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TR 543 - Analyzing the American Political Circus Through the Lens of the Next Global War

TR 543 - Analyzing the American Political Circus Through the Lens of the Next Global War

What do Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden all have in common? I'm willing to bet you'd never guess, so let me connect the dots.

The fix is in.

There are few competing themes in this morning’s headline foray, not the least of which is the mainstream media officially tossing Biden under the bus and Tucker Carlson’s historic interview with the Evil Russian Tyrant, Vladimir Putin.

Also top of the list is Mark Zuckerberg lying to congress about the impact of social media on youth and the fact that America’s enemies are “sharpening their knives” as our own government dysfunction continues to broadcast for all the world to see.

We are inching ever closer to a global war.

According to The Hill:

“The recent deaths of three American servicemembers in Jordan by Iranian-backed proxies is yet another devastating example of how enemies of the democratic world — including Iran, Russia, China and North Korea — are increasingly united in their goals and actions against America and its allies.

Just weeks after Hamas’s deadly terrorist attack in Israel, Russia and China met and agreed to closer “foreign policy coordination,” and already we are witnessing the devastating results.” 

In case there was any doubt about it, the only solution is “MORE WAR!”

Or, more accurately, more of your hard-earned dollars being shipped overseas to be laundered through a global network of corrupt diplomats and MIC proxies—which all but ensures the transfer of military grade weapons into the hands of hostile enemies.

While there is no doubt Iran, Russia, China and North Korea all pose a threat, if there was one key takeaway from Tucker Carlson’s two-hour interview with Putin, it’s that the U.S. deep state is running rogue, ignoring diplomacy and rational thinking, in order to push the imperialist agenda of the global elites (i.e. their own agenda).

After soft-peddling the fact that it was the U.S. deep state behind the Nord Stream bombing—as reported by yours truly in TR 207 - The Baltic Sea Bombing, and later confirmed by the venerable Seymour Hersh as reported in TR 300 - Nord Stream WAS an Act of War!—Putin challenged Carlson with the following question:

Why is America fighting for Ukraine’s border, while refusing to defend its own?

Good question. It came on the heels of talk about American boots on the ground, which Pentagon leaks confirmed last April, but the deep state is apparently trying to keep hush-hush. Searching for references to establish this fact, I got stonewalled:

Evidently, the algorithms were having a hard time coughing up this inconvenient fact. Being the diligent sleuth that I am, I persisted through different search engines to deliver the “truth you can trust”—so you don’t have to just take my word for it:

And of course, lest you believe your lying eyes, the fact-checkers will set you straight:

You see, whether or not there are boots on the ground in Ukraine is a matter of “context.” If your context is Leftist indoctrination, U.S Special Forces are “peacekeepers” and “weapons inspectors”—not troops—and they’re probably wearing sneakers (not boots), and therefore there are no troops with boots on the ground in Ukraine. C’mon man!

If your context is living in reality, none of this comes as a surprise, especially not the fact that the deep state has deployed American troops to secure their considerable interests in the beguiled bastion of corruption we call Ukraine.

It only makes sense, but let’s not get lost in the weeds here.

I assure you that Ukraine and Russia are NOT our biggest concerns. Even the Evil Russian Tyrant was able to spell it out simple enough for anyone to grasp:

“Do the United States need this? What for? Thousands of miles away from your national territory. You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt, more than 33 trillion dollars… You have nothing better to do so you should fight in Ukraine? Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Russia? Make an agreement. Realizing that Russia that will fight for it’s interest to the end. Return to common sense and look for solutions.” —Vladimir Putin

But alas, friends, this is all just smoke and mirrors.

Much more juicy, and prominent in the center ring circus today, is the clown show we call “American Elections.” Here’s everything you need to know:

Personally, I’d be surprised if this senile sock-puppet was able to rip up a napkin, let alone rip into the Special Counsel that just concluded he “willfully retained” classified documents. But, since Biden seems like a “well-meaning, elderly man with poor memory”—since he could not remember when he was Vice President, or when his son died, for example—the Special Counsel declined to press charges.

