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TR 549 - Globalists are Preparing to Pull the Plug on American Critical Infrastructure

TR 549 - Globalists are Preparing to Pull the Plug on American Critical Infrastructure

And don't think for a second that they wouldn't do it!

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You better get ready for it.

As we awaken to what is sure to be another week of gaslighting and thrilling political circus, we must at once parse the various narratives competing for our attention. Those who are inclined to track the trajectory of the U.S. war hawks are no doubt lamenting Russia’s “major victory” in Ukraine, as if this is somehow a massive blow to the Western World, and a grave threat to global democracy.

While many Republicans are wringing their hands at the loss, the mainstream media seems intent on convincing the American public that this was all entirely avoidableAvdiika didn’t have to fall, if the American people would just continue to cough up endless amounts of money to fund the forever war in Eastern Europe (all the while continuing to neglect defending our own country against invasion).

To give you a taste of how this is being spun, according to Joe Biden:

“History is watching the [Republican controlled] House of Representatives. The failure to support Ukraine at this moment will never be forgotten...The clock is ticking, and this has to happen, we have to help now.”

Losing in war is always tragic, but given the fact that the Global Deep State has been planning on using the Ukrainians as cannon fodder to expand NATO for at least the last 30 years—as first revealed in TR 290 - Time to Take Off the Gloves—I think we can safely set this story aside, adding it to the steamy heap of war hawk propaganda.

In reality, this is nothing more than an elaborate money laundering operation, designed to keep the MIC well-fed and the peasants distracted by events halfway around the world, while the global cabal continues to advance on all fronts.

It can be difficult at times to connect the dots between what’s happening in Eastern Europe, the U.S. elections, and the sinister agenda of the self-defined “secret cabal,” but it is imperative that we do so for two distinct reasons:

  1. The secret cabal of global elites are driving humanity toward a New World Order, and they are using the Chinese Communist Party as a role model for the world. What is playing out on the global stage right now has been in the works for decades, and we’d be wise to not lose sight of the CCP connection in all of this—as I like to say, “The commies are taking over the world!”

  2. Also central in their overarching agenda, is a radical reduction of the human population, particularly of the modern middle class. The two most effective ways to do this are a) World War 3, and b) biological warfare. Here it is important to realize that war alone is not enough to bring the population back within the alleged “planetary boundaries”—hence the projected 77% increase in cancer rates, which is directly attributable to the forced uptake of experimental and intentionally toxic injections by billions of people.

Understanding that the pandemic was only the opening act of the Great Reset, that they have many more “iterative disruptions” in store for us (like Disease X and the next Catastrophic Contagion)—and again, that all of this chaos has been methodically plotted out over the last several decades, the importance of the American political circus quickly shrinks down to its proper size.

Thus, we can casually dismiss it when we see headlines like these:

We must seek signal amidst the noise.

This week, it appears the deep state is going to continue propping up the sock-puppet, dubbing it “Biden’s Reset Moment” and banking on enough useful idiots parroting this narrative for it to gain traction in the public psyche. Simultaneously, White House correspondents—i.e. the once free and independent press—are being told to sit down, shut up, and only speak the state approved narrative.

There will be no more questioning matters of Biden’s competence or corruption.


This is such an outrageous violation of the First Amendment, it’s mind-blowing that any journalist would be willing to sit and tolerate this sort of intellectual abuse.

And yet, it’s par for the course.

It’s also worth noting that this heavy-handed treatment of White House press correspondents comes at exactly the same time as Big Tech vows to “crackdown” on 2024 election interference, partnering with the globalist regime to launch a “whole-of-society response” to secure the democratic process all around the globe.

Under the guise of stopping so-called “election deepfakes,” we find the globalists’ justification for using weaponized AI to permanently warp the fabric of reality for the whole of humanity. Here’s how they’re selling it, per USA Today:

“This year will set a record for the largest number of people living in countries holding nationwide elections including India and Mexico, raising concerns that AI will play a role at the ballot box.

With rapid advances in technology and little oversight from the government, election experts are bracing for the malicious use of deepfakes in this year’s presidential contest. 

During New Hampshire’s primary election last month, AI-generated robocalls mimicking President Joe Biden’s voice tried to discourage people from voting.

Biden signed an executive order on AI in October. But AI technologies are advancing so quickly that lawmakers and regulators are having trouble keeping up. With few rules governing AI-generated content in the U.S., the European Union has taken the lead. It requires that companies identify and label deepfakes.”

Now ain’t that something.

“Under pressure from the White House and governments around the globe, major technology companies pledged Friday to crack down on artificial intelligence-generated deepfakes that could undermine the integrity of major democratic elections in the U.S. and overseas this year.”

Google, Meta, TikTok, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, OpenAI and X (formerly Twitter), and other companies will be joining forces to direct the outcome of elections, and they’ve “promised to be open with the public” about how they are censoring and fleecing the public. Ironically, the announcement of this unholy alliance was made at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, and their website appears to be propping up Kamala Harris as if she’s someone the world should be listening to.

As if by magical coincidence, the Wall Street Journal has this piece out today: FBI Director Says China Cyberattacks on U.S. Infrastructure Now at Unprecedented Scale.

Speaking to the globalists gathered over in Munich, FBI Director Christopher Wray made it clear that the CCP could strike down the American grid at any moment:

“Citing Volt Typhoon, the name given to the Chinese hacking network that was revealed last year to be lying dormant inside U.S. critical infrastructure, Wray said Beijing-backed actors were pre-positioning malware that could be triggered at any moment to disrupt U.S. critical infrastructure.”


Volt Typhoon is lying dormant inside U.S. critical infrastructure.

The malware could be triggered at any moment.

CISA has known about this urgent threat since May 2023.

So, what are America’s enemies waiting for? And why do they appear to be making such a fuss about it now, in a critical election year, on the world stage in Munich?


All of this is coming to light at the same time and place as Big Tech announces their open collusion with the Global Deep State to police “political disinformation” and ensure they maintain their collective monopoly on “election interference.”

Doesn’t it feel like we’re being set up?

Beyond not being convinced that our own intelligence agencies aren’t secretly colluding to destroy the United States as we know it—given they were caught red-handed stealing the last election from the American people, with the same group of players—there’s something to all of this that just has a 9/11 feel about it.

They knew it was coming. They did nothing to stop it. Some people think they were in on it, or even that they planned the whole thing. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Much like how the Global Deep State has carefully orchestrated a steady series of color revolutions to overthrow governments all around the world, the patterns at play point toward a tried and true strategy that has been successfully used before.

That would mean that the shock and awe are coming.

Indeed, according to “legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst” Martin Armstrong, we are entering into The Year from Political Hell. Armstrong expects to see “political turmoil, civilian unrest, war and a big economic downturn in 2024.”

Obviously, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see what’s coming.

As I’ve said many times before, the writing is on the wall.

That said, I take issue with the sum of Armstrong’s assessment:

While it is true that people are waking up, and that there are revolts happening all around the world, we’d be naive and foolish to think for a second that “everything is going wrong” for the Global Deep State. Yes, this group of powerful evildoers is slowly being exposed; YES, they are in fact incredibly dangerous; but NO, the current geopolitical chaos is not a sign of things going wrong for them.

I’d take the opposite stance, and suggest that all the chaos is actually a sign of things moving along according to plan. The collapse is necessary for the reconstruction of global society, and at any point in time, if they felt for a second like they were not in control, all they’d have to do is flip the switch, hit the button, or pull the plug.

Then we’d quickly find out what real power looks like.

The wise have already prepared accordingly.


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