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TR 547 - The Threat of Artificial Reality Enslaving the Whole of Humanity

TR 547 - The Threat of Artificial Reality Enslaving the Whole of Humanity

Truth exists, regardless of what the globalists would have you believe.

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***Friends, I apologize for being late today… it’s been a long morning! ;0)

Know this:

The American media is belligerent.

They have long been waging war on commonsense and rational thinking, assaulting our senses, degrading our intelligence, and mind-melting the masses with impunity.

There is exactly ZERO accountability to fact, truth, or impartial reporting.

It’s all propaganda.

It disgusts me.

Sometimes I feel dirty just taking the daily dive into headlines. It’s hard not to be tainted and stained by the poisonous, toxic content being impressed upon the mind.

Taking a few deep breaths, stepping outside, stretching, and turning my attention elsewhere helps me cope as I crunch on the narratives, chewing up and spitting out the crap that passes as news these days. At times, I wonder how many people actually realize they are being so horrifically abused, and whether they’ll ever wake up.

Stockholm Syndrome abounds.

The mental, emotional, and physiological abuse is criminal, but it’s been happening for so long, it appears that very few people have retained enough critical thinking to see it for what it is. Thus, like a dog returns to its vomit, so too does the average citizen return to the regurgitated spew of legacy media outlets, hoping for at least some level of informational nourishment.

It’s no wonder that commonsense has become so emaciated, that rational thinking has become so rare, and that collective delusions have infected the minds of so many people. What the globalists have dubbed the “post-truth” era, is really an era wherein a significant percentage of the population has completely lost touch with reality.

In essence, we are living in an age of warped reality that might be best described as the “Unreal Era” or perhaps the “Artificial Era”—understanding the proper definition of either necessarily implies we are living in an age lacking in reality and substance.

Dorking out on the definition of words for a moment, this unreal era is being radically fragmented and bogged down in artificial constructs such as DEI, for example, which is entirely void of substance and fully detached from factual reality. In other words, the concept of DEI is illusory, a term implicating its fallacious, deceptive lies.

We are living in a world of imaginary illusions, inflated by various nefarious narratives and shamelessly parroted by the greedy masters of media. For a price, they are willing to convince the public of any imaginable falsehood or lie, no matter how ludicrous or absurd. Within this new paradigm, the truth has become irrelevant.

This fact is on display every single day, is it not? Just look around.

We’re living in the Artificial Era

I’m going to forego the political circus today, because I just can’t stomach it. In lieu of taking a foray through the headline news, I’d like to circle back to yesterday’s revelations and speculation surrounding World War III and the Law of the Sea.

Just to quickly refresh:

….while Americans have been fully enthralled with the political circus, the global cabal has continued to advance its agendas on all fronts. While the plebes were eating their popcorn, the globalists were gathering in New York to discuss their visions for an “ocean-based economy” and laying down the legal framework for a “water-food-energy” paradigm to further justify global control.

This comes on top of news that scientists are resorting to previously “unthinkable techniques” to save the planet, including but not limited to dumping chemicals in the ocean, spraying saltwater into clouds, and injecting reflective particles into the sky.

It also comes within the context of a conspicuous rise of naval warfare breaking out all around the world, likely as a pretext for the next full-scale global war. This is conveniently pulling the public’s attention out to sea and raising awareness to the oceanic concerns that will soon serve as the cornerstone for a fresh set of international laws aimed at controlling global food and energy supplies.

It’s complex speculation, but I believe this is all driving Agenda 2030, aka the UN Sustainable Development Goals. That means underneath the hubris of highbrow altruism, this “ocean-based economy” and “water-food-energy” paradigm is designed for a singular purpose: population control.

As noted yesterday, the recently released SIDS report—which stands for Small Island Developing States, not Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—thoroughly connects these latest global initiatives all the way back to the original depopulation agenda, Agenda 21, as rolled out in Rio de Janeiro at the 1992 Earth Summit.

Those unfamiliar with Agenda 21 can get up to speed with these reports:

Trying to put it in the simplest terms, the world’s oceans ultimately drive the weather patterns that produce the fresh water needed for society to function and grow food.

Therefore, those who control the oceans can control society as a whole.

It may seem like a stretch to think about it this way, but try placing yourself in the minds of the globalists, who are hellbent on reducing the human population and taking control of the entire planet. Keep in mind that they aim to do this legally.

