that trajectory is aimed squarely at ushering us into the techno-dystopian hell known as Future Earth. As previously discussed, this socialist environmental fantasy amounts to an open-air digital prison designed to suck the living soul out of every person on the planet.

The real kicker here, is that they—the globalist regime—are using weaponized AI and Fifth Generation Warfare to rewire the masses to accept the impending insanity.

But let’s set aside the how for now, and focus on the what. What are these greedy, scheming globalists up to? Are they really trying to take over the world?

Why yes, yes they are. If you’ve been with me, you know that’s a rhetorical question.

Circling back to the radical climate convention unearthed in TR 555 - Radical Environmentalists Secretly Discuss How to Starve the Political Resistance; honing in on the One Agenda to Rule Them All; this report aims to illuminate the precise passages of international treaties and agreements that have given the globalists such a death grip on national, state, and local level policies.

Today, we will examine exactly what these shysters are up to. By studying their language and backtracking to ascertain the sources of their various agendas, it will become clear that the “secret cabal”—quoting Rockefelleris hellbent on depopulating the planet and forcefully imposing their Future Earth fantasies upon the unsuspecting masses of humanity.

Their ultimate goal is total control.


The global cabal aims to control what you can do, what you can eat, where you can go, and even what you think. They aim to control every aspect of your daily life, under the auspice of saving the planet. Beyond that, they aim to control what you believe, to control the convictions you cling to, and even how you behave as a human being.

Psychologically speaking, this is achieved through subconscious taming, menticide, and scientifically perfected methods of mind control, that literally rewire the brain—but one need not have studied these processes to perceive their underlying intent.

Framed properly, Sustainable Development might be best understood as the tyrannical grip of environmental regulations that will dictate how you live for the rest of your life. Agenda 2030 will control how your children’s children live their lives.

To pull this off, the globalists are using the same justification over and over again.

“Unsustainable patterns of production and consumption” are destroying the planet, therefore the globalists must control the means of production and consumption. That means they also must control the food supply, manufacturing, and energy production.

Unsustainable patterns of human reproduction are also destroying the planet, therefore the globalists must control human reproduction and population growth, and they also must reduce the unsustainable number of peasants living on planet Earth.

In both cases, the sense of justification stems from nothing less than a moral imperative to save the planet. In the minds of those who have succumb to this seductive climate-cult conditioning, saving Mother Earth is the highest of moral high grounds. Little can compare to the fervor of this religious conviction.

From this twisted perspective, anyone who denies climate change is a threat to the very future of humanity. We must realize that in their eyes, anyone who opposes so-called Sustainable Development is a deranged lunatic threatening global democracy.

Make no mistake, we are their mortal enemies, and baked deep within their plans is a strategy to deal with all of these nasty dissenters. But first, let’s connect some dots:

  1. The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) considers themselves the world’s “highest-level decision-making body” on environmental issues. They are meeting this week to discuss and “ultimately create the architecture for future environmental governance”—i.e. they are discussing how to control your life.

  2. TR 353 - Introducing Earth System Governance elaborates on how environmental governance gives the global cabal leverage to control the world’s economy, in every sector, right down to the food on your plate. As Klaus Schwab has famously said, “You will own nothing and be happy.” Also, “You will eat ze bugs.”

  3. Prior research compiled over multiple reports has shown the connection between the radical Green Agenda, the alleged Triple Planetary Crisis, the threat of the Quadripartite, and how all of this has been cleverly threaded into public health policy, per the WHO’s far-reaching One Health Joint Plan of Action.

Planetary health is now public health. Squeezing these facts into a succinct and pertinent statement, suffice it to say that all roads lead to total control over a reduced population, via radical environmental regulations that destroy the food supply, and relentless vaccination campaigns that perpetually cause death and reproductive harm.

Fortunately, this current UNEA conference provides us with a convergence of these terrible agendas to dissect and study. What I want to highlight here, is how it’s all coming together right under our noses.

It’s happening.

In pouring through UNEA’s opening plenary statements—all of which are absolutely dripping with altruistic intent—this passage struck a chord:

“[We] put forward suggestions based on UNEP’s horizon scanning, which comes from our mandate to keep the environment under review – a mandate strengthened by the Rio+20 outcome on the Future We Want.”

