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TR 583 - How Millions of Illegal Immigrants are Threatening Every American Family

TR 583 - How Millions of Illegal Immigrants are Threatening Every American Family

Our country is being invaded, our culture is under attack, and that's not even the worst of it... we need to get real about the threat of the southern invasion.

This one’s for you…

You know who you are.

In a recent conversation at a local event, a fellow veteran ribbed me a little for not talking more about the invasion of military age males—many of them known terrorists and agent provocateurs streaming in from hostile nations—that are currently streaming across our southern border.

Allow me to rectify the situation.

The reason I haven’t held the immigrant invasion front and center is because I believe there are other higher-priority issues, namely the weaponized AI that is rewiring the public psyche and the global cabal’s depopulation agenda.

That said, I have addressed the issue in prior reports. Just for context:

  • TR 120 - How to Read a Head-Fake — “Replacement Theory, for those unfamiliar, is the idea that Democrats are banking on the surge of illegal immigrants to change the demographics of our country and secure a reliable voting block for their liberal agenda.”

  • TR 148 - When Reality Gets Rejected — “Millions of more illegal immigrants have been granted the right to violate our laws, walk across the border, and become Democrat voters.”

  • TR 155 - How Real is the Threat of Nuclear War? — “According to the Biden administration, over 6 MILLION illegal immigrants will flood across our border this year alone. And yet Biden bullheadedly insists on maintaining open borders, defying the rule of law, and playing catch and release with the Chinese supplied Mexican cartels who are trafficking drugs that are claiming American lives in shocking numbers.”

  • TR 161 - Is THIS Their Ploy? — “Mayorkas claimed that our southern border is secure despite a record number of drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal aliens flooding through on the daily, with virtual impunity. There have already been 1,746,119 "encounters" on the porous southern border this year alone, which is more than all of 2021.”

  • TR 228 - On Aliens & Elections — “The midterms are just around the corner. This time even the aliens will get to vote.”

  • TR 451 - The Sad Miserable State of Things — “With all the hand-wringing over illegal immigrants overrunning the sanctuary state of Massachusetts, it would be a major oversight to miss the fact that “The Mexican Cartel is in Full Control of the Southern Border.”

  • TR 462 - No Matter What, Life is Still Good — “VP diversity hire Kamala Harris, the so-called Border Czar, continues to fleece the public and insist there is no border crisis, despite many prominent Democrats like New York Mayor Eric Adams sounding the alarm of the influx of illegal immigrants.”

  • TR 477 - The Calculated Destruction of America — “I want to point out that 269,735 criminals illegally crossing the border and entering our country—in a single month—is a big number, and it’s an even bigger problem. To put that number into context, consider the fact that these 269,735 illegal criminals out number the entire population in well over 90% of the counties in our entire country.”

  • TR 478 - Are We in a New Political Era? — “Yesterday I was making the point that illegal immigration is a cornerstone of the global cabal’s effort to destabilize nations, change national demographics, and undermine national sovereignty by importing voters who are inherently dependent on the government.”

  • TR 507 - Hamilton 68 and Unconventional Warfare — “The public is being conditioned to accept illegal immigration as if it’s a human right, welcoming with open arms millions of military aged males, cartel henchmen, human traffickers, foreign subversives, and potential terrorists—many of whom are already terrorizing American citizens—as if this is the normal and right thing to do.”

  • TR 523 - Reality is More Savage Than You Think — “The second, more sinister purpose of providing safe passage, free health care, and free housing to millions of illegal immigrants is to add fuel to the fire of cultural revolution.”

Now then, with that little primer out of the way, let’s wade a little deeper into the issue. My guess is that the biggest issue surrounding illegal immigration, at least for most of my fellow veterans, isn’t the fact that they get to vote.

It’s the fact that the majority of them are fighting age males with absolutely zero allegiance to the United States.

In this sense, American’s have stood idly by while an entire standing army has been allowed to invade our country, collecting paychecks, food stamps, and sympathy along the way. All it takes now is the right spark, and should the chaos devolve into a kinetic civil war, these illegal criminals will have no problem knifing a few snowflakes or rural farmers to snatch their dusty, seldom used firearms.

There are more than enough guns in the country to outfit both sides of any potential conflict, keep that in mind. Never mind the bizarre suggestion from some loony politicians that we allow these criminals to earn citizenship by taking advantage of our world-class military training programs (and gaining access to our arsenals).

