Jul 14, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 157 - Hackable Animals & The END of Free Will

How our benevolent masters are using global surveillance to take control of humanity.

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Let's read into this.

I know "we shouldn't read into this too much" is a common refrain, but just this once, let's make an exception. While the world is distracted with dog 'n' pony shows, kangaroo courts and massive riots all around the world, what is the scheming global cabal actually up to these days? Let's take a look.

This week the World Health Organization released a statement with current updates about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is an illumanitive exposition, full of keen insights and global strategies that are intended to keep humanity safe from the invisible enemy, forever. This is a sample of their high-level thinking:

"Given the general public's perception that the pandemic may be over... the Committee acknowledged that any risk communication and community engagement effort should hinge on consistent and synchronized political will, policies, and a concert of community influencers to shift the course of risk perception."

The Committee unanimously agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over and that the current situation still meets all the criteria of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Citing data that indicate cases COVID-19 have increased by 30% in just the last two weeks, the WHO laments the lifting of "public health and social measures" (PHSM) such as masking. So what's the world to do?

All of this translates to greater pressures on health systems, which in turn bolsters their responsibility to take decisive action and further exercise their emergency powers in an effort to manipulate human behavior and control the global population—because we're all in this together!

Let's not take this out of context. Consider this simple line of logic:

  1. Disease monitoring and modeling indicates there is a public health emergency.

  2. Public health emergencies require extraordinary measures to keep people safe.

  3. Under the One Health protocols global monitoring directs national response.

  4. National response directs the policies and procedures of local health departments.

  5. Local health departments decree mask mandates, lockdowns, and other PHSM.

Put differently, using notoriously inaccurate statistical modeling to stimulate public fear and drive local health policies, the WHO can directly control what we can and cannot do, when we can and cannot leave our homes, when we can and cannot see our loved ones, and even when we can or cannot take a nice deep breath of fresh air. This, they claim, will keep people safe and save the planet. This is their over arching strategy to take over the world, which they call the One Health approach.

"One Health is an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems.

It recognizes that the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the wider environment (including ecosystems) are closely linked and interdependent.

By linking humans, animals and the environment, One Health can help to address the full spectrum of disease control – from prevention to detection, preparedness, response and management – and contribute to global health security.

The approach can be applied at the community, subnational, national, regional and global levels, and relies on shared and effective governance, communication, collaboration and coordination.

Having the One Health approach in place makes it easier for people to better understand the co-benefits, risks, trade-offs and opportunities to advance equitable and holistic solutions."

It does not matter if you do not agree.

If you do not comply, you are deemed a threat to public health and safety. Local health officials have already been endowed with the authority to forcibly quarantine any disease ridden dissenters. These laws are already on the books. Though we haven't quite come to that point yet, don't think that it won't happen. These laws are there for a singular reason, and that reason is global tyranny.

Of course, being the ignorant, stubborn peasants that we are, the WHO realizes that a significant percentage of the population will causally disregard their draconian recommendations. After all, they are attempting to force us into entirely unnatural behavior. Human instinct will naturally resist. That is, unless they can use Artificial Intelligence to manipulate human behavior and immunize the global population against misinformation. As a friendly reminder, all of this is well underway.

But let's get back to this week's report. Along with modifying and extending their emergency response to the never ending global shamdemic, the Committee highlighted the need to improve global surveillance to deal with "uncertain and unpredictable" future variants. This is the open-ended justification being used to institute and solidify the global surveillance state.

What do they have in mind? How about this:

  • "...broadening and developing an array of approaches and tools aiming at achieving global situational population-based and geographic representativeness."

  • "...these include, but are not limited to, the integration of self-testing results and sentinel surveillance approaches into national and global surveillance schemes"

  • "...novel surveillance approaches [that] would enhance better assessment of trends in epidemiology of infection, disease, and viral evolution"

  • "...the need to expedite integration of COVID-19 surveillance into routine systems"

TRANSLATION: The WHO intends to expedite the development and integration of sentinel surveillance into routine systems so they can enhance the assessment of global population control schemes.

What exactly is sentinel surveillance? In case you are curious, according to a 1996 CDC report sent to the WHO titled Routine and Sentinel Surveillance Methods, sentinel surveillance is end-to-end data collection, analysis, and dissemination that is designed to direct local policies and strengthen the capacity to address public health needs at the community level. Sounds good, right?

There’s no need to doubt their intended benevolence. But again, context is everything.

What's the big picture?

This desire for global surveillance stems from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, which led to the Millennium Development Goals, which later morphed into the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Decade of Vaccines, and Agenda 2030, which cummulatively are the driving forces behind the Great Reset.

These strategies have all been devised, developed, and deployed by a conglomerate of radical environmentalists and global socialists who are dead-set on controlling the human population in order to save the planet—and pain is all part of the plan.

This "incredible transition" intends to reduced the number of mouth-breathing, meat-eating peasants to a more sustainable population of docile and domesticated "good humans" who will happily comply with the demands of the global socialist state.

You will own nothing and you will be happy. You will accept their communist regime. As insane as it sounds, they are 100% confident that they will succeed. Why? Because the global elites have determined that humanity has no soul and that we are nothing more than "hackable animals" who are in need of benevolent masters.

While tyrants throughout history have wanted to control the whole of humanity, these 21st century tyrants now have the tools to do it.

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it… Listen for yourself:

There you have it!

According to our global masters, the age of free will is over.

What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments below!