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TR 564 - Aircraft are Getting Sabotaged to Advance the Radical Environmental Agenda

TR 564 - Aircraft are Getting Sabotaged to Advance the Radical Environmental Agenda

There's something going on here, and it's REALLY not good!

**Heads up, my proofreader is unavailable this morning, so this is getting sent out as-is… thank you for the grace!**

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a steady drip of bad news for Boeing in the national headlines, along with a spate of other issues for other airlines around the country. One or two incidences might be considered coincidence; however, this alarming trend seems to point toward a more menacing motive.

Could radical environmentalists be intentionally sabotaging airplanes? You may be disturbed to learn that in March 2020, an American Airlines mechanic was jailed for exactly that:

“Yesterday, ex-American Airlines aircraft mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was sentenced to 37 months in prison for deliberately tampering with an American Airlines Boeing 737 on 17 July last year. …

…Alani tampered with the American Airlines Boeing 737 by gluing a piece of Styrofoam to the inside of the aircraft’s nose cone. As a result of this simple piece of Styrofoam, the sensors inside the aircraft’s nose ceased to function as normal.”

One might speculate as to why Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani decided to glue styrofoam in the nose of the plane to interrupt the aircraft’s ability to function, but I want to focus on the effectiveness of this rudimentary sabotage. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with creative ways to bring down an airplane.

All it takes is a compelling reason to do so, and virtually anyone with access to the airplanes—from the manufacturing line to the flight line—could, in theory, sabotage what has long been hailed as “the safest way to travel.”

With that in mind, take a look at these headlines:

Missing bolts in the rudder section. Four missing bolts in a passenger door. Pilots and mechanics getting caught trying to sabotage and bring down the plane.

What are the chances that all of this is just a coincidence?

The stories above are really just the tip of the iceberg. While aircraft accidents have been trending up around the world in recent years, so have the number of flights, the number of people flying, and the amount of time the global fleet is in the air.

The good news is, the overall accident rate and number of flight fatalities has continued to drop—despite the recent sabotage—which means flying today is still safer than it’s ever been, at least statistically speaking. This chart helps to visualize the data:

So yes, flying is still the safest way to travel, and it’s still getting safer year after year, at least according to the data. To put any lingering flying butterflies to rest, consider this chart from the National Safety Council’s Deaths by Transportation Mode report. The green bars represent the significantly higher chance of dying in a car wreck, versus on a bus, on a train, or on an airplane:

Before we proceed, let’s just quickly recap:

  • There has been a flurry of headlines about mechanical issues with airplanes.

  • There are stories about how some of these issues are due to intentional sabotage.

  • But overall, the stats indicate that flying is still safer than it’s ever been.

What I’d like to point out here is the discrepancy between the public’s perception of airline safety, and the actual reality of the situation. The steady drip of headlines about the potential horror of being on a sabotaged flight does not reconcile with the high statistical probability that any given flight will get you safely to your destination.

Put differently, the headlines are instilling fear that is rapidly distorting the public’s perception of reality.

Now why might that be?

Also, what in the hell would compel airline mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani to use styrofoam to interfere with a plane’s sensors? And why oh why have all of these airplane bolts suddenly gone missing? What’s the connection here?

I’m glad you asked.

Members of the Patriot Club may recall my prior investigation into the strange increase in chaos surrounding national airlines, from back in December 2022:

Quite ironically, TR 270 opened up with a hat-tip to the sham J6 show trials, which had just subpoenaed Donald Trump for “purposely and maliciously disseminating false allegations of fraud related to the 2020 presidential election,” in order to overturn the election. From there, we dove into Biden’s WEF-crafted Build Back Better agenda, and the globalists’ radical Adaptation Agenda.

Given that the sock-puppet’s recent State of the Union address was little more than an extension of these lies surrounding the 2020 election, as well as the lies regarding the utterly bogus Build Back Better green agenda, it strikes me as utterly fascinating that we once again find this tandem of issues in the headlines at the exact same time.

Along with all the hubbub in the news this morning regarding the airline issues, today the National Pulse dropped a bomb with this informative piece:

J6 Committee Hid Proof Trump Requested 10,000 National Guard.

The fact that the J6 committee has repeatedly lied—and even destroyed evidence—in order to fantastically warp the American public’s perspective and relentlessly push the government’s false narrative about the “violent insurrection” is nothing new. Here are few noteworthy articles if you’d like to refresh:

But the timing of having a fresh set of J6 headlines come out at the exact same time as a fresh set of airline headlines just strikes me as yet another astounding coincidence. As I’ve often said, in the midst of chaos patterns abound, and this pattern has again perked my curiosity.

To be clear, the central issue here is the warping of the public’s perspective, simultaneously on the issues of airline safety and the events of J6.

Pondering this coincidence, I believe there is a subtle connection between these issues that also connects with the missing bolts and the would-be saboteurs. There is a mindset that ties this altogether, and it’s rooted in the insidiously deceptive Agenda 2030.

It is not beyond imagination to think radical environmentalists might be trying to sabotage aircraft, because airlines are massive corporate polluters raking in obscene profits while jetting bourgeois capitalist pigs all around the planet. This falls perfectly in line with repeatedly seeing a bunch of idiots glue themselves to tarmacs and roadways to disrupt flights and travel.

Because that’s going to save the planet. Morons.

As for Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, he might have been trying to kill people in order to save the planet—or we might speculate he had other motives.

Regardless, there is something else going on here. Propaganda provokes fear, and fear changes behavior. If FAA systems outages grounding thousands of flights, Pete Buttigieg vowing to investigate and crackdown on airlines, and the DOT leveling $600 million dollar fines against airlines (as noted in TR 270)—if all of that is not enough to tamp down air travel—scaring the hell out of people just might be.

Again, that’s how the Adaptation Agenda works. The goal, in plain English, is to make air travel as miserable, scary, and undesirable as possible, in order to save the planet. Thus, if when the FAA begins prioritizing DEI, racial equity, and environmental justice over ensuring the mechanical soundness of aircraft, some bolts go missing, and a few planes go down, it can be hailed as win-win.

At least in the sick and twisted minds of the global cabal.

The final aspect to all of this that is worth pointing out, is the consolidation of power and control. Here we see the globalists’ theory of chance converging upon their harebrained scheme of so-called “climate justice,” all of which is predicated upon using predatory regulations to increasingly restrict how we live our lives.

At the end of this rabbit trail, as with so many others, we find that it’s really all about control. Look at all these problems with airline companies endangering people’s lives—what we need is more government regulations and oversight to keep people safe!

As an added bonus, all the hysterical hype is sure to keep at least a few people from hopping on a plane, which will push down profits, and of course the bad PR and the DOJ investigation is already hammering airline stocks. Maybe someday these rich, greedy corporations will go bankrupt!

Then the government can snatch up all their assets and have total control over how often the peasants get to fly between their safe-and-secure “benchmark” 15 Minute Cities. The emphasis here is on secure—as in, like a prison.

While all of this may still seem perfectly unimaginable to the majority of Americans, these are the plans that are advancing while the sheep are busy slurping their slop and watching the political circus. The wise will keep that in mind as things move forward.



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