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TR 540 - You are the Carbon and Cancer the Ruling Class Wants to Reduce

TR 540 - You are the Carbon and Cancer the Ruling Class Wants to Reduce

Sometimes when circumstances align, there are too many coincidences to overlook.

Yesterday, we discussed the threats of World War III, weaponized AI, election interference, and the invasion at our southern border—only to set it all aside and focus on the chilling fact that there are people who are trying to kill us.

As ludicrous as such a claim may seem—that there is a small group of powerful people who are intentionally trying to kill millions or billions of people—myself and others have documented the eugenics connection to the radical climate agenda, and pointed to the open secret that depopulation is precisely what they're trying to do.

They claim that it’s to save the planet. They say that it’s for the greater good.

There are billions of people who believe them.

Unfortunately, the power of propaganda to implant infectious ideas into the minds of the masses, to take hold of the brain at the neurological level and literally reprogram the mind at the subconscious level, ensures we are going to be dealing with these climate crazies for a long time to come.


Because underneath the surface level social identity groups such as “environmental activists,” we find the collective hive mind. This is the same collective hive mind that lies beneath other identity labels as well, such as LGBTQ, Progressive, Socialist, Democrat, etc. Though I am biased and slanted against the Leftists for their mental assimilation into this collective hive mind, I must acknowledge this tendency exists on the political Right as well, if only to a slightly lesser degree.

Groupthink is a natural human tendency, so we should expect nothing less.

As such, coming back to our current predicament, there are billions of people around the world who believe that humanity is overpopulating the planet, all because a few jackasses like Al Gore have been preaching climate doom for decades. And, despite his predictions being wrong every damn time, in every conceivable way, world leaders are still being subjected to this high caliber fleecing at elite gatherings like Davos.

From Al Gore Dials The Apocalyptic Climate Rhetoric Up To Eleven:

“Greenhouse gases are now trapping as much extra heat as would be released by 600,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every single day.

That’s what’s boiling the oceans… and creating the droughts, and melting the ice, and raising the sea level, and causing these waves of climate refugees, predicted to reach one billion in this century.” —Al Gore speaking in Davos.

The problem with ridiculous rhetoric like this is not that it’s just a pack of lies, it’s that this pack of lies is being delivered to, and accepted by, some of the world’s more powerful people. In other words, this is an infectious idea, a mental virus that is being intentionally transmitted among the ruling class elites.

We mustn’t overlook the fact that once an “enlightened” global leader has been conditioned to believe these lies, such lies can be used to justify all sorts of tyranny.

What could possibly be more important than saving the planet? I mean, c’mon, we’re boiling the damn oceans man! We’re releasing 600,000 Hiroshima-class bombs every single day, and the planet can’t take much more of it! We need to take radical, drastic action, NOW!! Just think of the children!!! Aaaahhh!!!!

I’m sure you get the point.

Changing hats here for a moment, we need to keep in mind these hysterical climate crazies are being used like tools in the hands of the real power players, the global royalty that lurks behind the cloaked facade of international commerce and trade. I’m talking about the banker’s bosses, the real elite, the ones who are hellbent on ruling the world, and deathly afraid of losing their grip upon the peasants.

You see, if there are too many peasants, some peasants might start to get the inclination that they should be making their own decisions, thinking for themselves, and acting upon the inspiration of their own volition—and that could lead to uprising. Similarly, if meat-eating, mouth-breathing peasants were allowed to breed like rabbits, they would very quickly out number the ruling class to such a degree that no number of guards could prevent them from storming the castle.

Thus, as royalty and rulers have long known, they have to control the peasant population. Besides, with all the inbreeding, poor nutrition, and lack of education, all of these ignorant peasants were destined to muck up the pristine genetic pool of the ruling class—at least that’s been their mentality, as recorded throughout history.

We’d be foolish to think such a mentality is not very much alive and well today.

