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TR 545 - Bizarre Claims About Biden Leave the Door Open for a Liberal Awakening

TR 545 - Bizarre Claims About Biden Leave the Door Open for a Liberal Awakening

It's fun to poke fun at the useful idiots, but what if we need them on our side?

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The struggle is real.

Yesterday, in TR 544 - Biden Goes Under the Bus After Opening the "Floodgates of Hell", I presented two competing forks in the narrative, namely:

  1. Joe Biden is mentally incompetent and needs to be disposed of promptly.

  2. Joe Biden is a demigod who’s going to rally four years of service to humanity.

Both narratives are being simultaneously pushed by the government propagandists, which leaves the American people with a choose-your-own-reality adventure leading up to the 2024 election. We would be wise to understand that this uncertainty, and the anticipation of who the Deep State might trot out next, creates precisely the sort of “free floating anxiety” that heightens suggestibility and leads to mass psychosis.

Therefore, we cannot allow ourselves to get sucked into the vortex of political speculation, or wrapped up in the ongoing political circus. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. But, before we get to that, what do you make of this:

Biden isn’t going anywhere, so you better get used to it. Do you believe it?

The two things to point out here, are 1) this is targeted propaganda coming out of Politico, so it’s being aimed at a liberal audience, and 2) we’d be foolish to underestimate the depravity of Biden’s handlers, or their willingness to abuse this “well-meaning elderly man” for another four years—or until he falls over dead, whichever comes first.

Think about it like this: they have invested a lot in this sock-puppet, he’s physically and mentally incapable of thinking or operating on his own, and thus he’s wholly reliant upon his handlers for everything from endorsing radical globalist policies, to delivering their scripted propaganda and finding his way off stage.

And, since the media is nothing more than a Deep State lapdog, they will have no problem continuing to warp the very fabric of reality and ensuring that the vast majority of useful idiots remain completely none the wiser. Hence Biden’s launching of a TikTok channel, promoting his “shrinkflation” video, and now, today, another bizarre video of him eating some fried chicken and pandering to black kids.

Rather than backing out with dignity, it appears that Team Biden is making a full-court press to con the American people into thinking he’s up for the job. To any sane and thinking person, this is beyond asinine. That said, to maintain perspective, we need to try to see it through the eyes of his handlers and their target audience.

From the Politico piece above:

“The GOP fantasy crowd is so accustomed to conspiracy theories that they’re betting the Democrats will switch candidates at the last minute. Have they actually paid attention to politics?

The Republican refrain goes something like this: Democrats know Joe Biden can’t win in November and they — it’s always “they” — are going to replace him on top of the ticket.”

You see, the idea that rational level-headed Democrats might want to replace Biden with a candidate that actually has a pulse, is nothing more than a “GOP fantasy.” The idea that the Deep State might toss Biden under the bus, that’s just another one of those MAGA “conspiracy theories.” Haven’t you paid attention to politics lately?

How do you like that little jab about how it’s always “they”—as if there is not an entire team of Deep State assets behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and propping up this national embarrassment. Their level of arrogance is simply astounding, and it’s only slightly eclipsed by their unnerving degree of ignorance.

The lengthy screed in defense of Biden, aimed at convincing liberals why they should fall in line with another rigged election by voting for a senile sock-puppet whom nobody likes, can be summed up in this unbelievably delusional statement:

“He’s a personally decent man with no major scandal in his White House.”

Who the hell believes that crap?!

No major scandal in his White House? WTF?!

It’s blood-boiling nonsense. BUT…

This is the deluded reality that millions of Americans are living in today. People do believe that Biden is “a personally decent man,” as opposed to a hair-sniffing pervert. People do believe, quite unbelievably, that there has been “no major scandal” in Biden’s White House. Millions of Americans are completely oblivious to congressional investigations of the Burisma scandal, Biden’s long track record of off-color racist remarks about black people, using his crack-head son to funnel millions of dollars and pedal influence for foreign adversaries, the utterly disgraceful and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, or even the current Special Counsel’s finding that Biden “willfully retained” classified documents.

These scandals are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is nearly unimaginable that anyone would be stupid enough to actually believe that Biden is a “decent man” whose time in the Oval Office is completely scandal free.

The easiest takeaway should be not to underestimate people’s stupidity.

Believing such nonsense is right up there with believing that the “vaccines” are safe and effective, or that Pfizer has the “highest reputation of all pharmaceutical companies.”

However, this degree of what appears to be stupidity, is really a symptom of a much larger problem. To properly understand what’s happening here, we need to make a hard pivot. Let’s put China Joe to bed for a moment and zoom way out.

