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The People’s Republic of China Steps Up to Lead the Democrat Party

The People’s Republic of China Steps Up to Lead the Democrat Party

As always, there's truth in jest.

(Originally posted June 29, 2023 as TR 397 - The Climate Clock & China's Global Initiatives)

Things are crazy.

I started the week pointing out the merciless assault on commonsense, specifically calling BS on the whole Russian mutiny melodrama, which much of the mainstream continues to stream along, despite even more evidence coming in that western intelligence was behind the whole operation. The entire story stinks to high heaven.

Similarly, I briefly laid out all the unlawful shenanigans swirling around the Deep State interference in our elections, the Biden family crime syndicate, the toothless Durham Report, and other such distractions—all of which are important issues that implicate treachery and treason at the highest levels of government—before turning attention to the bigger issues of digital enslavement and global tyranny.

Side stepping the nonsense, Tuesday’s report placed the global cabal’s devious plans to use “more stick, less carrot” front and center, diving into their Summer Davos ambitions to save the planet before driving home the point that math really does matter. These schmucks are trying to take over the world, allegedly to prevent a catastrophic climate crisis that’s supposedly being driven by over population, despite the fact that the whole of humanity—all 8 billion of us—could easily fit within the great state of Texas, with plenty of room left over for crops. That’s a cold hard fact.

Nevertheless, right on cue, today The Climate Cult is cranking up the doomsday dial by trotting out the King of England to activate a Climate Clock that looks like a giant ticking time bomb. Apparently, we only have 6 years and 24 days to save the planet:

The King activated the clock during the Climate Innovation Forum at the Guildhall in London with London Mayor Sadiq Khan 

Are you scared yet?

I assure you that’s the point—to freak people out—most especially the helplessly indoctrinated minions who are no longer capable of thinking for themselves or questioning The Science. Unfortunately, these minions get to vote, which is really what the climate agenda is all about: it’s about political control at the global level.

That and money.

It’s always about the money.

Like controlling the flow of global investments via ESG extortion, or using taxpayer dollars to build the inescapable surveillance infrastructure all around the world, for example. Or perhaps like giving exorbitant taxpayer-funded subsidies to the government’s green cronies, who can then take the money and run, file for bankruptcy, and leave mountains of “sustainable” junk scattered all across the land—like those un-recyclable windmill blades getting buried somewhere in Texas.

But never mind all of that.

Yesterday I started putting the big picture puzzle pieces together connecting the dots between Deep State surveillance, Biden-backed state censorship, and the Democratic Surveillance Accelerator that virtually nobody has ever heard of—all of which is driving the fundamental transformation of human consciousness and intentionally “Transforming Our World,” per the explicitly stated goals of Agenda 2030.

I realize that for someone who may be fairly new to the audience or reading the Torch Report for the first time, all this talk of transforming human consciousness may seem a bit fringe or extreme, but I assure you this is an accurate and scientifically backed statement. Not only that, this is also an explicitly stated intent of the global elite.

Their stated goal is to control “emerging” public perceptions in order to drive behavioral change, all of which quite literally, scientifically rewires the brain.

Just to recap, quoting from Rape of the Mind, as reported in TR 305:

“Speech manifestations represent conditioned reflex functions of the human brain. In a simpler way we may say: he who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind. …

Political conditioning should not be confused with training or persuasion or even indoctrination. It is more than that. It is tampering. It is taking possession of both the simplest and the most complicated nervous patterns of man.

It is the battle for the possession of the nerve cells.

By controlling the narrative, they control the words and language that we use. This controls which parts of our brain light up, and how often. This is how brainwashing works. It’s not a crackpot conspiracy, it’s a well-documented science, and it is being deployed against the whole of humanity, right now, in ways never before imagined.

This is a MUCH greater threat than mere political corruption. This is an aggressive assimilation and “enforced conversion” via the “endless repetitions and constant sloganizing” that results in the “unconscious taming and conditioning” of humanity.

Right now we are witnessing this scientific subconscious conditioning and psychological taming of humanity. The gravity of this fact cannot be overstated!!!

Again, just to refresh, we were warned about this way back in the 1950s:

“It is now technically possible to bring the human mind into a condition of enslavement and submission.

…now we are beginning to see ever more clearly how the totalitarians use menticide: deliberately, openly, unashamedly, as part of their official policy, as a means of consolidating and maintaining their power… They influence the mind so slowly and indirectly that we may not even realize what they have done to us.

