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TR 556 - How to Plan Ahead When All Roads Lead to Hell

TR 556 - How to Plan Ahead When All Roads Lead to Hell

Why long term planning is an essential strategy for overcoming the globalist agenda.

Setting aside the most pivotal election in United States history, side stepping the precipice of World War III, and intentionally overlooking the most massive genocide humanity has ever endured, I’d like to turn our attention to the long term plan.

As discussed yesterday, the upcoming election will come and go. Extending that thought today, so will Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, and every other nefarious plan currently under way. Like I was saying, this too shall pass.

BUT, we are going to have to deal with what’s right in front of us, as well as what’s coming in hot and heavy between now and the end of the decade. In other words, long term we need to be focusing on Agenda 2030, and the myriad ways in which this insidious plot against humanity is set to impact our lives over the next six years.

Anyone who has ever had kids understands how fast six years goes by.

Given that this agenda has been underway for nearly fifty years, quite possibly much longer, and the fact that the globalists are currently plotting out 2050, it seems prudent to wrap our heads around what’s right in front of us, realizing that there is much more insanity about to crash upon our shores.

This is a battle for global democracy, they claim, and they will not rest until they’ve conquered the world. They have a world to win. That’s their objective, remember?

For reference:

Let’s think long term.

As I’ve slowly come to realize, one of the hallmarks of psychological warfare is to short-circuit long-term thinking. It’s hard to think long term when the world is going to hell, and it’s nearly impossible to do when society collapses all around you.

We humans will forever be prone to survival instinct. It is, after all, the mechanism that has allowed humanity to flourish through some of the immensely inhospitable epochs on our planet. The survival instinct is a gift, but it can quite easily lead us astray—and that’s what the globalists are exploiting.

They are exploiting our survival instinct, along with other primitive emotional circuits, because pushing these buttons produces predictable patterns of behavior. Our instinctive, emotional reactions can be intentionally triggered in a variety of ways, most commonly by introducing new scary ideas through the media.

This is always certain to get a reaction.

Speculating on the way our bodies adjust to biological homeostatic norms—that we can become addicted to stress, for example—helps explain why geopolitical chaos seems to be ratcheting toward fever pitch. Like a junkie jonesing for their next fix, which always has to be bigger than the last, so too are average Americans so inundated with hysterical headlines that they are left always needing bigger, scarier and more sensational news stories to keep their attention fixed on the media circus.

The propagandists know this well.

What’s key to realize, is that none of the sensational stories ever have to actually happen. After repeatedly pushing all our emotional buttons, the media eventually gives some reprieve and steeps the collective public conscience in lesser stressful content. That’s when everyone seems to forget what was just happening, and then spontaneously pretends as if there was never a threat in the first place.

As you know, this emotional media cycle often coincides with election cycles.

Again, the result is predictable patterns of behavior that leave the majority of people addicted to the next crisis situation, unable to think strategically about the long term implications of what’s happening in the world today. Understanding this, to stimulate some more long term thinking, let’s take a step back and ask a better question:

How can we combat this public assimilation into the collective hive-mind?

Why is it important to combat the public’s assimilation in the collective hive-mind? Because if we fail to find an effective means for doing so, the whole of society will eventually end up being ruled by the woke mob of unhinged leftists who are actively trying to take over the world.

That’s what the battle for democracy is really all about.

Thus, even after the 2024 election, even if they manage to achieve Agenda 2030 and implement the UN Sustainable Development goals, the cabal will continue to advance their collectivist agenda, further consolidating power and control in the hands of the global elites, and thwarting the will of We The People, by brainwashing the public to support any ill-conceived, half-baked plan they might come up with.

Just as some people naively believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected, because that’s the only story they’ve heard, so too shall global tyranny be ushered in on the heels of the greater good. People will be begging for it.

Soon, the vast majority of the public will be conditioned to accept that our “collective” problems are so numerous and complex, only the government could possibly solve them all. And what’s more, people will believe that the government will have to use force to do so, because all their efforts to persuade the rebels will have failed.

At that point, the resistance must be dealt with.

After all, it’s the resistance that’s destroying democracy and standing in the way of progress. At some point, everyone will realize that it’s the extremists who are disturbing the peace and causing all the problems. Clearly, peace and stability will require the removal and reeducation of these so-called “defective” troublemakers.

We’d be wise not to underestimate the media’s ability to convince the masses of exactly that sort of insanity, especially with the weaponization of artificial intelligence.

The mobs will cheer for a hanging, and we will be at the end of the rope.

In the long-term, we need to convince our neighbors that we’re the good guys. This will require that we convince them not to believe their lying eyes, as every second of every day they get bombarded with state propaganda that has our faces on a wanted poster. The method must be to change their perspectives and alter their collective way of thinking. This will require tact.

Where the rubber meets the road in all of this, is at city council meetings, county commissioner meetings, school board meetings, and the like. There are already people in your community who are making decisions on behalf of the masses, and those are the people we need to convince.

We know the global cabal is making a concerted effort to enlist local leaders in their various nefarious causes, and we need to mirror this strategic effort. If we fail to do so, then we will lose by the simple virtue of being out hustled.

Never has there been a more critical time to be civically engaged!

By converging the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, which is no small feat, it could be said that our first duty as American citizens is to remind the government that we retain the spirit of resistance, and that this resistance is going to come through the form of civic engagement, or else.

For example, electing a constitutional sheriff and amassing a local posse is a huge step in mitigating the tyrannical rule of state bureaucrats and keeping our communities safe from the invasion of emboldened criminals. But, this requires greater civic engagement. Same goes for keeping porn out of schools and drugs off the streets.

In every case, no matter the problems we face and are wanting to solve, the solution always hinges upon getting more people involved. Pick your scenario, and the same will hold true, no matter how practical or tactical the conversation becomes.

Because we know that the globalists will never give up, and because we know they are using the full force of the media to control the minds of the masses, we know that this war for the hearts and minds of humanity is going to extend far beyond the 2024 election. It is still possible to thwart Agenda 2030, but the success of the liberty movement rests squarely upon our ability to bring more people into the fold, and convincing the masses that freedom is the most good for the most people.

All other paths lead to perpetual conflict.


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