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TR 568 - Grit, Tenacity, and Overcoming Hardship the Good Old Fashioned Way

TR 568 - Grit, Tenacity, and Overcoming Hardship the Good Old Fashioned Way

Examining the correlation between riding horses and overcoming the global cabal.

We’ll work our way toward the news, but first, an explanation.

I’ve been on the road since last Thursday for a horse event, and all that that implies. As it turned out, this adventure came with a couple unexpected quasi-emergencies throwing a wrench into the mix. The horse, for whatever reason, went ballistic in the trailer, tore off a couple shoes, kicked out the window, and cut up her leg.

You can imagine how seeing a banged up, bloodied horse would amp everyone up, especially my daughter. Long story short, we ended up staying an extra day and trying to get in to see a vet. This involved me making a mad dash back to home base to grab a different truck and trailer to haul the horse home—a three-hour trip one way.

Yesterday I made three of these three-hour trips down and back and down again. In the midst of all this, on the heels of running ragged, I was able to get the radio news done, but was unable to put together a Torch Report. For that, I apologize.

As it’s often said, “Shit happens.”

Something occurred to me last night, as I lay in bed, thinking about all this. We weren’t the only ones that had to overcome some adversity during this multi-day event. Indeed, other people’s horses had been injured, kids had got bucked off, hearts had been broken, etc.—and just to be perfectly clear, none of this is any kind of deterrent from doing it all over again in the weeks ahead.

The glory of triumphant moments, the little wins, and the sheer fact that one has survived the experience make it all well worthwhile for everyone involved. There is a special sort of purity in the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from overcoming adversity such as this.

Horse life, farm life, rural living. It imparts many invaluable lessons, perhaps the greatest of which is the grit, tenacity, and resilience to overcome pain and hardship, to pull oneself up from the dust, to get back up, climb back in the saddle, and ride on.

In some sense, it imbues the American Spirit.

While, as human beings, we share a common desire for things to go according to plan, in the horse world, there’s a 1,200 pound wildcard thrown into the mix. Very often, this leads to unexpected chaos, and that chaos must be taken in stride. The show must go on, and that means we must adapt to these unexpected changes and deal with it.

The correlations to geopolitical chaos, and life in general, are remarkable.

Chaos abounds. Life is not safe. Shit happens.

There are significant forces that are far beyond our control, and yet we can ride this beast called Life—and, like with a horse, at times we can even steer it in the direction we want to go.

In a perfect world, when we’re synced up with life the way a rider is synced up with their horse, things go pretty smooth. It’s when things get out of sync that things go sideways, and that’s often when we find ourselves writhing in the dirt, wondering what the hell just happened. The pandemic was a perfect example.

While we were plodding along on our trusty steeds, navigating our predictable life patterns, suddenly out of nowhere, something huge and scary spooked the herd. Predictability predictably bolted sideways, which left most of us laying in the dust.

Sadly, some people have never recovered. You can spot them still wearing their masks, standing in line for their next “safe and effective” experimental injection.

But, at this point, most people have gotten back on and are continuing to plod forth toward that mythical oasis, that someday, that future of plenty—you know, retirement, vacations that never seem to happen, healthy, fulfilling relationships, and that elusive happiness that always seems about as far away as a carrot at the end of the stick.

In other words, for most people, it’s been back to life as usual for a while now. However, quite unfortunately, while they pursue all the things that are worth pursuing, the ruling class continues to methodically plot how to pull the rug out from under us all. While we’re all busy working toward a future that strikes our fancy, Rockefeller’s “secret cabal” continues marching toward world domination.

Head down, headed toward someday, most people fail to lift the gaze and perceive the globalists’ end game: total control over a reduced population. Furthermore, they fail to see how their own minds and emotions are being tampered with, and how their behavior is being manipulated and driven by nefarious forces, for a dark and damning purpose. All of this is in motion, but it’s not completely beyond our control.

Let’s zoom out.

Life is a balancing act.

To be successful, we must balance the what-is with the what-might-be. We have to balance the here and now with future potential, both positive and negative.

Something that struck me during the recent mini-emergency (which wasn’t really an emergency, but just felt like an emergency, thankfully), was just how quickly priorities change. There have been plenty of times when I felt all stressed out about not getting the Torch Report out on time, for whatever reason, and that it did feel like an emergency at that moment—but of course, this is nothing more than petty stress.

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, most of our stress is silly, petty stress.

In contrast, I know a family who had been working very hard to be exceptionally successful. Such success often comes with a high degree of stress, a sacrifice that felt like it was worth making. Unfortunately, not long ago, their kid got on a horse. Something spooked the horse, and they lost their daughter that day.

Now that is a truly heartbreaking emergency and an absolutely unimaginable hardship. My heart hurts just thinking about it—but here’s the point:

All at once, NOTHING else mattered.

Work? Retirement? Vacation? Whatever.

Everything seems so frivolous when compared to the tragic loss of a loved one.

There are many big lessons in that, not the least of which is being grateful for the little things. Don’t let petty stress get you down. Life’s short. Live it well.

Turning our attention back to the geopolitical chaos, here’s what I’m getting at:

If a nuclear bomb was detonated in the atmosphere and knocked out the electrical grid, plunging North America into darkness, nothing else would matter. If a bloody civil war broke out on American soil and neighbors started killing each other, nothing else would matter. If a weaponized virus like the Black Plague started ravaging Small Town USA, nothing else would matter. There are an endless number of what-if scenarios like this, and any one of them could turn our entire world upside-down in an instant.

These are all things that are way beyond our control.

Thus, worrying and stressing about them is a complete and utter waste of time.

As I’ve been saying, we must be prepared to the best of our ability for a worst case scenario, but we must plan and live our lives as if none of this is going to happen.

It might. It might not.

That’s why, beyond the daily duties that make our individual worlds go round, we’d be wise to focus our attention on the words of Teddy Roosevelt and embrace our “first duty” as American citizens, which is to engage in the civic process. Currently, the globalist regime is relentlessly trying to take control over every aspect of our lives, and they’re not going to stop. To overcome this, we must unite and fight back.

This is a matter of shifting our priorities. It’s lifting our gaze and looking further down the road, to the 2024 election and beyond. No matter what happens between now and the November death match, we’re still going to need strong constitutional leadership at the local level.

More importantly, for these local leaders to be effective at combatting the global cabal, and thereby defending our individual liberties, local autonomy, and national sovereignty, we desperately need to get more people fired up to support their efforts.

Beyond that, we need to be making allies. We need to be communicating the constitutional principles that have defined the United States for the last 246 years.

In short, we need to revive the American Spirit.

This should be our highest priority, because if we fail to do so, our nation will fall. If that happens, everything else becomes irrelevant. Put differently, if we fail to stand together and defend our freedoms, then nothing else matters.

In the fullest sense, failure now means enslavement forever.

Please keep this in mind as you behold the spectacle of political circus this week. For the record, I’ll be on the road once more this evening, making my way to the Capitol to discuss crypto, Bitcoin, and Central Bank Digital Currencies with leaders from around the country. The focus will be on how We The People can prevent the powers that be from using these technologies to further enslave us all.

It’ll be fascinating to learn where congressional and industry leaders are at on all of this, and I’ll look forward to sharing the insights with you in the days ahead. As alluded, this week’s reports will be a little bumpy. Thank you for understanding.

All things considered, in the big picture, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Let’s make the most of it!




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