No longer are there any brains, only conditioned patterns and educated muscles.”

Now try to imagine what they can do—and are doing—with weaponized artificial intelligence!


Now, let’s turn our attention back to the global cabal and their current meeting of “New Champions” over in China. Summer Davos offers us a perfect case study in brainwashing and mind control. Let’s start with the words of Li Qiang, Premier of the People’s Republic of China:

“As a responsible major country, China has all along stood firmly on the right side of history and on the side of human progress. Holding high the banner of peace, development and win-win cooperation, China is committed to building world peace, promoting global development and upholding the international order.

Most notably, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China [2012, when Xi Jinping came to power], we have focused on promoting high-quality development, realized the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects as planned, ended absolute poverty in China once and for all, and embarked on a new journey toward building a modern socialist country in all respects.”

Do you believe him? Do you believe that “all along” China has stood firmly on the right side of history? On the side of human progress? Do you believe that China is committed to “upholding” the international order? Do you believe that they have realized the goal of ending “absolute poverty” in China?

These are honest questions.

Obviously he believes it. And we can assume that a certain percentage of the audience, those 1500+ global elites from over 140 different countries, many of them believe it.

That is undoubtedly why China is being touted as the role model for the world.

Just listen to what the Chinese Communist Party has been able to accomplish. They are building a “modern socialist country in all respects,” providing “strong dynamism” for the world economy, and boldly leading the way forward toward global socialism (aka globalization) via Xi Jinping’s three “visionary” initiatives.

The Chinese are showing the world how to work together for the common good.

That’s the story. It’s an inspiring story, isn’t it? It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Do you believe it?

That should be rhetorical. Now, before I fillet these so-called visionary initiatives, I want to point out the two words I just emphasized—“just listen” and “sounds nice.” Recall the brain science we were just discussing and then consider this timeless trope:

“A man is like a rabbit, you can catch him by the ears.”

Think about how many people never question what they hear. Most people never question what they’re told, what they read on the internet, what they see on TV, etc— especially when it’s coming from someone who’s perceived to have authority, like a government official or political leader. This is just human nature. The truth is, most of the time the majority of people want to believe what they’re being told.

The reason is simple: it’s easier than believing they’re being lied to.

Now then, let’s have a look at those so-called “visionary” initiatives:

  1. China’s Global Development Initiative (GDI) — which purportedly “pools global consensus” and “injects impetus into the realization of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals,” as defined by the United Nations.

  2. China’s Global Security Initiative (GSI) — which posits that “common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security” can be achieved by upholding the “right ideas” as outlined in the United Nations charter.

  3. China’s Global Civilization Initiative (GCI) — which claims people need to “keep an open mind” and “refrain from imposing their own values or models on others,” unless, of course, one seeks to forcefully impose socialism on the world.

**Please note, those links are to official Chinese sources. The purpose is to provide the opportunity for you to read their words for yourself—just don’t get caught by the ears!

Their propaganda is stellar, as is all state propaganda these days, regardless of the state. The curious mind should always ask: is this true? Is what they claim the same as what they do? Here’s a short list of sources that openly refute their stated intent:

There are a few things I want to point out here:

First, it was difficult to find counter-narrative perspectives on these initiatives. I had to look and look hard to find them, buried in the search results under a deluge of globalist propaganda touting how wonderful this Chinese New World Order will be.

Second, pay careful attention to how aligned the Chinese Communist Party is with the United Nations, and how they use nearly identical language to sell the same failed socialist fantasies to the current generation of useful idiots.

Third, don’t lose sight of the fact that they’re lying through their teeth!

Communists use language that has a “hidden, higher meaning” and “socialistic interpretation” that is “the exact opposite” of what they appear to be saying.

Their words, not mine.

They are clever, cunning, and evil—not stupid.

They think we’re stupid. They think we’re prudes. They think we’re standing in the way of progress. They believe that if we’d just give up our silly notions of personal freedom, individual liberties, local autonomy, and national sovereignty—and if everyone would just do what they’re told—then the world would be a better place.

This is the opposite of the American Dream. It is the opposite of logic and reason.

This is wishful thinking. It’s delusional. It is impossible and undesirable.

And yet the United Nations, the CCP, and the rest of the global cabal are aggressively shoving this agenda down our throats—and the masses are being brainwashed to accept it—which is why I want to end this report with the friendly reminder:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

Stay curious friends.


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