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TR 519 - Behold the Next Pandemic

TR 519 - Behold the Next Pandemic

Right on cue, just as predicted, they are rolling out another round of insanity.

Do not comply.

For those living in liberal areas, please take note of the following headlines:

If the idiots in your state or local health department attempt to force you (or your children at school) to cover your face, restrict your breathing, and breath in a petri dish, please do not comply. The masks are not only worthless, they also have “measurably harmful effects”—which means that no one should be wearing them.

Masks have never worked, and they never will, according to a century of science.

The reason is simple: the virus is too small.

Never mind the gaps and the self-contamination that comes from fidgeting with the masks. The whole charade is just ridiculous, so again, please do not comply. THAT SAID, I am well aware that I’m probably preaching to the choir here, so I’d like to turn attention to an encouraging headline that slices to the heart of this battle:

St. Louis is a large metro area with roughly 3 million people, which is nearly half the population of the entire state of Missouri. The St. Louis metro is run by liberals, while the State of Missouri is run by conservatives. This is a familiar pattern in many states.

What we see in the article above, is a bunch of brain-dead city leaders trying to jump on the covid crazy train, so as to not get left behind by their liberal pals in other big blue cities. Meanwhile, level-headed, science-minded leadership from the state Capitol was quick to put the brakes on the stupidity of it all:

“The back-and-forth marked a brief revival of a familiar fight over public health policy between liberal St. Louis Democrats and conservative Capitol Republicans. The two sides spent years challenging one another over mask mandates and business closures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The point I want to emphasize here is that people’s lives are getting yanked around by all of this political bickering. Do I have to mask? Do I not have to mask? I don’t know! What does the city or state say today?!

Lost in the confusion is the bigger picture.

No one has the right to cover your face or restrict your breathing, ever.

In essence, all mask mandates are inhumane and harmful and no one should be complying at any point ever. That has been my stance from the very beginning, and early on, it was very disheartening to see so many “conservatives” simply go along with the insanity of it all. Obviously things will be different this time around, but I just want to double down and re-emphasize: DO NOT COMPLY.

If the hospital says you have to wear a mask, do not comply. If the school says you have to wear a mask, do not comply. If the business says you have to wear a mask, do not comply. If ANYONE says you have to wear a mask, do not comply—and be loud and proud in your noncompliance. Go ahead and make a scene.

Do NOT let these mask nazis get-off on their own delusional sense of power over your life. They have no such authority. Do not let them stay comfortable in their smug arrogance. Make them uncomfortable by refusing to comply.

I believe it would be wise to prime your mind for such encounters, mull over how you’re going to handle such situations, and steel your nerves for what lies ahead. Just remember: every time you put on a mask, you are complying with insanity, and you are normalizing crimes against humanity—Every. Damn. Time.

Okay, good talk.

You may recall that near the end of September, the Biden administration spent some $600 million to ship out 200 million “free” at-home tests. At that point, the CDC was already modeling a “more severe” trend than what was widely being reported. Deduced from these facts, it was clear that the next fearmongering propaganda campaign was just a few months out, say like right after the holidays, and here we are.

Those with their eyes wide open have seen this coming. I’ve previously discussed the setup of this mass manipulation, as well as the vaccine induced “turbo” cancers, the government funded research designed to overcome any of your objections, and the “receipts” on the depopulation agenda in these reports:

After the brief-but-faded “mysterious outbreak” of pneumonia and White Lung disease—which rapidly spread from China to countries all around the world near the end of November 2023—all signs have being pointing toward another planned pandemic.

Today, just over one month later, along with the mask mandates cropping up across the United States, we see fear-inducing headlines coming out like this:

Paving the way for the next lockdown, you say? Surely they wouldn’t!

And yet… per the Federal Register, effective January 1, 2024:

I suppose if people are growing more plucky and standing up against the covid tyranny, realizing that they’ve been duped into being scared over nothing, this government announcement that there is a potential “Public Health Emergency” because of a “credible risk” that Ebola might soon be spreading throughout the land might reinvigorate the requisite fear to justify future lockdowns.

To be clear, the above announcement, which was not voted on by any elected representatives of We the People, is mostly just providing a slush fund for Big Pharma, so they can “prepare” for what might lie ahead. On top of that, the determination more-or-less gives vaccine developers 100% immunity should their jabs end up killing millions of innocent people—because after all, they are being developed and deployed strictly to prevent an emergency, and “keep people safe!”

One more notable feature coming out of this under-the-radar power grab is that the entire revision is meant “to be consistent with” the most current World Health Organization stipulations on how the world should handle disease. Those four words, “to be consistent with,” point to the darker agenda of the global cabal.

Why should America public policy “be consistent with” the WHO?

Well, because the global cabal said so, that’s why.

To really put this threat into perspective, you’ll enjoy reading Tucker Carlson’s recent take on the WHO’s Authoritarian Plans For Humanity—which is remarkably aligned with TR 123 - How the WHO Takes Over the World. In his discussion with biologist Bret Weinstein, a lightbulb seemed to go off:

“So I’m not a math genius, but one in eight hundred shots times billions is a lot of people…..17 million deaths from the COVID vaccine?” asked Tucker. “Just for perspective. I mean, that’s like the death toll of a global war.”

To which Weinstein replied: “Yes, absolutely. This is a great tragedy of history. So that proportion. And amazingly there is no way in which it’s over. I mean, we are still apparently recommending these things for healthy children.”

Not only are public health officials in the United States recommending masking up and getting jabbed with another round of experimental injections, even private companies and large nonprofits are getting in on the action:

The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA

For those who don’t know, AARP claims to be “the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older.” Ironically, telling 38 million seasoned adults to get their 8th jab is pretty much destined to put a dent in their clientele, given the fact that even CNN has had to reluctantly admit that the clot shots “increase risk of stroke in older adults.”

Put differently, to quote Catherine Austin Fits, “They’re trying to kill you.”

Yet the parade of crazy keeps marching along, and though there are those of us who clearly see all of this for what it is, there are many, many others who simply know no better than to comply and play along. Our mission should be to liberate as many people as possible from this illusion and build-up a “nation of non-compliers” before we get steamrolled by another plan-demic.

Resistance is the spice of life.


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