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Biden's Plan for Food Shortages, F-16s, and the Flamebot 9000

Biden's Plan for Food Shortages, F-16s, and the Flamebot 9000

We'll also cover "global digital cooperation" and the hot new global digital IDs.

(Originally posted as TR 394 - The Merciless Assault on Commonsense June 26, 2023)

It’s Monday and the merciless assault on commonsense continues!

Over the weekend, there was an enormous amount of hype and scuttlebutt about a big Russian mutiny. Supposedly, the mercenary Wagoner Group had turned on Putin and was marching on Moscow. It was going to be the end of the regime. This was a game changer. This was major. Everybody look! But wait…

Was this all BS? Did that $6 billion dollar accounting error at the Pentagon just get used by the CIA as a bribe to drive another psyop that duped the American people yet again? Or, perhaps this was Putin stealthily moving Wagoner’s war-hardened troops to nuke-equipped Belarus, just a couple hundred miles north of Kiev?

Hmmm…. I don’t really care.

In other news, the institutional “rot in America’s democracy” continues unabated, and for whatever reason, people still seem to think that the next election cycle is somehow going to fix it all — despite the following set of facts:

1) An IRS probe into the Biden’s money laundering payments from hostile nations — the normal outcome of which would have ended his candidacy — was instead given a stand-down order.

2) The FBI & IRS wanted to search Biden’s house in September 2020 but were given a stand down order.

3) The FBI authenticated Hunter’s laptop a year before the NYPost first reported on its contents.

4) Rather than use the laptop’s voluminous documentation of myriad felonies to initiate criminal investigations, the FBI hatched a plot to warn social media companies of an imminent “hack & leak” operation of what they heavily suggested was Russian disinformation.

5) The FBI used its 2016 Russia collusion probe — which the Durham probe has since proven was essentially an extension of the Clinton campaign — to rationalize its meddling in the 2020 election.

6) The FBI also conducted an influence operation with various reporters at major newspapers to convince them that forthcoming damaging reporting about Biden that they knew was true was in fact not.

7) The FBI was spying on Giuliani when he shared the laptop’s contents with the NYPost.

8) When the FBI told Twitter & Facebook a Russian disinformation campaign was coming, they had already concluded Russia wasn’t trying to game the election.

9) In their attempt to corroborate their own rumor of Russian electoral influence, the FBI became aggressive with its demands for user data from Twitter, eventually getting shutdown for seeking users’ private info without a warrant.

10) Nonetheless, in the preceding years, the FBI established a beachhead inside Twitter, with an operations center of former agents who communicated via their own dedicated slack channel. These ex-agents included Jim Baker, the FBI’s former top counsel who played a central role in the FBI’s Trump/Russia scam, as well as Comey’s former chief of staff, Dawn Burton, who started the FBI’s Russia collusion probe.

11) The CIA, in collusion with the Biden campaign, seeded disinformation claiming the laptop was itself Russian disinformation. Then major media used this as a pretext to avoid reporting on its contents and instead attack those who were.

12) The FBI also arranged a meeting with Sens. Grassley & Johnson about supposed Russian disinformation & Hunter Biden.

13) The FBI then used this briefing with the senators to justify quashing their own agents’ probe into the Bidens’ corruption.  

14) When the story broke mere weeks before the election — one that polling later indicated would have altered enough Democrat votes to send Trump to a second term — Twitter & Facebook orchestrated an unprecedented & anti-democratic mass censorship campaign.

15) When Twitter initially resisted censoring the story, it was Jim Baker who convinced them to do so (despite the FBI having known for a year the information was true).

16) In December 2020, after the operation’s success and Biden’s “victory,” the FBI agents working at & with Twitter celebrated the outcome.

17) The FBI subsequently paid Twitter $3.5 million for the staff hours expended on their influence operations.  

18) At the time Trump was being impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine, the FBI & IRS already knew the Biden’s had indeed laundered more than $10 million from Burisma, via fake companies and dozens of bank accounts, while at the same time VP Biden had used U.S. aid as leverage in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired.

19) Often overlooked: the Mueller probe and Russia hoax was used to take Dems over the finish line and win the House in the 2018 midterms. This gave Schiff the power and ability to start House investigations/impeachments.

Oh, and how about 20) All of this has been well-documented and KNOWN for YEARS, and yet Special Counsel John Durham did NOTHING, House and Senate Republicans have done NOTHING, and the only reasonable expectation at this point is that NOTHING is going to happen, except for MORE OF THE SAME.

Ah yes… can you hear it? There’s nothing like the sound of political theater in the morning! I can almost hear the circus music coming out of DC from here!

At the same time, the sock-puppet in the Oval Office—aka the “Delaware Dictator”—continues to parade around the country, campaigning on the unifying message that patriots don’t need guns to fight government tyranny.

Evidently, according to Biden, you’d need an F-16 for that.

This is beyond absurd, which Kurt Schlitcher spells out brilliantly:

“One constant component of [Biden’s] stump speech is a line of nonsense that essentially boils down to us not needing real guns to fight government tyranny because the government – his government – will unleash the F-16s on you uppity peasants if you fail to obey your elite masters. I’m not persuaded by the argument that says, “You are crazy for thinking you need guns to resist tyranny and, also, we will murder you and your family if you attempt to resist tyranny.”

We live in crazy times indeed!

Every time I turn around, there’s another train wreck dumping toxic chemicals in some pristine river, some jackass dictator threatening to nuke the heartland, some staged Neo-Nazi photo-op, some fed boys trying to set up peaceful patriots, or some progressive educator advocating for the slaughter of conservative Americans.

Meanwhile, as all financial roads rapidly converge upon global digital currencies, as the United Nations continues to advance their global digital IDs, and the WHO rolls out the framework for global digital passports, it feels like the noose is tightening.

You see, all of this “global digital cooperation” is necessary to save the planet:

And of course, this is all part of the global cabal’s “social protection” programs.

Surprise, surprise.

On a different front, we now have robotic dogs being equipped with flame throwers and being dubbed “Thermonators,” seriouslyand these armed robotic dogs can now be deployed by drones, which I find highly disturbing. That said, I’m sure this has nothing to do with the unprecedented number of wildfires that have been cropping up in the Canadian wilderness, or the fact that Washington state officials have “forecast” that we’ll be at the “epicenter of a well above average fire season.”

But here’s the twist.

In a world where reality can be and is being warped in real-time, none of this really matters. It doesn’t matter because the majority of people remain blissfully ignorant and completely unaware. Don’t get me wrong, in reality it does matter, but in reality most people are no longer living in reality—that’s the problem.

And it’s not going to get any better any time soon.

Today there are leftist outlets making the case that what we really need are far fewer choices for food. The implication is that having food choices is bad or something. Just to cut to the chase, this is laying down the layers of psychological conditioning necessary for the public to accept centralized government control of the food supply, which, as we’ve studied at length, is precisely their stated objective.

This is why skeptics like Tucker Carlson have questioned the possibility that all of the “coincidental attacks” on our food supply might be tied to a darker agenda. There have been over 540 fires that have killed over 3 million animals in just the last five years, for example—not to mention the more than 58 million egg-laying birds that have conveniently been “culled” by government officials in the last two years.

And let’s not forget Biden stating that the food shortages are “going to be real:”

Priorities matter.

And, based on all of the above, I’d say it’s time to get your priorities in order.

When you feel yourself getting sucked into Russia! Russia Russia! or some hype about Trump or the 2024 election, don’t forget to zoom out. There are bigger forces at play here, and none of them bode well for our future. Most of this stuff is way beyond our control, so there isn’t much we can do to stop it.

Instead, we should prepare accordingly.


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