There’s something else going on.

In the spirit of seeking solutions, as opposed to merely raging against the apparent idiocy of it all, we need to ask a pertinent question: WHY?

Why are millions of Americans so blind to the truth?

Each of the scandals above have been investigated by congress. That means these scandals are all publicly available knowledge. There is no conspiracy surrounding Biden’s myriad scandals, there is a paper trail of well-documented evidence.

So, why are millions of Americans willing to believe that Biden is a “personally decent man with no major scandals” in his White House? Are they just willfully ignorant?

Giving our fellow Americans a bit of grace, acknowledging our limits as human beings, isn’t it true that people’s beliefs are based on the information they’ve received? For example, if a person fancied themselves a liberal intellectual and only consumed content from sources like Politico—who’s entire business model seems to be stroking the egos of the educated idiots in that camp—how could they believe anything else?

Unless an individual intentionally seeks out conflicting perspectives to compare and contrast, which is counter to human nature, then their perspectives and beliefs can be almost entirely shaped by the various narratives bouncing around their personal echo chamber. This is true for all of us, by the way, regardless of political inclination.

That’s why I spend so much time scouring sources from the Left and Right, to deliver you the “truth you can trust,” a plethora of links you can click and read, so you can see it for yourself and develop your own informed perspective.

But alas, most liberals aren’t so lucky. Or conservatives for that matter.


The media is manipulating public perception with unparalleled precision. Through state funded censorship, through weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions, through a relentless deluge of sloganizing propaganda and military grade memes, those who control the flow of information are controlling the minds of the masses. This is abundantly clear to all clear-minded people.

By extension, as I’ve covered in depth, this massive media mind control is rewiring people’s brains, literally at the neurological level. The predictable result, according to a century of scientific study, is direct behavioral change.

In other words, “they” are changing people’s brains. They are changing people’s behavior. In fact, they are even changing what it means to be a human being.

It’s true that change is inevitable, but these changes are wholly unnatural.

This is the process of “subconscious taming” that we’ve been warned about.

People are being systematically conditioned to trust the “experts,” the “fact-checkers,” the “Science,” and of course their beloved benevolent masters, “The Government.”

Put differently, the sheep are being trained to trust the wolves.

It’s a timeless scheme really, so it should come as no surprise, but if we could open people’s eyes to this fact, I think we’d be able to recruit a lot of old school liberals into the freedom movement. Nobody likes to be lied to, right?

We should plan our angle of attack accordingly.

Do you believe Biden has been a scandal free president? Why do you believe Biden has been a scandal free president? Is there any chance you’re being lied to?

What do you make of the fact millions of Americans have a radically different perspective? There are intelligent people on both sides, so how do we make sense of that? Is it possible there’s something else playing into this divisive equation?

Behold, the door.

We are being intentionally divided. We are being prodded into our respective political holding pens. We are being lied to—all of us—regardless of party preference.

Is this not a reasonable assessment? Could it be that there are vested interests intentionally turning us against each other? Is it possible we actually have more in common than we’ve been trained to think?

Don’t we all just want to be left alone to live our lives? Doesn’t the average American long to live free from government oppression? Aren’t we supposed to share the same liberties and rights? Can’t we agree that political corruption hurts us all?

Can you imagine anyone disagreeing with any of these statements?

I can’t.

In my experience, in real-life conversations, during direct interactions with people who have different opinions, it’s not that hard to chart out common ground. When the goal is to find points of agreement, rather than bickering about party platform or narrative talking points, the door is wide open to engage.

If we want to win this war, we have to walk through that door.

While our instincts may want to scream, “You damn FOOLS! Can’t you see you’re being lied to?!” the whisper of wisdom advises we take a more logical approach.

The percentage of Americans who are waking up is increasing, but no matter how we slice the pie, the media still has control over the majority of people. As I’ve said before, though we cannot compete with algorithms or media proliferation, the modern puppet masters cannot compete with direct human interaction.

We can help people wake up, and from a military perspective, it’s mission critical that we do. We have to win hearts and minds, or else find ourselves surrounded by a mob of government sympathizers and state agents. If we fail to reach out and connect, we will be increasingly silenced in our own rebel echo chambers, thinking that we’re winning because that’s what they want us to think, but losing ground each day.

Please chew on those words. Let it steep. Ruminate.

There is more that unites us than there is that divides us. FACT.

If we want to win this war, we need to win allies.

All other paths lead to destruction.

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