Senator Dick Durbin Proposes Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Join U.S. Military as a Pathway to Citizenship

What could possibly go wrong?!

Regardless, while Grade-A idiots like Jerry Nadler lament the fact that “our vegetables would rot in the ground” if it wasn’t for all these illegal criminals invading our country and raping our women and children, the fact remains—along the lines of what we were discussing yesterday—that the bosses at the top of both parties are in on the game.

The clear takeaway is that they simply don’t give a damn about you, your family, the safety of our communities, or the future of our country.

Now, just to be fair, and to circumvent any false assumptions about what I am saying, let it be known that I am not suggesting EVERYONE who crosses the southern boarder is a savage criminal or aspiring terrorist—just some. Perhaps many.

The point is: who the hell knows?

One thought that’s crossed my mind about this whole debacle, is the smoke screen effect of having that many people flooding in day after day after day. It makes for an easy-to-grab headline for either side to toss around like red meat, whenever an emotional hot-button item is needed to create a diversion.

Furthermore, with all these potential terrorists lurking in the bushes, there is a palpable sense of imminence in the air, that it’s only a matter of time before one of these foreign hostiles unleashes all hell, maybe by detonating a suicide bomb, shooting up a mall, smashing into a building with an airplane, or worse yet, actually perpetrating a calculated strike on the grid somewhere.

That said, the “smoke screen effect” I’m talking about also implies that any number of such strikes could very well be orchestrated by our own rogue intelligence operatives. Such a staged event, at the right time and place, would provide perfect cover for anything that needed cover.

Similarly, it could potentially be used as a catalyst for other kinetic events.

All that said, please, DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR.

Don’t give the enemy that power over your mind!

Given the enemy is playing the long game, it seems safe to assume that globalists’ strategy in all of this must inevitably serve the end goal of consolidating power and control. Terrorist attacks on U.S. soil will come and go. It’s happened before, it will happen again, but ultimately these are just momentary disruptions, horrific as they may be.

So what are these shysters really up to?

Some have floated the idea that all this illegal immigration is somehow supposed to keep the economy from collapsing. Here are a couple of articles that flesh this out:

In my mind, economically speaking, the only thing illegal immigration is going to accomplish is to further gut the middles class by bringing in cheap labor, burgeoning entitlement programs, and bludgeoning our cultural identity.

Many proponents of immigration would have you believe that the illegal immigrants are all hard-working entrepreneurs who are looking to get their slice of the American Dream, by doing the jobs that Americans have become too lazy to do, no less. The unsung truth about all of this is beautifully captured in this headline:

Turns out a shocking number of Muslim male immigrants are unemployed mooches…

The truth is, even some federal officials are now admitting this influx of illegals is driving up mortgage rates and actually fueling an increase in inflation. Despite a deluge of propaganda to the contrary—there are innumerable articles and organizations that would try to convince you immigration is good for the economy and driving down inflation—intellectually honest economists will tell you that illegal immigration is costly, and it does necessarily drive up inflation.

As always, this is a chose-your-own-adventure reality show.

Who do you choose to believe?

However, since a) our country is massively in debt and printing every dollar that gets spent on immigrant luxuries, and b) most of these immigrants are unemployed mooches looking for a hot shower, three square meals, free healthcare, free housing, and free public education, all at taxpayers expense—and that is to say nothing of the controversial untraceable cash-on-card programs—it kind of makes sense that this would further drive up the national debt, dilute the value of the dollar, and thereby increase inflation.

It’s not rocket science. It’s common sense.

Nevertheless, back to the long game, I personally believe that the greatest threat of this criminal invasion is how it will impact our elections. Regardless of whether or not these illegals are “technically” allowed to vote, they will be voting by the droves for decades to come. And for the record, there are over 20 million illegals that are already set to vote in the upcoming 2024 election.

In the longer term, we must contend with the fact that immigration will warp the electoral collage, which is based on the Census head count, not actual citizenship:

But alas, all of this only goes to show that the problems we face as a nation are massively complex. There ain’t no easy way out. It’s going to take hard damn work if we intend to correct course. It’s time to step up our game.

If you’re not in the game, it’s time to get off the bench.

(If you are in Klickitat County, I strongly encourage you to consider filing as a PCO immediately—the deadline is 5pm today—shoot me an email if you have questions.)

We’ll turn our attention more toward practical political solutions next week, but for now I want to wish you all a very wonderful weekend. No matter what, life is still good, so let’s get out there and make the most of it!

Until next time: RESIST WE MUST!




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