Is it any wonder our enemies are sharpening their knives?

If you’re inclined to flesh out the story, here are the direct links:

I think it’s important to note that those are stories being run in the liberal echo chamber—hence my previous assertion that they’re tossing Biden under the bus.

What I’d like to say to any liberal democrats in the listening audience is: can’t we just be honest here? This is a national embarrassment!

But note the similar story line that’s emerging here as well. This is another “Comey moment”—which implies that just like Hillary Clinton’s loss after Comey’s damning report on her blatant felonious crimes, wherein he magically decided not to enforce the law, so too will Creepy Uncle Joe get treated with kid gloves and put back in his playpen. Regardless, Joe’s got to go, because the deep state cannot stand to lose.

It will be very interesting to see who they trot out onto the stage next. There are a lot of whispers about Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama, but it’s all just speculation.

Another element buried in all this, is the aligning of the courts with Donald Trump. I’m not saying the courts are choosing sides, they are merely loosely upholding the law and striking down some ridiculous lower court lawfare; the propagandists are merging the courts with MAGA in the minds of the minions.

The reasons for this are many, such as continuing to lay the foundation to justify packing the court, but my mind goes back to the Summer of Rage and how liberals were screeching about the authoritarian abuse of power when the Supreme Court rightfully overturned Roe v. Wade and made abortion a state’s rights issue.

(For coverage on that, check out TR 144 - The Subtle Art of Making History)

Quickly connecting the dots, do you recall the Carnegie Foundation’s Global Protest Tracker? Back in TR 277 we discovered that, according to Carnegie, “over 400 significant anti-government protests have erupted worldwide.”

That was over a year ago, and their numbers hold true to this day. However, what I’m sure would be a shock to most Americans, is the fact that Carnegie’s assessment of the “significant anti-government protests” in the U.S. are stemming directly from the abortion ruling—along with protests over certain Trump policies, general climate protests, and protests over Xi Jinping’s visit to the APEC summit in San Francisco.

This latest linking of the Supreme Court with Donald Trump, properly understood, is nothing less than an undermining of the ruling of law and the Constitution, priming the minds of radical leftists to unleash rage and violence against an unjust system of oppression, all with the support of Soros and the rest of the global cabal.

In other words, as I’ve said before, they are setting the stage for a hung election and civil war, just like they’ve been predicting. Don’t underestimate the deep state’s ability to pull this off—and don’t doubt their willingness to use Donald Trump in the process.

Nor should we dismiss the possibility that they may move forward with the utterly absurd proposition that somehow Vice President Kamala Harris is better suited to be the leader of the free world—at least until they can rig the next election.

Says the White House, just as the news of Joe’s mental incompetence hit the mainstream outlets, and shortly after he started getting mocked for the “hard to watch” laughable demand that the President of Mexico ‘Sisi’ open the gates of Gaza:

“We are so fortunate to have a real leader, a true friend, and a historic Vice President in Kamala Harris. We couldn’t do this without you, Kamala.”

Can’t you just feel the glow? Doesn’t everybody just love Kamala Harris?!

It’s lunacy, pure and simple.

Make no mistake, this all plays directly into the geopolitics of World War III, and none of it bodes well for the future. Unfortunately, while European farmers chalk up a temporary victory over the sinister global agenda, the majority of Americans remain enthralled with the political circus, engaged in senseless bickering, and wholly unaware of the forces gathering against us.

Besides, it’s Super Bowl weekend and Taylor Swift is going to be there! Right on cue, CNN has provided America with a guide to the Super Bowl, in Taylor Swift lyrics.

By Monday, it will be as if none of this has ever happened.

What do Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden all have in common? They’re all being used in a game that’s stacked against us. Stay wise patriots!

Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll catch back up on the flip-side. Until then:

Resist We Must!


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