This is the impulse of the global eugenicists, and it’s been around for a very, very long time. You may recall, from the Limits of Growth, and the Predicament of Mankind, that the global elites have put a plan in place to “proportion” the population to stay within planetary boundaries. Today we call this plan Net Zero, or Agenda 2030, or the Sustainable Development Goals, which at their core, are all designed for depopulation.

If this is at all unfamiliar to you, you can get up to speed with these reports:

Now then, with the premise that the ruling class is trying to kill off the masses firmly established, let’s revisit yesterday’s exposition on how the covid jabs were designed to “harm, maim, and kill” by causing a cascading series of issues like heart problems, AIDS, and cancer. Because billions of people have been jabbed with these toxic injections, the true toll of suffering and death will not be known for decades.

The fact that our own government continues to push these needles into the public’s arm, using taxpayer dollars to sell the lie that these “vaccines are safe and effective,” really tells you everything you need to know about our overlords intentions.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that this is a global attack against humanity, and nobody who’s been conned into going along with these experimental injections is safe. The clock is ticking, and this life-ending lottery is far from over.

For example, today, major headlines are wailing about how the “King has Cancer!”

Gasp! Oh, no!

Not to make light of a life-threatening disease, but isn’t it funny how it suddenly becomes a major issue when it happens to someone important? It’s too bad all those poor peasants who keep falling over dead don’t get the same press—because that might catalyze some major change in the public’s perspective.

But the media masters aren’t going to let that happen. Instead, on a much more somber note, we’ll just get a steady trickle of stories about American icons like Toby Keith, who just died from stomach cancer at age 62 — may he rest in peace.

Just to put it in perspective, this “shocking rise” in cancer was entirely predictable:

Combined with the threat of methodical manipulation, this is really the perfect depopulation scheme. The powers that be can rake in billions of dollars in profit, while doling out death and blaming it on anything but the poisons they are pushing people to voluntarily take. Clearly, the days of informed consent are long gone.

And that is to say nothing of the GMOs in our food supply, which are also known to cause cancer, and which just so happen to be run by globalist corporations pushing the “sustainable” agenda (i.e. depopulation), all of which ties together through Dr. Peter Kraft, whose previously reported affiliations demonstrate how a handful of people can pull this all off.

But rather than chasing rabbits today, I’d like to turn attention toward the ultimate solution to this existential mess. I find it hyper-fascinating that TODAY, the very same day the “King has Cancer” and Toby Keith died, we find this historic first:

World's first: Patients treated with new cancer vaccine

Make of it what you will, but personally, I cannot simply chalk this up to coincidence. It comes as little surprise to learn that doctors have been working to develop cancer vaccines for over 100 years—but now that they are deploying “Personalized Vaccines” to combat cancer, I have to wonder if the fix is in.

Step #1: Jab billions of people with a cancer causing injection.

Step #2: Wait until some really famous people suddenly get cancer.

Step #3: Sell the elites personalized cancer vaccines, and let the plebes die.

Such a scheme would be an unthinkably heinous crime against humanity, but have we not already established their motives? Depopulation to save the planet. Reducing the number of strong, healthy peasants to prevent any potential uprising. Raking in massive profits, even as cancer rates skyrocket up to 77%, while companies “support” their employees to “work with cancer” to boost the bottom line until the day they die.

As sickening as it is, there will be plenty of people cheering this on.

And for every “enlightened” leader who is clapping their hands about saving the planet, there will be legions of useful idiots who remain none the wiser. Quietly, mindlessly, they march toward their death as the “secret cabal” of ruling class sadistic evildoers inflicts maximum pain along the way.

Remember: pain is all part of the plan.

Remember how the American Eugenics Society considered themselves a Society for the Control of Social Cancer? Remember how they were concerned about leaving too many “defectives” to reproduce and create “new cancers” in the body politic?

Is it too much of a stretch to connect the dots?

You are the carbon and cancer they seek to reduce.

That’s why when I say it, I mean it: RESIST WE MUST!

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