For those unfamiliar, horizon scanning was a tool developed by military intelligence. It is a precursory tool to forming consensus and capacity building. In a nutshell, this is how global leaders are tricked into believing they are supporting whatever the so-called “experts” suggest. International treaties and global regulations inevitably follow.

Also take note of “our mandate to keep the environment under review,” which alludes to their perceived moral imperative to impose environmental regulations, and also hints at the use of Marxist Critical Theory in keeping environmental issues under constant scrutiny, in order to facilitate a dialectical dismantling of actual reality.

That said, the real juicy tidbit in that passage, is the reference to the Future We Want—a 41-page document that links the original depopulation agenda, Agenda 21, with the many different vectors and iterations of this agenda playing out at the current moment. In case there was any doubt, I assure you this is not the future we want!

Perhaps most telling in the Future THEY Want report, is the reference to the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo, Egypt, September 1994. As the title suggests, that report is all about population control.

Take this excerpt for example, written thirty years ago:

“Around the world many of the basic resources on which future generations will depend for their survival and well-being are being depleted and environmental degradation is intensifying, driven by unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, unprecedented growth in population, widespread and persistent poverty, and social and economic inequality.

Ecological problems, such as global climate change, largely driven by unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, are adding to the threats to the well-being of future generations. There is an emerging global consensus on the need for increased international cooperation in regard to population in the context of sustainable development, for which Agenda 21 provides a framework.”

There’s that sneaky consensus again. Let me ask you: what do you think the global consensus is on unsustainable production, consumption, and population growth?

Why, it’s nothing less than the Future We Want! As I was saying, those who have been following along know that this future is the insidious socialist fantasy known as Future Earth. Future Earth, which comes complete with an inescapable global surveillance state, equates to a techno-dystopian hell for the 2 billion—not 8 billion2 billion peasants the rulers keep around to do the housework.

REMEMBER: According to the WEF, the planet only has a carrying capacity of around 2 billion people if everyone enjoyed an unsustainable modern lifestyle. They’ve made it explicitly clear that they “just don’t need the vast majority of the population.” This central philosophy is the driving force behind the so-called “sustainable development” goals—but that’s not even the worst of it.

This is all said to be for Tomorrow’s Children, mind you, brought to you courtesy of the American Eugenics Society, the WEF, and the Club of Rome, along with their minions of brainwashed idiots who think that they’re actually saving the planet.

Drawing upon their own expressed sentiment, we know that all of this is intended to reduce the number of “defectives” in order to control the spread of Social Cancer.

As always, it’s worth taking a moment to let that sink in.

Look at their language.

They tell us what they intend to do. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to take them at their word, assuming they do mean forcefully take control and depopulate the planet, and organizing our resistance accordingly.

The question is how, and the answer lies in exposing their intent.

People need to understand what’s going on.

Let’s dig deeper.

How about this little gem, from the 1994 Conference on Population and Development:

Given the premise that population growth is “the most” serious obstacle to sustainable development, the bulk of their agenda revolves around solving that problem. In other words, reducing population growth has long been their top priority, and accounting for the rise of global policies on “family planning” indicates they’ve been wildly successful over the last three decades.

Moreover, they go on to say this:

“In order to achieve a sustainable balance between the number of people and the amount of natural resources that can be consumed, both the peoples of the industrialized countries and the rich in the South have a special obligation to reduce their ecological impact.”

PAUSE. Do we really have a “special obligation” to achieve a “sustainable balance?” Are you aware of their plans to “proportion the population” to achieve this?

Continuing on:

“Only when people have the right to take part in the shaping of society by participating in democratic political processes will changes be politically sustainable. Only then can we fulfil the hopes and aspirations of generations yet unborn. [We] challenge this Conference to answer its responsibility towards coming generations. We did not succeed in Rio with regard to population. Cairo must be successful for Earth's sake.”

Again we see the moral imperative, “for Earth’s sake,” and again we see the “special obligation” to reduce our ecological impact—i.e. to reduce the human population.

And then the big reveal: that this is all made possible via the vehicle of “global democracy,” wherein the world’s useful idiots are collectively conned into approving all the anti-human initiatives being imposed by the ruling class elites.

It works every time.

It’s always for the children. It’s for the greater good. It’s for Mother Earth.

Collective human sacrifice is an infectious idea. They’ve been spreading it for years.

At this point it should go without saying: RESIST WE MUST!

…to be continued.

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