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TR 536 - Neuralink Will Let You Live Forever, but Only If You Can Survive the 2024 Election

TR 536 - Neuralink Will Let You Live Forever, but Only If You Can Survive the 2024 Election

Let's meander through the mazes of possibilities, and see if we can find a way out.

As I was saying…

The headline says it all. As I pointed out yesterday, in TR 535 - The Taylor Swift Psyop, Dead Soldiers, & the Deep State's "Most Dangerous" Situation, it is no longer Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Now it’s American patriots against a propped up deep state puppet. It’s We the People against a seductive super influencer who can register 35,000 useful idiots to vote for the sock-puppet in a single social media post.

How can we compete with that?

How can we compete with the proliferation of propaganda, the endless algorithmic interventions, and the billionaire class who has bought our elections?

How can we compete against the agonizing degree of apathy, the loss of appetite for anything resembling hardship and struggle, and the deteriorating spirit of resistance?

The unvarnished truth is that we cannot compete with these forces, at least not head on. Every indication is that the “secret cabal” that’s working to tear down the United States is going to have their way with us this election cycle, just as they have in the past. Hung election and a civil war? It seems unthinkable, and yet the stage is set.

In a recent discussion, a friend was questioning the realities surrounding that exact scenario. How does that all play out? Can you actually imagine millions of Americans battling it out in the streets? Think about the divide between liberals in urban metro and the patriots in Small Town USA — how could they possibly square off?

These are all good questions, and admittedly, the idea of full on kinetic war seems improbable. We’re not living in the 1860s, and American society has changed in very dramatic ways. More than that, the character and perspectives held by the majority of American citizens has undergone a radical transformation.

Will the snowflakes take up arms? No. We know there are plenty of militant “trantifa” types who would be ready and willing to throw down—men dressed up as women, and women dress up as men, angry at the world, and willing to pull the trigger—but honestly, they’d get their asses handed to them. Same goes for the black-clad radical Antifa anarchists, if all hell breaks loose, the good old boys will quickly put them in their place. So where will all the soldiers required for a new civil war come from?

Who would the patriots be fighting exactly?

Coming at the question from the right side, how many American patriots are actually going to step up and pull the trigger against people in their own hometown?

It’s sickening just thinking about it, isn’t it?

No, contend my friend, there will be no civil war. The pieces just aren’t there. Even if that is what the globalists are attempting to orchestrate—which I believe they are—they don’t have the right components to spark this sort of vicious alchemy. But…

As we chewed the cud on this sticky situation, I made the point that all it takes is one large conflict, or perhaps several smaller skirmishes, for them to pull it off. One must consider the optics—and it’s really all about the optics. To grasp what I mean, just consider the “violent insurrection” on J6.

Radical right-wing extremists stormed the Capitol, unleashed all types of violence and terror, and nearly toppled “our democracy.”

That’s the story.

They’ve even got the footage to prove it, right? I mean, they displayed the videos of violent MAGA extremists assaulting police officers, breaking down barricades, and desecrating the hallowed halls of congress as politicians and their staff fled to safety through secret tunnels—just barely escaping with their lives.

That’s the story.

They broadcast this story in a weeks long series of carefully staged “hearings,” all of which were designed for dramatic effect and maximum emotional impact. If you recall, they even brought in media mogul James Goldston, producer of Good Morning America and Nightline, to turn the show trials into a “blockbuster investigative special.”

Clearly they were not looking for answers, or for justice, but rather they were looking for revenge and a chance to orchestrate staged optics so they could rewrite history in real time—and it worked. As a consequence, American patriots are still being tracked down and rounded up to this day, for doing little more than exercising their constitutionally protected right to petition the government for grievances.

And let us never forget the persecuted souls who are now rotting away in the DC Gulag on hyped up charges, living in deplorable conditions and being treated like terrorists, while their families continue to grieve and their children grow up without them. How bad does it have to get before people say enough is enough?

Enough is enough.

But unfortunately, there are not ENOUGH people who see it that way.

Thus, the insanity, abuse, and usurpations continue.

Again, it’s all about the optics.

Millions of Americans believe Biden’s economy is booming, that Trump is a wanna be dictator, and that MAGA republicans are violent right-wing extremists.

We cannot deny it, and we would be foolish to make light of that fact.

Like I was saying at the outset, the deck is stacked against us, and in many ways we simply can’t compete. THAT SAID: “Can’t can’t do a goddamn thing!” as my mother would say. We CAN do something, we HAVE to do something. RESIST WE MUST!

