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TR 580 - More Americans Expecting a Civil War to Breakout Sooner Rather Than Later

TR 580 - More Americans Expecting a Civil War to Breakout Sooner Rather Than Later

And that's not even the worst of it...

As promised, today we will depart from the lofty macro-level analysis and dive directly into the distracting, depressing, and utterly despicable headlines. This will be fun.

Where shall we start? How about with these idiots:

No doubt you’ve been keeping up with all the latest on the campus “protesters” raising all hell across the country. Classes have been suspended, graduation ceremonies have been cancelled or relocated, libraries have been blockaded, flags have been burned, innocent people have been beaten, police cars have been torched—it’s been a full-blown riot, and yet only 2,000 of these jackasses have been arrested.

Of course, if you were to search for news on all of this, you’d get treated to a list of suggestions for how you could get in on all the action, as the algorithms cough up results pro-Palestinian protests near you, pro-Palestinian celebrities, pro-Palestinian companies, and pro-Palestinian brands like this:

If one were inclined to do a little more digging, you’d simply be wowed by what is really going on here:

Donald Trump is using campus protests to stoke right-wing violence for the election

Gosh, who knew?! Meanwhile the media spins continue out of control:

Snow is black. Criminals are victims. Behold the Marxist Cultural Revolution.

It should come as no surprise that old school radicals like Bill Ayers are looking on with glee as America’s academic institutions implode into chaos:

For those who might need a refresher, Bill Ayers founded the radical militant group Weather Underground, and he just so happened to be a close mentor to Barack Hussein Obama, though the fact-checkers would have you believe otherwise. From a telling article at The Hill titled Obama and Bill Ayers: Together from the Beginning, we get a glimpse of just how much of a nut job this guy is:

In 1970, Ayers, along with wife Dohrn, were indicted for inciting a riot and conspiracy to bomb government buildings. Dohrn was convicted; Ayers was not. However, Ayers remains unrepentant, telling The New York Times in 2001, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Moving on from inciting riots and bombing government buildings, Ayers became a Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he planted his radical seeds in the impressionable minds of American youth for decades, leading to the useful idiots we see rioting today.

And of course, all of this is happening just as Obama wraps up his third term, courtesy of the sock-puppet in the Oval Office.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

But let’s not get lost in the weeds here. What we must realize, is that we are witnessing the warping of reality. In the minds of the brainwashed rioters, and brain-dead professors and media people supporting them, these fools are on a holy crusade against American imperialism and the capitalist pigs who are endlessly oppressing the Proletariat all around the world.

Some are pointing out that all of these riots are just rebooting the 1968 playbook, and that nearly half of the arrested protesters aren’t even college students. In my mind that is an unimportant, secondary distinction. The bigger issue is that our institutions of “higher education” have long been Marxist indoctrination centers, and that we haven’t even begun to see the worst of it.

Overlay the current story line with all the demonizing of MAGA extremists, racist Republicans, Christian insurrectionists, etc., and try to imagine the hell that will break loose when Trump wins the election in November.

If you recall, in TR 518 - Some Peculiar Patterns in the Familiar Circus, I floated the idea that this has been their plan all along:

The subconscious contrast is that Trump and his followers are all a bunch of rabid extremists. You can imagine how continual steeping in this distorted perspective might play out if Trump actually manages to get elected. Hung election and a civil war? Yo u bet’cha! Trump, the mighty insurrectionist, will have stolen the election with the help of MAGA extremists, and this will undoubtedly create the sort of constitutional crisis that calls for riots in the streets in order to defend democracy.

Can you see it now? It’s not that they stole the election from Trump, it’s that Trump stole the election from the American people, and the world will look on in horror as the United States implodes into civil war more bitter and vicious than anyone could have ever imagined. The realbattle for democracy” will be underway—and eventually peace will be restored, but not without the help of “allies” from around the world.

Beware the setup.

Interestingly enough, now that the movie Civil War has officially made its debut, we find this headline out in the news today:

41% Of Americans Think Civil War Likely By 2029, Some Say Sooner Amid Chaos 

As previously discussed at length, Bill Gates predicted we’d have a hung election and a civil war back in September 2022. We’ve seen globalists predicting that Americans will be killing each other over the 2024 election. On top of that, we’ve had whistleblowers like former Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland claiming that the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are planning to rig the upcoming election, ostensibly to orchestrate that exact scenario.

If this is new news to you, get up to speed here:

Before moving on, I feel inclined to remind you that the enemy is playing a long game, and that their ultimate goal is total control. Never lose sight of that fact.

This too shall pass.

What remains to be seen, is whether or not America is left standing at the end of the year. My bet is that she will be—but then again, I’m a hardcore optimist.

Try to resist the predictive programming. Don’t let the propaganda short-circuit your long-term thinking. Don’t let these shysters steal your joy. Hug your loved ones. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Feel the sun on your skin.

Prepare yourself, mentally, emotionally, and materially for what might lie ahead, and then get back to the garden, tend the chickens, go for a walk, and move on with life.

When everyone seems to be squawking about Biden pooping his pants in front of the Press Corp, just laugh and keep moving. When you hear that Bernie Sanders is running again for office, at age 82, just take it as a sign of the times.

If you happen to pick up on the latest re-scripting of the Ukrainian narrative, catch word of Putin’s latest extension of one-man rule in Russia’s “stage-managed” election, or notice that the Evil Russian Tyrant seems to be edging us ever-closer to nuclear war, just make a mental note, realize that he’s not the guy that we need to be worrying about, and get back to your rat killing.

Today, we learn that Chinese researchers have created a mutant strain of the Ebola virus that virtually guarantees death, that people who’ve taken the toxic experimental covid injections are now suffering from psychosis, and that two new “FLiRT” variants—both with concerning changes in the spike protein—have now been detected and are reportedly spreading across the United States.

Are you scared yet? Obviously, you should be.

And yet the world keeps turning.

In the midst of all this noise, I’d point to the faint signal of the latest Canadian thought police as an indicator of the greatest looming threat. Those who control the minds of the masses, will in time be able to rule the world with an iron fist.

Rockefeller’s “secret cabal” and the rest of the global commie regime know this full well. That is why they keep us entertained with bread and circus, always teasing us to the edge of our seats, keeping the subconscious mind primed with fear and heightened suggestibility and ripe for the picking. That’s why I repeatedly attempt to divert attention back to this bigger, over-arching issue.

Good news!! The stoic Ukranians have foiled an evil assassination attempt against the stalwart vanguard of global democracy, Volodymyr “The Jackass” Zelensky!

“But frankly dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Trump is still battling it out with a porn star.

Israeli troops have now entered Rafa.

Meanwhile, the WEF is using AI to take control of the food supply.

All things considered, it appears that everything is moving right along according to plan—which prompts the timely-yet-primal reminder:



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