To reign supreme over the whole of humanity, to achieve their utopian fantasies for Future Earth and institute Global Democracy, the laws of society must be structured properly. The peasants must be conditioned to believe that their Enlightened Leaders are acting on behalf of all human beings, in a benevolent attempt to save the planet.

With decades of environmental conditioning already behind us, with the current whole-of-society push to implement the radical environmental policies being disguised as Sustainable Development Goals, we have reached a point wherein the majority of people have simply accepted all of this is for the so-called greater good.

All these “Good Humans” have been conditioned to believe that sacrificing their culture, economy, national sovereignty, and personal freedoms is absolutely necessary, because that’s what “The Experts” and “The Science” tell them is true—good sense and actual science be damned.

Put differently, these people now believe that snow is black.

With this artificial construct firmly embedded, their detachment from reality is complete, and thus, this percentage of the population has effectively become tools in the hands of their global overlords. Such are the effects of subconscious taming.

As this seedy scheme continues to bear fruit, as more people succumb to this mental assimilation—in particular the leaders of small island nations around the world—the remaining pieces are quickly being moved into place to achieve a global coup d’état.

Think of it this way: with some 57 nation states on board with the SIDS agenda, the global cabal and international bankers now have sufficient “democratic” leverage to forcefully impose their will upon every country on the planet, via legally binding international treaties rooted in the Law of the Sea.

Again, just to connect the dots, regulating the oceans gives them authority over every aspect of our lives, because these regulations are inextricably linked with our food and energy, as well as public health and planetary health. It’s a water tight argument.

Pun fully intended.

Everything you do, every aspect of how you live your life impacts the oceans—that’s the story. Your unsustainable western lifestyle is destroying the planet and has a catastrophic impact on the oceans, which in turn makes small island nations (and other third-world countries) the victims of your greedy bourgeois existence.

Therefore, your capitalist society much be razed to the ground. All aspects of existing society must be destroyed, in the name of the greater good, because they say so.

Never mind that this artificial “triple planetary crisis” is a sham illusion.

Truth does not matter. It’s belief that drives behavioral change.

But wait, there’s more…

Another aspect of this sneaky, backdoor regulatory capture of everything good in life—this global power grab of water rights—lies in the vast expanse of the ocean’s themselves. Not only are the oceans ripe with a bounty of natural resources, including a sea of fresh water that lies beneath the surface of the salty brine itself, they also provide the perfect blank canvas upon which to paint a propaganda masterpiece.

Remember how I suggested that naval warfare was drawing the public’s attention out to sea? Why might that be? Aside from placing awareness on oceanic concerns relating to the manufactured climate crisis, driving the agenda above, this psychological nudge also has another yet-to-be realized benefit for the ruling class.

Who really knows what’s happening out in the middle of the open ocean?

We cannot see it for ourselves, therefore we must rely upon second hand information coming through the mainstream media, correct? Furthermore, the mainstream media also cannot directly observe what’s happening far out to sea, which makes them all the more reliant upon “sources” within the government or military forces.

This creates a choke point of sorts, where the disparity between the public’s perception of events and the actual accounting for what happened becomes completely uncoupled. This, I speculate, is the secret perk of naval warfare that the elites are seeking to capitalize on by starting WWIII on the open oceans.

Anything could happen. Torpedoes could blast open an aircraft carrier and cause a massive oil spill, a nuclear submarine could be detonated and vaporize an entire ecosystem, or whatever, and all we would know for sure is the story being sold.

This provides the perfect cover for government geoengineering on an alarming scale. Not only might government scientists intentionally dump chemicals into the ocean—thereby creating a massive problem to further justify international law as the only solution—this also opens the door to advance their already well-documented efforts to control weather patterns on a planetary scale.

They could create droughts and blame it on climate change.

They could create floods and blame it on climate change.

They could essentially create any sort of catastrophy they’d like, blame it on climate change, and tie it all back to the need to regulate the oceans. The downstream effects of this, as discussed, will trickle down and touch every aspect of our lives.

This culminates in the globalists’ ability to reduce the human population, blame it on climate change, and then drown the remaining peasants in a sea of propaganda.

How would the public ever know what really happened?

The simple answer is: we wouldn’t.

We couldn’t.

At this point, we’d be forced to trust the government.

Can you see the evil genius of it all?

This artificial reality is set to ensnare us all.

Therefore: RESIST WE MUST!

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