But how?!

Hold onto your hats friends, things are about to get bumpy!

Let’s zoom out.

Right now, there is a standoff in the United States. There is an eerie calm before the storm. The tension in the air is palpable. The place feels like a powder keg, ready to blow. Everyone seems to be on edge, waiting for someone to do something, but the slow roll of insanity continues its steady march toward collective tyranny.

They’ve got us right where they want us.

Disturbed. Upset. Unsure.

It’s not that patriots have any confusion about what’s happening right now, or how wrong it is, or even what ultimately must be done about it. It’s that the patriots are unsure how to proceed. There is a void of leadership, and not by accident.

Where are the military personnel who have sworn to protect our country? Where are the law enforcement officers who have sworn to uphold the law? Where are the veterans who have sacrificed so much abroad, only to come home and witness the utter destruction of the country they love?

Where are the mothers and fathers who are tired of the state indoctrinating and abusing their children? Where are the motivated and ambitious young Americans who do want to preserve the liberties they’ve generously inherited from prior generations?

Well, I’ll tell you what: I bet you can find all of the above looking at their phones.

Or watching Netflix. Or grabbing a Starbucks. Or enjoying a first world meal.

But the phones… they all have phones.

The phones have algorithms.

The algorithms are magic.

Parents in Montana just had their 14-year-old daughter “medically kidnapped” by the state, so she can be chemically mutilated into a transgender queer. Where were their family and friends, where were their neighbors? They were probably on their phones.

Courageous Christian veteran Michael Cassidy just tore down a Satanic shrine in the Iowa State Capitol building, and now he’s being charged with a felony “hate crime”—and again, where’s his support? Where’s the cavalry? They’re probably on their phones.

Europe has erupted in widespread protests over the radical climate agenda that is threatening their food supply, desperate farmers are using their tractors to clog the arteries of government, so why aren’t American farmers doing something similar?

That’s right, they’re probably on their phones.

Safe and secure, comfy and cozy, Americans can now watch what’s happening in the world around them on their shiny, flashing screens. They can even give a thumbs up when they see someone rebel! Or better yet, they can take to social media to really give the government a piece of their minds. And they can do it all on their phones.

Don’t get me wrong, smartphones can be very powerful tools. They can be indispensable for business, checking in on current events, and staying in touch with loved ones. It’s not all bad. But have you checked your screen time lately?

Today, tech giants are testifying on Capitol Hill about the damage being caused by profit driven tech addiction. These devices are designed to capture and control your mind. The algorithms are working their dark magic to manipulate your emotions, make subconscious suggestions, and warp your worldview.

The algorithms seek to pacify and contain you, to trap you in a world of illusions, in a world of artificial stimulation, false hope, and never ending distractions. This is how the ruling class has managed to come so far so fast. Humanity has never seen anything like it, and to be honest, we must acknowledge that they’re just getting started.

As of today, Elon Musk has announced that with his new Neuralink brain chip, now you can “save your brain like a game,” promising that “if you were to die your state could be returned in the form of another human body.” In other words, now you can become immortal and live on forever, thanks to modern technology.

Of course, this is a highly objectionable and exceedingly precarious proposition, for many reasons. Not the least of which, is FBI Director Christopher Wray warning Americans that Chinese hackers are preparing to “wreak havoc” on our communities by crippling our infrastructure and causing widespread “real-world harm.”

Can you imagine if these evil hackers were able to literally hack your brain? Yikes!

No brain chip for me, thanks. That’s a hard pass.

But millions upon millions—billions of human beings—will be persuaded. They will be inundated. They will fear they are missing out. They will feel like they’re being left behind. Their phones will make it so.

But hey, Trump just got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Ron DeSantis has called for Ilhan Omar’s deportation, and House Speaker Ron Johnson is sticking to his guns and standing alongside his fellow “Christian Extremists,” so it’s not all bad, right?

Even Joe Rogan is openly declaring that the Left has become a cult, and he’s decrying that much of the country has gone full Communist, so people are waking up right?

The truth is, it’s certainly not all bad, life is still good, and people are waking up—but unless there is massive pushback and a rekindling of resistance, in all likelihood it’s too little too late. Besides, if war does break out, they still control the optics.

Our options are limited. We now face choices that we can’t make on our phones.

We must awake from the matrix and live free or die!

Nobody gets out of life alive!

Stay wise patriots.

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