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Swag of the Resistance, Plus a Special Treat

Swag of the Resistance, Plus a Special Treat

There are now more ways than ever to support The Torch Report!

Happy Saturday!

Friends, first things first, I want to say thank you to everyone who continues to support my efforts to deliver the truth you can trust six days a week — without your contributions and constant encouragement, this publication would not be possible!

This week I launched the new swag shop—“Swag of the Resistance”—offering my fellow patriots an assortment of hoodies, shirts, hats, and more to help fan the flames of freedom by sporting the Spirit of Resistance in a stylish fashion.

I’ll be adding more to the store in the coming weeks, so if there’s something you’d like to see, please drop me an email and let me know! Also, thank you to those who pointed out the glitches in the checkout process—the issues have been resolved, so shop, shop away, and get your own Swag of the Resistance today!

In addition to the swag shop, for those who have expressed interest in the ability to make a one-time donation in lieu of becoming an annual or monthly subscriber, I’ve created a new Donations Page to make it easier than ever to show your support:

Please know that I am deeply grateful for donations of any size!

Everyone who donates to support The Torch Report, by whatever means, will automatically become a member of the Patriot Club if they’re not already. That means you’ll get full access to the archives and special reports, along with exclusive content like The Torch Report Weekend Review (and the funny picture of yours truly below).

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