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Protests Erupt Around the Globe as Anti-Government Sentiment Hits All-Time Highs

Protests Erupt Around the Globe as Anti-Government Sentiment Hits All-Time Highs

And right on cue, they're using the drama to come for your guns.

(Originally posted June 30, 2023 as TR 398 - On Haiti, Hatred, & Holding Out Hope)

Brace yourself.

I’ve read many things this morning, ranging from the uprisings setting France on fire to dopamine addiction, from shrinking Social Security to Supreme Court diversity hires, how humanity is supposedly shifting the tilt of the earth, how conservatives are using the court system to remake America, how liberals plan to salvage Kamala Harris, how officials are using illegal emails to avoid accountability, and how racist red-blooded Americans need to let black folk rewrite the national anthem.

And then there was an article warning that the UN is set to launch a new “global framework” that demands “international cooperation in ammunition management.”

Setting the ridiculous distractions aside, I had to look into that one.

Taking into account that this framework is being rolled out by the UN Office of Disarmament, it should be clear that they’re up to no good—but to give you a better glimpse of their depravity, here are a few screenshots of the propaganda:

You see, the UN is “gender-mainstreaming” gun control and brainwashing these impressionable youths, who will then spend the rest of their lives trying to “manage your ammo” and take control of your small arms (as in confiscate them). This is all part of the blissful world peace that is promised in Agenda 2030.

According to the Office of Disarmament’s 29-page strategic plan, having a bunch of uppity peasants clinging to their guns and bibles—ahem, clinging to their small arms—will “hamper the achievement of several Goals, most notably SDG 16, but also SDG 1, SDG 3, SDG 5, SDG 8, and SDG 11.”

I could go on about the obvious here, but I won’t.

Instead, I want to point out these collectivist punks have a very methodical plan to impose their will upon the rest of us. It would be foolish to underestimate their ambition, their funding, and just how close they are to pulling off this global socialist coup. Taking your guns away in the name of peace and public safety is just part of it.

As an interesting aside, I find the fact that their strategic plan for disarmament ends in 2025 absolutely fascinating. My mind skips from the 2024 hung election and civil war, to international interventions and the global responsibility to protect people from extremists—to the fact that virtually every other globalist goal it targeted for 2030.

Is this just coincidence?

Regardless, just this week the United Nations published a report on preventing a “contagion of mass atrocities” by building “the conditions for sustainable peace.” Just to be clear, one of the main conditions for “sustainable peace” is disarming the peasants. The report claims the cornerstone of this strategy is early detection, early warning, and prevention based on “improved systems for data collection and analysis”—aka greater state surveillance.

What risk factors do they intend to surveil? Social inequality, food insecurity, and discrimination, just to name a few. You know, just the standard social justice issues.

Why does that matter?

Because they are using government surveillance to collect / create data that they then use to “leverage policy”—their words, not mine—in order to justify government intervention and impose pre-determined socialist solutions. In other words, this is how the global cabal is advancing Cultural Revolution all around the globe.

Again, just take a look at France today—or any of the other 400+ “significant anti-government protests” taking place around the world—and you can see exactly where we’re headed:

Let me ask you: do you think this is all just coincidence?

I don’t.

Let’s zoom out.

WHY? Why is the “secret global cabal” orchestrating all of this chaos?

The simple answer is because out of chaos comes calls for more control. Obviously there are some major problems, global problems even, and major global problems require major global solutions that can only be achieved by effective global governance.

That’s their logic. That’s their ploy: create more chaos to gain more control.

In reality, social upheaval forces politicians and the public to seek solutions. Of course, the solutions have already been prepackaged (courtesy of the UN, the WHO, etc.), but the more subtle and devious fact is that the problems are being defined by propaganda in the first place. When state surveillance generates data on social justice issues, these data are used to legitimize these social justice issues as if they’re a major problem.

The result is unleashed, unhinged leftist politicians feeling justified telling you what they really think of you—like Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johson standing on the senate floor saying “f*ck the suburbs,” or Minnesota Democrat candidate John Thompson violently screaming at some white suburbanite women about the “grand wizard” before shouting “f*ck Minnesota!” (Both videos in the link above).

These are only two examples of angry black democrats openly shouting profanity, threatening, and degrading their fellow Americans. Why is this happening? Because they believe they are justified. They believe America is systemically racist and oppressive. They believe this because the government and media have told them this repeatedly—because allegedly that’s what “the data” shows.

Commonsense and rational thinking become obsolete in the face of rage.

Now, on the note of angry black people, I’d like to turn attention to Haiti. According to a report put out by the UN yesterday, the world is failing the Haitian people.

Collectively the world is failing the Haitian people.” -UNICEF

Before I get into this, I want to point out that the world is failing the Haitian people the very same way that America is failing those living in deplorable inner cities. There are many similarities: poverty, violence, crime, and many “victims of color” if you will.

But never mind all of that.

The whole world is failing Haiti.

Haiti, as a nation, is half of a Caribbean island.

According to the CIA Factbook, Haiti is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland and home to some 11,470,000 people (smaller than L.A.), 95% of whom are black and under the age of 65. Just to visualize:

Unfortunately, the majority of these working age adults would rather do drugs, rape, murder, and pillage the village than do anything productive—which has led to a “barely functional” society wherein “women and children are dying” and people are being “raped and burned alive,” according to the UN report.

Supposedly the world is failing Haiti—despite the fact that the U.S. alone has sent nearly $15 billion dollars in aid, a constant supply of generous food assistance, and more than 520,850 pounds of medical equipment and other vital supplies.

There have been billions more dollars of humanitarian aid dumped into Haiti for decades, coming from all around the world, and yet the world is failing Haiti?

Do you believe it?

Haiti has had a very turbulent past, and the U.S. has fingerprints all over it—such as the military intervention dubbed “Operation Uphold Democracy” back in 1994, for example. It is said that this intervention still shapes the country to this day, and is supposedly one of the crowning achievements of Bill Clinton’s administration.

And yet the world is failing Haiti.


Did you know that Operation Uphold Democracy was launched after a military coup tried to oust the first “democratically elected” radical socialist reformer?

Apparently, at least according to the New York Times at the time, there was “no evidence” to suggest that the CIA was involved in any of this in any way whatsoever.

So I guess there’s nothing to see here.

The world is failing Haiti. Ten million working age adults can’t seem to figure out how to run their own country. Billions of dollars of foreign aid sustained over decades hasn’t been a big enough band-aid. We’ve successfully intervened before, but it looks like we’re right back where we started—and the Deep State had nothing to do with it.

I guess the only thing Haiti has going for it are the rich deposits of aluminum, copper, and gold, and the fact that they can pretty much grow anything they want.

It’s too bad they’re dealing with so much civil unrest, like all those other countries. And it’s really unfortunate that their president was recently assassinated (July 2021)—that’s hard for any country to deal with. I guess the assassinated president (Jovenel Moïse) was dealing with “significant anti-government protests” and the country was in the midst of a “constitutional crisis” because his election was controversial.

Evidently, he was ruling by decree and pushing for a new constitution, complete with U.S. support. Strange that three Americans were involved in the assassination.

Anyway, I’m glad the United Nations has brought it to our attention that the world is failing Haiti. It gives me hope that these poor Haitians won’t run out of foreign aid before they are able to restore their democracy—and they’re going to have to restore their democracy if they plan to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Hopefully the Office of Disarmament can help them get this violence under control!

I’m holding out hope. How about you?

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